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May 2015
Imagine life as one long dark night
Inconceivable, a  life sans Light

Heat came with the Light
The earth and the oceans
giant sinks made with great insight

The light turned green with leaves
giving birth to thousands of trees
that served to keep very clean
the air for life to breathe in

The trees also made flowers
and fruits as food in their bowers
to transmit the Light and heat
to diverse forms of hearts that beat

Recycling was cleverly inbuilt
Light, a genius to the hilt

But alas arrived on the scene
the naked ape in all his sheen
He  was the proverbial monkey wrench
born with a fist that he would often clench

Although he arrived
late on the stage
the ape thrived
under the delusion
he was all the rage!

Morning and evening
this biped walked
tall his shadows
made by the Light
and foolishly thought
he  was bigger than
The Light

With his puny little brain
this  ape wore a blinker
And started to tinker
calling himself a thinker

Many inventions he
did make
his own unquenchable
thirst to slake

he never thought beyond
the me
for he was all
he wanted to see!

Now  the modern ape dwells
in a world
of his thoughts

dark are his thoughts
for his mind is a closed sky
he lives unconscious
always in deep slumber
till the day he goes under

What a wasted life
he leads
Without living the life
of consciousness
given only to him
by the Light!
Written by
VENUS62  Mumbai, India
(Mumbai, India)   
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