Peter Hall Jul 2017
Yelling at a flower
Doesn't make it grow
It won't grow any higher
If it's feeling low
Anger changes little
Just keeps the status quo
Yelling at a flower
Doesn't make it grow.

Yelling at a flower
Doesn't make it grow
The still voice of the Spirit
Is wisdom put on show
You can't get light from darkness
You can't get heat from snow
Yelling at a flower
Doesn't make it grow.
Peter Hall Jul 2017
Hiding under her blankets
The darker the better
....presses her button to drop the blinds
The darker the better.

The only light comes from the flicker of the horror movie
Where the hellovision screen is her makes her feel at home.

Her clothes fit her well;
- Aching uncertainty
- Dark forebodings
- Tender pessimism
The mirror keeps reminding her.

The bottle of emptied Johnny Walker speaks:
"You've stopped walking",
The dropped blind says
"You've stopped seeing",
The mirror confirms:
"This is what you've become".

The arteries have hardened...her heart pumps without a beat.

With the press of a button
The blind can go up
The screen can stop its lies
The heater could fire up.

But in her caged freedom...
She has made her choice.

Her eyes narrow as she focuses harder on the screen...

The darker the better
Note: this is a description of a women in her late 20's who lodged with a friend. This was her life in her room; empty whisky bottles, watching depressing shows on her Netflix account as she curls under her blankets. She was offered help, and a new identity in Christ....but she made her choice. How many more are there like her ?.
Peter Hall Oct 2015
The building has imploded
The bridge has buckled
The floods have done their thing
The fire has licked up the dust
There is nothing.

People's promises proved untrustworthy
The well meaning preacher's principles are unreliable
The mask of others have been exposed
Past experience seems irrelevant
There is nothing.

The emotions have numbed
The will has fluttered
The heart see two roads ahead, doubt,
The mind cries out
"There is nothing".

Times lapses
God is slow
The trapeze artist hovers in the air between release and catch
There is nothing.

Courage for another look
Cloud as a man's hand
The seventh time...long time
Lifts up the head from between the knees
There is something.
From a dark place comes hope
Peter Hall Oct 2015
"Respect" is a word many people use
"Respect" is a word many people abuse
Most people spend their life to learn it
Most people spend their life to earn it.

So they can all say "look up to me"
and prop up their false identity
But respect doesn't come by achievement or funds
or looks, or houses, or car type or chums.

You find "respect" hanging on a cross
not by the gains but by one's loss
You find "respect" between sky and land
with a different crown on a crucified man.
Respect can only be given by those who deserve to give it....
Peter Hall Oct 2015
If only shells could talk and think
Lazy on the Clyde,
I wonder what they'd say to us ?
"I drift in with the tide...

"You can't control everything
Though you've done your best
Sometimes you need to let things go
Enjoy the view and rest".
A walk along the Firth of Clyde in Scotland got me thinking...
Peter Hall Oct 2015
My future wife, my future life
Walks with me to the car,
Hand in hand, women and man
Under Aussie summer stars.

What now ?. Dunno how
This will all turn out,
My first love, her first love
Thinking of all the doubts.

Open her door, but before
She can get in the car,
Beating fast, faster and faster
Two innocent virgin hearts.

I hold her close, closer and closer
A moment not to miss,
Emotions fond, then respond
In a mutual life sealing kiss.

Mutual hug, emotions tug
Two lives changed forever,
Emotions feel, our lips are sealed
Going back to yesterday never.

Relationship trait, forever mates
That started with a kiss emotional,
Progressively shows, progressively grows
Into lives that are based on the spiritual.

All these years, all these fears
Have grown a greater love,
Not to be missed, was that first kiss
But the source of our life is God.
A trues story....33 years ago
Peter Hall Aug 2015
"Revenge is a dish best served cold"
Is wisdom spoken by Churchill,
"Vengeance is mine says The Lord"
Permits your mind to be tranquil.

Allowing God to take your vengeance
Means you're never depraved,
And if you're going to take revenge
You might as well dig two graves.
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