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pt Sep 2019
kiss me
lick my lips
like a popsicle
i'll paint your tongue
turn it into whatever color you want

kiss me
bite my neck
sink your teeth into my skin
leave sweet bruises
as something for me to remember you in the morning

kiss me
grab my waist
pull me, pull my hair, maybe
push me
and hold me
against you or anything
who cares

hurt me
but love me, well you can try
and tell me
you will atleast, remember my name
pt Jul 2019
i was lost,
trying to find myself
somewhere in middle,
i found you
drenched and soaked in my self loathe
you were warm
i found you
you had me
but i lost you
but i have you
but then i dont
with a blink of an eye it's real
with a sigh of a breath, you are gone
like a mirage in the dessert
i saw you
i found you
i had you
but i didnt
pt Mar 2019
distance between us
so close
yet we are light years apart
with galaxies between you and i
how did we get here you wonder?
what did you expect, my love?
how far could we go
with melancholy as our common ground
we had gone through this hadn't we
how you'd remember me
as the one who tried,
your sweet leaf
this monalisa smile,does it still haunt you?
tell me
will you be waiting for me on the other side?
for i wish to meet you
some other time
when i won't be just a bridge to your past
and you would learn to live with yourself
in some other land
where the eagles don't flutter
and where there will be no peacocks dancing in the rain
we can call it our heaven
where the rain brings solace and is less of a burden
but till then
I hope you write about me some
And when you do
I hope it will not be all bitter
and till then
I'll be here in this purgatory of intersection
reminiscing you through our songs
pt Jan 2019
one of those days when
i am down and low
sinking into the earth beneath me
the heavy on my heart
drowning me
and you are high above
flying like kite
floating on the clouds
out of your senses, letting loose of your guards
i hope we find each other somewhere in between
pt Dec 2018

my body is not a temple
not holy,not sacred
still i am a goddess
no shimmering gold
i am flesh and bones
still a goddess
you'd still worship me if i was just a stone across the road, wouldn't you?

i am
not just the
warmth of your bed
or the mother of your child
i am not saving myself for you nor am i here to  save you from yourself

my skin is not blue, but i do bleed red
so do you
and but you are hurt and i am impure
impure. i am pure
even when i bleed from the place between my legs

so to hell with all those stone buildings i cant enter when i am bleeding so this world that the gods made wouldn't go barren

my body IS  a temple
with or without you inside me, doesn't matter
i am still a goddess
still holy, still sacred
pt Dec 2018
twenty years is a hell of a long time
yet here i am
caught up in this spiral of  unrequited self love
like a hamster on a wheel.
every day it's the same story
melancholy greets me with an ugly smirk and
crawls up my leg, digs his nails on my skin
and sits on my chest
i lay on my back
heart heavy
my gut swings on a hoo -la-hoop
i feel sick
like i might throw up
in hopes of this being poetry
so any of this would make some sense
but metaphors have abandoned me and my misery
i can't sugarcoat this enough to make it easier
for you to gulp it down your throat
i can't romanticise this enough for this to be another of your #beautifultragedy
but like everything else
i am getting use to this too
this feels warm, warmth from the burning corpse that is my body
this feels familiar and safe, like my mother's arms
now this feels just like home, broken and wrecked
pt Dec 2018
sunsets and sunrise
i look and i think to myself
how something so constant still keeps us  content
then i look at you and it's the same  
you do that to me everyday
you blow my mind every **** time
with your changing hues
saffron red in your veins
that orange glow of your eyes
even your scattering  blues somehow keeps me on my toes
and i don't need to climb mountains and swim rivers to be mesmerized
i'll just be at the horizon, waiting for you
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