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Jan 2015
with bodies relaxed,
but eyes observant,
they sell
five dollar bags of
***** weedy poetry

mixed clientele,
there is no age or gender or ****** preference
certainly none requiring critical taste,
in the buying and selling of
***** weedy poetry

commercial savants,
organized by topic,
available for purchase
love, depressing, rants and whines,
discounts for pre-owned
anti boyfriend rhymes

in his day, they say,
Whitman partook,
ferried up from his Brooklyn nook,
William Carlos Williams too,
from New Jersey came,
better to understand
the most common patois

they'll do custom stuff,
the suppliers,
mix and blendΒ Β all
kinds of ****,
their database exponential,
give them the
requisite hashtags,
and within it,
in it,
thirty minutes,
no more,
they'll requisition,
providing an acquisition -
you'll get your
to entitle your own
***** weedy poetry

or you could grow you own
on the window sill
in the earth of your discarded
Written by
Poetoftheway  where we are
(where we are)   
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