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Katlyn Orthman Jun 2020
I learned to adore you
In all the best ways
The way the sunset in your eyes
Nights spent cherishing your body
Turns into day

Your soul was damaged just like mine
Full of bruises black and blue
Scratched all on the surface
Like a record that sings the blues

I always claimed to be so alone
Eyes made of thunder clouds
But In your presence I was home

Hands pressed against the stained glass
It’s hard to see your face
and I miss that place

Now the streets feel lonely
And rainstorms make me cry
And I don’t see sunsets in the dusk sky
And I hate
You cry
Sierra Dec 2019
Let the clouds remind you
That I am always nearby
When the storms and thunder come
I sing along with them.  
As rain covers the earth
And deep clouds surround the sky
Hear the patter of the drops
And know all along
I’m by your side
Never too far gone
Feel the cool touch on your skin
Like a gentle tap from me
Let it remind you
I’ve never really left.
Smell the fresh breeze
Imagine me there
Let the winds whisper
About secrets and stories
I’ve left for you to share.
Smell the fresh scent
Close your eyes
And know above anything
You can see me in the sky.
abigail j s Feb 2019
You are found in the sound
of raindrops dripping
sprinkling, storming,
coming down in sheets.
angele Feb 2019
she told me my writing is sad
too depressing to read
why don't i just write about happy things?

she said i write as though it's always raining outside
and i told her when it rains
it pours

and when the sun and rainbows are out
there is nothing left of my shattered soul to pour

until another rainstorm.
Hannah Bauer Jul 2015
When we see dark clouds,
we think the storm is beautiful.
We sit in our homes
and listen to the rain
soaking into the ground.
We go outside
and dance.

Sometimes there is destruction.
Sometimes there is chaos.
But there is still rain
And with rain,
the flowers and trees
are able to grow.

They become stronger.

Are not humans the same?
We see rainstorms and we see beauty.
Why is it that when we see
the storms of life,
we see only
Only pain.

*Even though the storm is painful,
we grow like nature.
n o n e Apr 2015
Love is a Rainstorm.
It has its strengths and weaknesses.
Puddles of memories everywhere.
Causing one to want to write about it.
Droplets of water kissing many faces.
Hot cocoa and marshmallows,
One... Two... Three... And so on.
Scented candles lighting up the night.
Dark, full clouds blocking the sun's smile.
Little ones jumping from puddle to puddle.
Hear the laughter. Enjoyment from the rain.
Staying indoors with love ones.
Daydreamers wondering when the rain will move along.
The rain sings a sweet lullaby of their choice.
Washing away yesterday.
Lovely to fall asleep to.
Will it rain tomorrow??
Throw pajamas in the dryer
so that they're warm when falling asleep.
As well with blankets.
Nighttime has come.
Cuddle, drink hot cocoa with rich marshmallows,
warm blankets and Pajamas, all with a good movie.
And all done with a lovely companion.
Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014
Ever since you told me
"I've been losing sleep"
I just want you to know
I've prayed for rainstorms twice a week

And I know you never listen
And I know you won't care
And I know you don't believe in love
And probably never will

I know you never listen
Please tell me that you're listening
I've loved you just enough for this to end up in a tragedy.

But I can't help but wonder
If there's anything else there
Besides a girl with a broken heart
And a head full of despair

And if she wants someone to save her
If she wants someone to care
Then she can always come to me
Cause I'll always be there
xoK Apr 2014
Why do the worms fiercely dig their way to the surface
During rainstorms
As though they're afraid to miss the spectacle?
Don't they know they will end up drowning
In pools of chilled sky-tears
And get stomped by careless and hurried feet?
Strewn across drenched brick and concrete walkways,
Yet each somehow alone in his own conquest.
Like the moth to the flame
And my eye to the sun.
lonely, soggy worms.

— The End —