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Apr 2015
Too long I've spent
Pushing you up the long stairway to recovery
After every one of your multiple health crises

This is not my rightful adolescence

I would rather stab you between the ribs myself
With the bread knife you threatened suicide with today.
Too long I've watched my mother wither away
Watching you succumb to your latent death-wish
Of alcohol and nicotine.

This will not be my inheritance.

Because of you, 'useless' is not just a word for me
It is something to hate
To flinch from in daily usage
Because of the poison you've seeped into it.
I've given you the best years of life
That you could possibly ever have
And now it seems like you don't want any more

with us anyway.

Well i say **** that.
Second chances aren't eternal.
You're not my father anymore.

*Want to die?
Then go.
Do it somewhere i don't have to see.
I loved you but you broke me.
Yasha Harkness
Written by
Yasha Harkness  21/Non-binary/New Delhi
(21/Non-binary/New Delhi)   
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