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PK Wakefield Feb 2012
i often, longingly, of your striving pinkest
lips do eat by my own lips curling with
them into a neat pile of tremendous ***

i often, strivingly, long to eat, of your chests
pale basin, the apt fruit of your *******
i, longing, and strive with the savage
electric lash of thy fragrant throat

i dance and marvel at your feeling
my chest hands
                             i drink of them
and i'm etherised smoothly at
their hot rumple of my skin

and i you just can't barely

for thou art the dripping
rill of Cupid's apt *****

thou art, between darkness
and light, abruptly hung
with my flesh (from which
is sated thy lustful flowers
perfectly glistening petals
'neath me and groaning)
7.9k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
you are a:

but, w

i hope
you might be a

4.4k · Jun 2010
by the seashore
PK Wakefield Jun 2010
by the seashore

       (by the seashore)

sits the soft decAy.
breast laden frames 1by1(in neat rows)
unquenchable olive flesh thirsty dirt

    but sotoo there        is this:

in the beneath quiet quays
the green darkness pulls ugly
gull crys oily wings from hideous throats
virulent diseased avian beak *****
exhaling billowing bacteria

                    disgusting riot of feathers
white grin bleached pearl bones repose sandy drug
and all the children laugh horribl e to spread sickly

by the seashore
                                                                  erohsaes eht yb
3.2k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
sun, light, murmurs
through slatted edifices
onto restless 4s

they shuffle tireless
ssssn uf fle
those 4s
ever do
on strawlittered floors

in woodly cages

a 2 enters
pets 4 1
whispers to 4 2
soothes their aches

2 astride 4 1
clumsy gallop

through golden portals
into ****** time
3.1k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
subtle fear
the skin of a deer
tear off your flesh
pull me near

pearly whites
rip and bite
sharply plunging
fly your kite

silent tears
praise your peers
speak only in whispers
cut off your ears
3.0k · Nov 2010
cackle sublime savagery
PK Wakefield Nov 2010
cackle sublime savagery
in domineering supremacy
a knee repletes successive concussions
and by viscous absurd petulance
crack this gourd, thought bearing toothed
2.9k · Nov 2010
by what light!
PK Wakefield Nov 2010
by what light!this pains' dismay is taught and frigid
it is the earth upholding my footfalls genial and slow
i tread and mark the soil as turning sunder:the stain
last frail and withered node of light 7fold and thrice
the hills are marching under that calamity of orange
duskish and fowling their curvaceous hide. i'm loose and tight
in folds of grass. and i walk

                                    and i walk

                                                   and i    w

2.8k · May 2010
slippery light boasts
PK Wakefield May 2010
slippery light boasts
languid limbs gestating
in mercurial puddelings
awaiting the destruction
of their tender shafts by
some pale passing
bears its ethereal
glow on her pallor
in the                           second of that truculent divergence

2.8k · Aug 2010
Railroad Ave
PK Wakefield Aug 2010
it,s loose cotton electric ***
copper children
          husky sighing t
trickle of daughters into the little wet cracks
on Railroad ave. a beggars hand gesticulating empty spans
a river of grins course toward amber
oblivion and jarring rhythms. she's a white idea. a lemon dress *****.

          her hips are a delicious war of curving apparitions
a dearth of pleasure loaded folds. or else a caustic laceration;

     some hernia of capillaries blotting ivory thighs
                d all the children giggle, teeth cleaning pearly cheeks
splay the efforts of their throats all over the cobbles. it,s a night


2.6k · May 2010
and even then.
PK Wakefield May 2010
and even then.
when: ruby sand
rubs youths notions
from thy soft aperture.
still i knee bend
to thy: lady so haloed
in my lashes.
ever always you are mine.
                       ­          am
­         gentle
2.5k · Oct 2011
like thighs
PK Wakefield Oct 2011
like thighs

                   (shes got 'em)

them thick as ******* thighs
all skin and creamy
and the backs o' her knees taste
so good
                      (like sugar shes got 'em)

and that dark little spider web
o' ink shes got coming up her
shoulders out over her clavicles
shes got her neat little muscles
under it all bunching and loosing
muscles when she's (head down
biting 300 thread count) her hands
don't lie gripping and grabbing
snaring sheets and,

                   ­                                                              ,
2.4k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
a riotous collusion of chromatics
coalesced on eager eye's
devouring the whispers
bleeding from the suns
last crimson gasp
it's violent prismatic
cool heat traipsed over
unconscious longing to touch
as your subtle warmth dripped
over me
2.3k · Aug 2012
platinum your blonde is hair
PK Wakefield Aug 2012
platinum your blonde is hair bristling 'neath
fingers you're perched
bob is

              head, baby

your mouth full is and throat

                 climbs into


2.1k · Dec 2010
PK Wakefield Dec 2010
deepest length, a truncated obesity, abruptly gradual: a stem pops gently to present colors damp. a pavilion of ugly columns, the streets a budding promise; akimboing in gross pleasure. and the jostling laughter of serious music says to languor apathy a locomotive steeply belching roses.
. .
2.1k · Apr 2010
elegant hammer
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
elegant hammer smash
(with succulent force)
this raiment of sanity
my shell

loosing that birdofsong
singing cursed verses
into untamed

i i
try try
to show
my beautiful  blood

; fl
owing into sacred mouths
make frosted gloves)
wrapped over prose)

but next to the shining symmetry of our hearts i know you will take me in your arms and love my notion with your perfect lips
2.0k · Apr 2010
college campus
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
boyish lips
witty words
(full of empty) -ness

at girlish

hoping to find purchase

(while only concerned
with) up
(what is)
1.9k · May 2010
accurate matchstick chimneys
PK Wakefield May 2010
accurate matchstick chimneys
1x1x1x1 thrice loaded hill
plume crisp smirking billow
(sapphire cheek smudge)ed
colossal cog wielding minute
machinations mesh adroitly

amorphous child of hot mouthed stacks
brittle precisely under airy duress
manifest a slow d e     c         a                 y





1.8k · Dec 2010
PK Wakefield Dec 2010
i'm a straight curve. burning cool ****. and nothing opened breathtaking shutters peaceably. i flexed shattered notions and crepitus crept sundripping ******. a feminine spark ferociously naked. between her ******* i'm god.h!
1.8k · Nov 2010
also morpheus,
PK Wakefield Nov 2010
also morpheus, thou who art dusted leaves
tremulous portraits plaintive angels creaking
pinions, wasted paint clanging fatly unskinny
corpulent boughs spread deviously; rip carefully
sanity: a flagrant splendorous nymph hard arithmatic
chime softly a dull pepper in my head: mostly
cobwebs and fluff punished grinning skulls
my teeths are clean and the smooth hollow
of thoughts is a pillow budding dream
laid crinkled masterpiece and fill it morpheus
with your excellent meat
1.8k · Nov 2012
PK Wakefield Nov 2012
behind my eye twitches) not a whisker
stirring from immense sleep leaps arcuately
determined of slim air to meander in precise
dithering cuteness (a fat and orange ellipsis
1.8k · Jun 2010
become blushing moon
PK Wakefield Jun 2010
become blushing moon
in the valley shallow palm
lay a caress so correct to
corpse the apathetic tremor

drink serene a milk of silver
blood. diamond clever facets

         to be so

in the stillness of the nestled.
star robed misty water skin
i call you mine
glitter lady (exhale dripping frame
                       harbored in the loose
                       sheets of pallor hugging
                       my temporary ribs)
1.6k · Jul 2012
it: spring, Tokyo you
PK Wakefield Jul 2012
it: spring, Tokyo you, by my hip flowered
briefly a thousand, pink petals, slippery
beneath sole the exact strange neon of
lights bore swiftly under darkness our
bodies lightly, into each others, wiggle
heavy lips, and between they(pinkpetals
1.6k · Jul 2010
PK Wakefield Jul 2010
         and deep
and on and on and on
the night yawns  strenuous  **** limbs
uncoiled precisely fingers splayed groping the
hillocks. and loves the land with gentle laps
of the moons tongue. refreshed wholly with pleasure.
       pale towers undescent pillaring dully.
and the flaccid dawn scallops the piles of mountains.
    or about the lips, whom the (day sprays dew), glistening
on the cheeks. and i go quivering between its ivory legs. kissing
         her flexing belly. exactly arched. lip biting.

                                                    rehtih; hither coming
giddy mystery.
                                  pumping string. gasping on my stomach.

                    naked sliver grin for me.
1.6k · Apr 2010
a murder
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
murderous; oNyX;(befeathered)puddle
on celadonian
plateau gather 'bout
huskish shells bleeding chlorophyllic residue

obsidian beaks pluck/pierce/penetrate
earthy skin
searching for
edible squirming analogies

wielding the loathsome oral club
of (kawing) that
kawing chorus
beating on my
perceptual walls

1.5k · Jul 2012
PK Wakefield Jul 2012
lipdeep pour a gallon of fresh girlhips
full of boylips

easyof stumbling inept eating

saltness suddenly departs sanity

fitness and keenly bridles a whole throat's
distinct warbling pale voice louder increases
on quiet and increases into a lurid bruise
a slender violence of feminine mouth
1.5k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
hands dipped
in violent honey
deli v e r
glistening with
golden sticky childs
1.5k · Apr 2014
PK Wakefield Apr 2014
our body the hands let's make between the reeds of deep rivers a widening of our soul and blood will come from their lips into shallow waters the distillation of flowers

                        so heavy with pollen

their heads bow so heavy with pollen their stems bend and meet with bloodandwater





1.5k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
bittering every sweet
thusly shifting arrogant flavor
seems to make all the tears
a dusty eruption over
tongues not built to
ever know such obscenely beautiful oral
1.4k · Apr 2010
this dawn was
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
this dawn was a
laughing she
staccato chromatic cacophony on
blind tissue

(erasure of inky displacement
speaks of erroneous discrimination)

happy her make crimson vibrations

casting off her melancholic  i
1.4k · Dec 2010
PK Wakefield Dec 2010
come ever falling summer's moon
astounded of my skull
a timid knuckle espousing glimmering
able digested muck
so shorn of lucky timber; a swelling soul
tingle hard cancer
some dna i cleft and palate gently naked
fornicating dancer
a **** clever imperfect blemish postulating
feminine crank
turn in angles unimaginable
and growl a sun placated ephemeral ***** light
i cup in oral extremal
a cur vy violet lung ;  you are beyond every other blush.
PK Wakefield May 2010
daring nightmare treason dapple
creeping dark withering day chaff
    starling; cast a frail song sharply
into redrimmed ears
sly mirroring the captivating decay
                of this slain
1.4k · May 2010
captivated dusty sleep
PK Wakefield May 2010
captivated dusty sleep
(slumber fiercely rust
on playground dreams)
drizzle drawn hood
concrete plane slab

riddled shafty iron
make kind orange-reds
on thy smooth cylinders
blessing my memories tactile

i walked here once

now only in
Morpheus' tender thrall
1.4k · Apr 2010
punk rock goddess
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
pale sheet
with inky
catch on my i's
as glide (drip slither) - ing
across shimmering
brown rounds (wrapped in white)
lead me down
perfect lips
to (between)
soft *******
with rhythmic
(i would put my strong hands
to your unbearably beautiful
if only my mouth
didn't lack
1.4k · Feb 2013
PK Wakefield Feb 2013
there are words in me always there blood is at my lips

****** burning

to release

the distillation of their sting
into such sweet pollen
a whole garden might
from them stagger
into finite blithe
smoothly muslined



                                                                      crocus poppy thistle
1.4k · Sep 2010
college campus II
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
thrice the bell is talking bronze skin over the
courtyard young cells.


wagging skirts, the measured abstraction of laughing
blond hair. by wet scalps busting through the air
impulsed to dry halls unloud
whispered learning. droll and fleet, a mouth boorishly
pouting a bed of weak ideal knowledge
to lay, to prone, in its verbal belly a thrashing distaste



flat feeted lady's . the golden dead trees beckon
with gaunt branches failing drips

                       why am i?in this little box
1.4k · Jan 2011
white suddenly earth
PK Wakefield Jan 2011
white suddenly earth
i awoke to find
your fretless hide
magiced grunting pale
with some propensity
of marvelous crystals
my slack ankles with which
argue more normally
than a cleanly common
as it is usually brief
i'll not.
1.4k · Jan 2012
2 up hills
PK Wakefield Jan 2012
2 up hills
ramble 2
the breaking place
heaven sabled
in thickly
shimmering freckles

2 the making place
of uninnocent
and the rough spank
of 2 paired
figures in2
1.3k · Nov 2011
i know you rosy cheeks
PK Wakefield Nov 2011
i know you rosy cheeks(
             you are lips pretty)andheadbobbing
                                           (you look like sweetness
                                              )when you're between
                                                thigh and thigh
                                                     (those pursed creases        usually
                                          ­             )they twained and culling
                                                         ­        (are heaven writhing
                                                        ­                 )tongues and bones
                                                           ­                     (so let me crawl inside you
                                                             ­                       )andIpromise
                             ­                                                         (we'll fall right up in2 1
PK Wakefield May 2010
do guilty flowers ever sin so savage
as the current elocution of cells
erecting a magic ***** on the saturday
saturated morning she drew
lacy clutch 'bout my sinew flecked
give her this:                           ME
1.3k · Jun 2010
PK Wakefield Jun 2010
i have found
          i have found what
i               have
        found what you taste like

you taste like the rusty feathers of a sighing ocean
tempest.         like              the             .

          you taste like a shower of stars crackling
on the belly of the night. white and stiff and minute and.

               like  taste you i. salty. and. put my skin on yours
the most supreme dominion of sudden heart beats sanguine
                      loose strands of limbs tangled. you,i,taste like you taste like
            burst of life in the arteries of the still sons. a delicious
                                                            slippery petals finger split.

   like  the     rain. do you taste. falling.              enshrouds the crown
of my devotions.               flavor riot                          !

                y.ou     are   taste    like  i like to taste you)

     like the sun likes to taste the mountain girls breast crumbs
pink. pleasure crumbles from your shivering.

                         and how are your bones so diligently under
your skin? and i lick them. and they are mine. for but a moment.
  but i
yours                                    till                quiets

the stutter             of          my          flittering         red muscles;

1.3k · Oct 2011
i've such muscles do
PK Wakefield Oct 2011
i've such muscles do
pry apart your clenchness
and open up thy chest
to your burning petal keep
and get thigh deep
into your splendor
my weakest body harder
1.3k · Dec 2013
PK Wakefield Dec 2013
in such in was springtime (hollyhock and thistle) girls and boys went nudely up their downs, into crystal waters of crisply straying health (when all noontide swung wide its gabled darkness hutch) and boysandgirls (in holly) went winter in its touch.
1.3k · Jan 2014
PK Wakefield Jan 2014
.                                                                ­            WNTR, o
                                                                ­  the     earth

                                                                ­  is how long

                                     ­                                                      )in you?

                                                           ­       crisply perhaps

                                                        ­          stiffmuscling die erected
                                                         ­         foal trees. Barely skinned

                                                        ­                       ,

                                                              ­                    .

                                          ­                                           '

                                                              ­                     .

                                                              ­                 ,

                                                              ­                      .

                                        ­                                                 '

                                                             ­                       .
                                        ­                                           H
                                                               ­                  e   A
                                                               ­                     V
                                          ­                                       y with
                                                            ­                 light dying
                                                           ­                of    shadows
                                                   ­                  )between

                                                       ­                             o
                                  ­                                             WNTR
                                                            ­              i skip a penny
                                                           ­                    across
                                                          ­          Bu
                                                    ­              g e
                                                               ­  yed june

                                                           ­                        (Ag
                                                             ­                        irl inn

                                                            ­                      ot enough
                                                          ­                   clothing

                                                      ,cuz it was june o lord it was so hot i could feel my sweat across the

                                                       palm of each hand go slick like oil across the cool common pinch
                                                       of the fuzzed in ***** tinter grass.

                                                       i o and uncurling stiffly went like the shoots off of roses: topaz
                                                       i went red like the bitten ******
                                                       of girl tingling
                                                      ­ snowless hips
                                                       )without WNTR which
                                                        sof­t of hard
                                                        and hard of itch
                                                        and     ­                     itch
                                       ­                (in WNTR to please
                                                        re­move me my health
                                                        an­d barely skin me
                                                        a foal tree

                                                           ­                      untwitching
1.3k · Apr 2010
eager fingers
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
eager fingers
at soft
plying seams for some
but calm
hands draw away
those ardent

but peaking from just above denim veneer
lists a lacey edge
drinking a rapturous gaze
from my
1.3k · Mar 2011
PK Wakefield Mar 2011
did because i well jeez 10:23 farther steeper i'd was a outside 10:24 a junebug
is creaking on the well like a fine cylinder. it's because steeper or 10:27 clunking
a light of amiable is sort of. at 10:31 a common a cool the. into if.
        a very sorry long is diacriticly loose with the scab of lunging trees
by the barn 10:31:53 is . it's was almost because i did i well jeez
the june is a crimped fine determined juice. did it seem because or and a breif
i s haloed somewhat or creaking a junebug is big for by the stalls shuffling with legs in the sort of barn by the 10:36 it's gabled a bit. or does it seem a because well did i and meyou. pm well it were 10:37 and longest brown is seemingly. otherwise unmarked a phonetic element. by a 10:39PM leafing softly
  the scuttle a. unnerved little scraping. beneath or metatarsaled cadence a the grassed stripping earth went from the basest mouth of timbered certainly to the unskinniest blue. a vanity of wheels or because well did i jeez
1.3k · Aug 2010
PK Wakefield Aug 2010
in the rictus of an amethyst eve lays
the indomitable promise of cotton festering
under salient groves of hot fingers licking
the ridge of supple *******. in profusion dapple
   crescent lips and sickle rivers running heavy
drunk limbic tickling breathes. so wet. the damp
ember carousing. in fragrant discord. all sensual
clamor violently. in verily know my limbs and every
atom of my dew

    for i shall sprawl upon your effigy the clusters
of my heart
1.3k · Sep 2012
PK Wakefield Sep 2012
walking briskly
clutched purse
brown slick
leather gold
dangles chain
boot to hip
(*** in jeans)
tighter pliantly
addresses earth
beautifully crushed
rouge brunette
hair lips
ivory between
flashes parting
eden A
serpent and,
"excuse me"
1.3k · Sep 2010
A leviathan
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
A leviathan i'm beneath my skin:swimming
bulges veiny skeleton rippling dusted morsels
           muscular innovations

infinite minute orbs bustling scarlet oxygen
my limbs

            w,Re'tHe my copper hugeness

i'm so tiny, in your heat, innumerable witless drips of
sweaty hours drawn long nights groaning
in your skinny monument
i'm hip and teeths and fist     and gnashing
thigh  purple delicate spiderweb of bloodshot
                     VENUS and cupid a cushion for his pins

in your nudeness. i'm skin just crumbling to your fingers
           in the finite naked cells of your palm
i love you

1.3k · Aug 2012
life is untidy fragile dirty
PK Wakefield Aug 2012
life is untidy fragile *****

escaping gradually
in instant beginning

life stings curiously small
timid vastly

                                           open flutters



life abruptly coiled
in the precisely fragrant mess
of each young thing

nice, tall beautifully muscles

deft unclean

that struck by sunlight shake
loose shimmering deeply
like serious approachable foil)

and though for straightening endlessly

still curls

(half small languorous )

'gainst the mortal stuff

swaggering with tight comely

                                                  L     I             F                     e
1.3k · Apr 2010
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
obsidian profusion
(from pale scalp)
smothers my

i've lost my i
looking into

viridian temptation
envelopes my physical construct
(and for all my corded sinew
i am so weak to your nuzzling)





with those unbearable lips

;innocence is the worst sin
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