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Mar 2015
I tried to tell Kyle this
but he hates me
Who can blame him though right?
What a ****** ******* role model I was
He was 17 when he found me cheating on his mother
I still remember the look in his eyes
he didn't care that it was the only time it happened
20 years he screamed at me
I had been married to his mother for 20 years
and that's what I did
I don't know why I'm telling you this
Kyle probably already has
I just want to give you my side
I met his mother when we were 11
we started dating immediately
like the first day we met
and then we got to high school
and everyone thought it was great we'd stayed together
then we got to college and then law school
and it was all the same
the praise
the admiration
it was like a drug to me
I loved that people thought we were perfect for each other
do you see what I'm saying
I didn't love her
I loved the idea
the idea felt right
50% of marriages end in divorce
people try to say that means love isn't real
but that's *******
Love is real
believe it
the truth is that Love is so scary
so ******* intimidating
that people will go out of their way to avoid it
they'll marry someone they don't love to avoid it
they'll stay with someone they don't love hoping it might show up someday
What you and Kyle have is real
It's special
and I know he'd never let me tell him this
so please please
Don't be the reason my son doesn't believe in true love
he already has me to blame
Written by
Tark Wain
     RW Dennen, Mike Arms and PrttyBrd
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