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PoETE Poet-Pete Dec 2017
As we rush and try to close the gap on gifts,
one thing is that our “presence” is worth more than anything, if missed,
as well as presents and gifts, please make sure that ourselves, are on that holiday list......

Written by
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
{2000 ~ 2018)
The day to day to grind, the hustle, the motive, the pain, the happiness, the struggle, it all adds up, but one thing is for sure that our “presence” is the most important and we can not forget about ourselves during our daily moves. Merry Xmas and a prosperous and healthy new year to you all.
PoETE Poet-Pete Dec 2017
In life, always think twice and make the right decision once.

Written by
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
{2000 ~ 2017)
as humans please always take your time and think out your decisions not a soul in the world can rush your thought process.
PoETE Poet-Pete Dec 2017
Caught in between, reality and our dreams,
But once we encapsulate our visions, it’s clearer than it seems,
Allow the mind to combine, with your destiny, now allow your vision and dreams to inter-twine,
Reach for that sky, and tell yourself “you’re all mine”
Like fine wine, enjoy the aroma, while you maneuver and grind,
Now again allow your mind to combine and inter-twine,
There are no rules, so cheating is not an option,
A true skin to skin, fist to fist style boxing,
Defend your dreams and conquer your visions,
No time to stop, and no time to makes excuses as decisions.
Written by
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
{2000 ~~ 2017)
PoETE Poet-Pete Jan 2016
Reflection is the best selection,
When your mind, body, and soul, lose connection,
time to reflect, look in the mirror for a positive reflection,
search for mind, body, and soul, affection, this shall be, the correct selection,
Everyday life, has a different perception,
Now use your mind, body, and soul, for some more positive protection,
Before you lose your marbles, to the minds deception,
Exercise your brain muscle, and release the tension,
Work overtime on it, as if it were your retirement pension,
Remember protect the mind, body, and soul, again and again I shall mention.......
LifeIsGood MindOverMatter KeepAclearMind ReflectionIsKey
  Jan 2016 PoETE Poet-Pete
A Alexander
Memories sit near and far
But await the creation for new.
We leave behind lost hopes and dreams askew.
A passion is born again, this time of year,
although short lived, but it is you who decides it's destiny.
So dream and wonder, let your heart
Lead the way and grasp so tight ,
at this life you live,
don't ever let it go astray.
Happy New Year!!
  Dec 2015 PoETE Poet-Pete
A Alexander
When feelings overload,
and my mind is left a mess,
I look to writing, easing the distress.
My lips are sealed and my heart lies heavy,
that is until, I have released the levee.

©A. Harris 2015
PoETE Poet-Pete Nov 2015
I have a vision,
of my brain melting on lined paper,
as I divulge my inner demon,
and exhale this passionate vapor,
my mind begins to capsize,
as waves crash into the sunrise,
like screaming howls,
as I stare into a deadly wolves eyes,
eyes, golden like this California sunrise.........

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
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