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Apr 2015
Love is a Rainstorm.
It has its strengths and weaknesses.
Puddles of memories everywhere.
Causing one to want to write about it.
Droplets of water kissing many faces.
Hot cocoa and marshmallows,
One... Two... Three... And so on.
Scented candles lighting up the night.
Dark, full clouds blocking the sun's smile.
Little ones jumping from puddle to puddle.
Hear the laughter. Enjoyment from the rain.
Staying indoors with love ones.
Daydreamers wondering when the rain will move along.
The rain sings a sweet lullaby of their choice.
Washing away yesterday.
Lovely to fall asleep to.
Will it rain tomorrow??
Throw pajamas in the dryer
so that they're warm when falling asleep.
As well with blankets.
Nighttime has come.
Cuddle, drink hot cocoa with rich marshmallows,
warm blankets and Pajamas, all with a good movie.
And all done with a lovely companion.
Written by
n o n e
     Fawn and ---
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