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Peter Kiggin May 2017
system error

We are born into ******* my friends
until you wake up it will be to the very ends
Imprinted pictures or words the mind bends
I want true freedom in body and in spirit to cleanse
To be part of another star system across many whens
Like so many others I feel a certain resemblance to history trends
Burnt out old bridges never will mend
Waiting for a train then waiting to get off again
Peter Kiggin May 2017
In a Ford escort you can get on the motorway and let your self free
In a Ford escort you can paint it black or red or even blue like the sea
In a Ford escort travelling to Wales is a whole different country
In a Ford escort my dad drives it like it's a Capri
In a Ford escort it's easy to get parts for you and for me
In a Ford escort you can fit a big stereo and wake up the street
In a Ford escort you can go to Blackpool and drive on the beach
In a Ford escort you can smoke a cigarette because we have a smelly that looks like a tree
In a Ford escort when you've had enough of the mark 2 you can save up and get the mark 3.
Peter Kiggin May 2017

The wind on high blows and branches bow on the tallest of trees and together they lean in shades of the brightest greens,

walk with me along the high heath and gather flowers that spray all around your knees as your face feels the warm summer breeze and you forget for a moment your wants and your needs and you transcend life it seems,

but always the greens come back to me in my imagination as if on a canvas a painting I,ve dreamed were the tallest of trees leaning together to make all of the shades of the brightest of greens.
Peter Kiggin May 2017
Fool for love

I'd like to watch you more closely
I'd like to see inside your head
The woman I loved once is lonely
I can tell by her face it's so sad
No one understands she dreams mostly
Perhaps she's gone dancing instead
Or maybe she is in her bedroom crying softly
I'm sure she's fine now as she will never be alone in her bed.
Peter Kiggin May 2017

Shake hands with the devil
know this is your path
Take advantage of people
Make confusing so others to take wrath
Force all around you to do bidding
Without catching you an invisible photograph
Soulless and yet pleasing but only to attract
A masquerade of a charlatan except to a wizard with a staff
Notices on lamp posts of missing are signs to find them and some have been tracked
Knowing only of the selfish pleasure never the victim an incidental cross pass.
Peter Kiggin May 2017

There are so many things wrong
I can't see because the light is too strong
When I walk it's not like when I was young
I can't hear because I'm too highly strung
The window is of my past as the edges are torn
The daylight dims and the night comes along
I started to sing a simple little song to remember and what always comes
The bird flew away and there was a terrible storm I just stayed and watched the sea rolling on
Eventually I realised the stars in the night sky had all but gone
I shed a tear then flew to a place were my body could lay right down then suddenly the morning light came and shone
I can see quite clearly and hear the waves back where it begun.
The circles had reached fulcrum.
Peter Kiggin May 2017
A great golden bell hangs in the middle of a piece of sacred ground
Under a large temple far from civilisation as we know only the sound
There are walls made from boulders of the mountains that surround
They keep the secrets of their people safe and outside is a ghost of empty promises never to be found
The people know to live and keep healthy as only others can destroy and have no bounds
I travelled such a long way to find this place and hear for my self the Bell astound
When I am taken to be washed clean in petals of orange ,yellow, red and white for purity of discovery all around
I am painted black like a empty vessel with eyes yet to see and hear the sound of the bell pound
The time was midnight and the bell was struck , all of it's knowledge came right through me and the flowers smiled floating along a brook,I know of peace and tranquillity and became a faith healer always to wear black and hold dear to me the time I was found.
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