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Apr 2015
Her touch doesn't mean she loves me
My touch doesn’t mean I don’t
I don’t know if I’ll ever say I’ll stay to the end
Because I don’t know now what I knew then

I’m ready to walk on down the hill
I’m tired of climbing mountains
I don’t want to try that hard anymore
I can get the feeling walking in penny fountains

I don’t know if you think about waking up like I do
I want you to turn to me with the same thoughts in mind
Sometimes I think you do but it’s complicated being true
I don’t think enough about why I’m losing you

I’m ready to drive my car just up the road
I’m tired of flying around when life is all around me
I know how poor they are all the way over there
But there are people suffering the same right here

I don’t want someone to find my empty broken plane
The island grows all around except what you hang on to
Somebody wonders what you were thinking back then
You want to tell them you really tried to stay to the end

I’m ready to talk if you are
I decided you’d either like me or you won’t
I know how to be nice but I can’t worry about who I am
You’re so beautiful but time will tell if I’m your kind of man
Song lyrics
Mark Lecuona
Written by
Mark Lecuona
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