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Jan 2015
the losers,
report me to
the bad poets society,
bad student loansΒ , bad poems
bad boys and girls society

taste, head rearing, daring
elegance, shocking awe,
fk that looks it like be a poeming **** forming,
ah, the teenie weenies millies  become white walking whiners

write a poem about the sky,
never using the word blue black
or grey

Then, use it to
tell me why the
Paris dead

the most remarkable feature
of the sky is its endlessness,
no matter what the colour of the day be,
for what else can you point to
beside the sea,
that simply visible
has no boundaries?

I will tell you.

see my grieving rage
for the Paris dead,
and there is no colour,
just one dead blanched black rose
placed upon my chest,
soiling my face,
a visible reminder that
forgetting is
endless, colourless,
rage and revenge
Dead Rose One
Written by
Dead Rose One  costa barnacla
(costa barnacla)   
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