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Feb 2015
They will try to fool you, tell you that retooling our factories will fuel the economy, making life better, it's an alpha bet from the ruling class, set the men to work again, to line their pockets with gelt again and then,
we'll be scrapped.
They tap into the psyche of people like me, but this ship is sinking, the Captain can't see it, it's caught in a whirlpool and there's no one to free it.

Alpine Cathedrals buried in mountains as grey as Welsh slate
where the men broke the tiles that covered the World.
And the old pits where Miners crawled flat to the coal face
to break out the fuel that heated our homes.

They're freighting us out to the Mausoleums, no doubt that my turn will come,
the industry that made me and the ones who came before me are being dismantled, sold off in auctions and spoke of in whispers like the ***** secrets they keep.
Still they'll try to fool us, tell us we're dreaming and all the while scheming,
but the pits are gone, the quarries, the lorries that fed from them, the communities, the men and their lives, children and wives, schools and they're still trying to fool us.

If we've never had it so good, where is the coal or the wood for the fire, where is the food and the clothes we can't buy anymore, where is the bottom drawer where we saved for those rainy days.
I'll tell you,
it was burnt with the rest and now no chairs for the guests that will never arrive,
to survive we lost it all.

They or them are the same ****** men, there's no difference, their politics are the shame of the system, we should get rid of them, but they won't allow it.
John Edward Smallshaw
Written by
John Edward Smallshaw  64/Here and now
(64/Here and now)   
   Olivia Kent
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