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PK Wakefield Jul 2010
Either is the sun a bloodless folly trapped behind the mask of clouds? Only whispering its voice in errant brushes.
PK Wakefield Dec 2010
hearken this expanding glow
                                                  echo bravely stuttering oblivion
i'll uncouple and deep serenely
      my closest peptides bonding
an amiable tempestuous amino             your lines are rigid soft
                            hot carving dreams    ins upple   diffusion
i digital
                       and sequence innumerable limits
   of bowel infinite s
                                              receding light
   to inky exile
                                THE NIGHT
PK Wakefield Dec 2010
how my aching carpals howl stiff imposing glory
a to a page stark incredulity fouled
     and blast a flock of stunning rabble
in vernacular du fulgurer
   alighting ecstaticly            )          a wasted improbable perfection

           'pon your lush intricate handles
PK Wakefield May 2010
this thy
did cry
a sunny night

but unsure
winds boastful
fibers laid a threadbare
cavity open
shivering window pain
courageous dapples
of color

i should not
but have

i lay
to some monster
nestled in
secret seclusion

amongst the loose weave of friskilating scents
and a nostril not meant
to see sweet aromas
PK Wakefield May 2011
a city is a where a city is laying clumsily sprawling glittered
wrecks of cubes and
                          ­  lucid
             ­                              u
                   ­                         , its manicured slouching lungs
PK Wakefield Aug 2010
the legions of your
       laughter march
across the bread of dawn

eated of eyes the
        savory crumbs
ofthy disheveled breaths

trampling of thous sinuous
          colours broaching clasp of
sudden cannons of silence booming

the fair article of your poppies
(          bashful flocks of cords
.... sifting mercury of doves feathers

exploding against the dark
             i bastioned in thy infinite
plait, onyx detonating softly of
             thy pale scalp

glory my excellent lavender
              no sweeter scent
has sweated in the air as thou's ephemeral

dainty river cleaving the clean night
              in exact twain of pallor
wet seconds blushing on the purple cheeks of nocturne

she is a fair lady
               but homely against thy
                     .  O night
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
in the brief habitual habitat of
your strenuous lily leaps infinitely
to my lips
your strong horizontal aroma .a clean
poesy angling soft heaven a little garden
and i
a succulent thorn protruding indiscriminately
and you take it up. take it safely. take its hideous
drab voice and muffle it in your elegant song


base winsome shape of your fracas explodes perpendicular
roses blushing shamelessly in the hard languid chamber
clumsy petals stupidly, anon and hither and verily
   the husk of *** drips
completely. i drink of your sensual geometry and every cup
full and blasphemous sprints a heavy sweat clasped
                  sorely muscles breeding contractions

but i am but will not be and shortly. only are any of we, so ladle
and depose upon me your hot brutish stink.
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
in caked in minute flexing avarice of the dumb spiteful sun i,m;
it laps constantly the empire of your ***** with its caving greedy
the effortless virus of its tongue whose buds are placid heaving
minstrels; aptly rapacious guards; with pointed spears and blades lusting
your rind most clangorously in the habit of its golden languor
devouring the specificity of your hips
the prim bud of your clavicles
            the dim musky sanctum of your pleasing eyes
(kind sockets brimming jade splinters
and the sweet shock of your moss. between your thighs.

i hate him. the sun
PK Wakefield May 2010
12x went resonating careful din
of bells spilt a peeling tone
from the. once quIet.
mighty gray rise
towering cylinderic
face hands clutching
unclutchable liquid
pour over every little shingle
sprawled at your base
PK Wakefield Oct 2012









                                                 and a breath of fingers



PK Wakefield Jan 2012
19 years flowered
(hips and ******* dear)
i took from them
salt i
plucked from them
their ripe pink promise
i pulled and
dug from them
soft neon covers
i pried and pulled


soft savagely
tore into(them)
i took and broke you
broached you i
bruised you 19
cute years
i ran you
   and gasping 19
white years
i coloured you
19 tidy years i
roughed you
sharply 19
touchedless years
in my hands
(i knew you)stinging


PK Wakefield Oct 2010
                                           tongue is in the chattering molecule
of my dapper skull.
i hammer verbal clumsy spit into post nasal void
just likely
                  the stately emblem of young thoughts
and i'm new blood
     unwet tranquility
like the rain
       like the sun
           like the dry crevice
of clean filthy electricity
ramming carefully between my arms
the slight perfecting bodice of your
soft vehicle
and i placate it succinctly
by pink rinds
      slipperying on the wailing
             of you
most erratic brevity
PK Wakefield May 2010
1 feckless 2 dabbled breathless charming
rose smattered garden. 3 came a forward
prancing chill prose tongue hewn cool 6ing.
scattering all the correct petals precisely.
a   d   an:
   n                   abderian 4 chuckled loose
                 woven laughing leafs. yon 7 corpulent
                locks keyless secret green. dig deep soiled
          fingers. find the beating source pulse bearing
       seed. if so ever you loved the summer golden complexion
of sun folly songs trembling kiss. here now be 9 musky calf.


PK Wakefield Mar 2011
how came we
to god
           laid in ruby sand
a reticent meadow
of unyielding flowers
where walked i and You
in crisp vagrant unwinteR   . at complete crepitus
                            of illustrious tumors gritty
                            golden loose punish
                            of tawny excelling light
                            so for what to it slinks
                  atthe root of poppies striking fumble
a smell careening
                              of accurate stemming plunk(the stout muscle of dawn crept stupidly
                up      the
                                   ******* fat
                                            the mountains bridle
                                               with rigid imposing flint
                                gray skin
             slowly naked
                            the full and bashful earth
PK Wakefield Nov 2010
(1)ones laughing like a dog with 2 22's
who're like 3: a whorish slightly giggling mess
3 prods the carpet by footed semblance of leather
assembling her flesh in the left corner of a lazy
rectangle cinema cube. 1nes still cackling throat
******* cords vibrating stupidly on every face              with the 2 maybe 23's

mouthhanding and eyefucking with his fat grunt syllabary. 3's uncomfortable
atthe sycophantic panting of her 23's atthis masculine discharge
wetting the silence a pulsing ***** of tongue barking *****           .     as an usher ushers fleetly our
moist intellects to the quiet little. the quiet little notch. of waiting excited
screaming visuals a screen crucified blathering.

the 1's ungiddy prance detonates by the skinnyjeaned legs pumping fetid motion. in company of long femininity. and the ovals of 3
grate swift bile at they're lump. and they swallow inthedarkness
his moronic spit. and puke  .    .                                        .
PK Wakefield Apr 2011
                                  deldnur         st o
                            the                   e          f
               vaulted          r                            beautifully
      eaves              o                                                        sallow
      o                f                                                                        throats
      f         a                                                                                   thatched
              ins of ROSES neatly dull in piles of singing crimson almost small o
     asymmetrical stemless bulbs adorned with ruby petals
dew damped with shining shimmering goblets of the dawns ******
jewels crackling sternly perfect glitters on the robes of light the roses dumbly
wear on howling green silence. that is that it was most quiet (and greenly freckled reckless hours) those mornings when i would rise and sup upon the supple lash of freshly murdered night.
                                                                   ' ,
                                                                , '

PK Wakefield Aug 2011
1 word coiled warmly
your nape about swarms
it exactly spoken from
mouths strangely perfect
ly unclosed and jointed

                                          (your body
                                                             sort of is a
                                         crumbling feverish
                                                hot sound
ocean your body sort of is an
depthless puddling skin right
down into i swim courageously
fleshy pinkness strutting gorgeously
your thighs do thatness charmingly
scrambling against my cheeks
(and your nails are sharpness
beautifully grinding lovely
in my scalp trenches) O'                you                     are                                               pain

PK Wakefield Aug 2010
she was the
nascent verdant        emerald
chips                     ,
brimming irises            A
virus of

her docile features  in-
the air swooning
at                                     her

and chomping at the bit        ;
my fingers
(swollen. desirous to limp
upon her plain

and                                           the
shifting of its curves

PK Wakefield Jan 2012
2 up hills
ramble 2
the breaking place
heaven sabled
in thickly
shimmering freckles

2 the making place
of uninnocent
and the rough spank
of 2 paired
figures in2
PK Wakefield Aug 2010
the broad back mountains of there is some dust of mellow light a failing day
milked and honey dewing the tremoring gardens. i tend them with my
mouth, are they well?and i ask the shop keeper what isle may i find some
cotton tubes. he seems a man slightly shocked ears crinkled in the veneer of youth chipped clean
an man oldly. am i odd here, and outside the lashes of air break on trees
the leaves muttering a basic pleasing sound

the light is angry in stark dress that is up and i see its nakedness on every
item languishing on the shelves. but here and there is some shadows, it
's not new. this place. like the man. it waits for silently some patrons who
might find it amongst the hills. cleanandwaiting. he walks it every day
sifting the echoes with some boots leather creaking. startling the empty
air with his generous presence. generally i walk about and look. and i
found them. "seven.25"
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
masterfully composed.she's a twinkling savant
of gently murdered stars

    the eve

a girl in fornicating hues drunk and limp of life
and breathe

                       stunning decay

i like your skin
PK Wakefield Aug 2010
discussing with friends they,re eclectic noggins bobble suddenly
slowly quick the wagging of tongues juxtaposed to startled teeth
in rhythmic ques they pour daft prophecies in hideous giggling
we talk and amble amiably on every topic odoring and tepid shifting

it's easy and the sun frails and we joust winking verbs and nouns and and
or we entertain electric chaos screens bulging distended growls of death
or cinema or. outside it's raining, beautificly a synonym for damp patterring
of a 1,ousand tiny feet and plopping uncertainly violent puddles staggering
and the iron weight bears heavy on the hills dimpling the hips of earth
or we are static for a few and hours we make goodbyes and promises
of recurrence we,ll never keeps the night our tired bodies as we make
to the cold metal leather bucket seats and outside it's muttering rainfully beauty...
PK Wakefield Jan 2011
8 speaking
in gluey resin
sweaty spits all
in every rouge drowning
supple cheeks between writhing
carelessly incredible
screaming sourly
           o        n)
PK Wakefield Aug 2010
specifically:very:yes the gray grows
speaking slowly rainy bones
disheveled drooping vertebrae
ambered lovely death .a wrist bangled stupid colour's

      finely pounded grains galloping fleet ovals
the apt pupil dodders and the sky is a *****
why today?rain
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
i have, twice or 1nce, or there and here, had this dream: (or once or 2ice)
a folding song of clouds by azure lungs shorn of air and vapor
amongst them walking going: an angel, young and old ministers

a scented stupid scratch of light in nights mouth abruptly quick
"how nice a thing i think i think a sorry muscle wafting

                                    verbs and nouns parentheses"

        the angel croaking slim sentences and plucking

on the          sun  a mountain against my eyes__

               to hollow in direct passion my slender aching column
and toe to head a scent of succulent silence magistrates her form
                                  how by i came and to the maw abounding
chrysanthemums a verdant pillow, with slow buds
      an autumn and a spring
where holly and emerald think in crimson berries and christ is
drooping by the wayside. it should be that winter is a cold and lovely
notion. but in my dream it is a hell...
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
iAmraptured. at the unyielding tumult of your smooth venom
   in the coughing elated cream of moon *****
a nothing perspiring in thee. a brash unday of staggering
sonorous starlight.
                           l two in between the vast smiling trench of your
thighs,by the unpermanent palms,a gallon of marching cylindric
                      pink. lavish incredibly dull spent muscular purring
vibrations. the first twitching violence of clean stroked chords a
plunge stupid majesty. the whole half of me and play in my immutable waves
the hard soft sharp nightmare of your glad steamy pain. you are pages
        of verbs

          you are sometimes. you are you. youa r e a giggl in gfloc k o ffast
pumping hips
                                        an almost never always split and crooning
by the chariot of my hammer soft blows of lips lips lips lipso hotly
  (pressing a nerve crackling electric nape
                     neon undeath blaring flesh ) i'll climb inside you

   're damp
PK Wakefield Jul 2012
7 days for 1nce a month you're vermillion

taste like in the middle of copper thighs

2 lips magneticly parted

by 2 lips 1 tongue

and weeks a year you're like iron
and salt and copper reddish between
hunks of femurs pours a 12 times

dear, the crawling vapid sweet acidity
of 7 mouthfuls of queer drink surge
delightfully opaque crimson gallons of


          r clefted

      love h



      the best kind of drowned
PK Wakefield Dec 2012
86 boys jeerless laid in the earth today
86 boys unlaughing
86 boys white
86 boys skinny
86 boys laid in the earth today

(i stood and watched them lay a shovel against them 86 boys sleeping
in sharply frozen wilted hands of almostwinter 86 boys went into the
earth today i stood and watched them lay a shovel against them
PK Wakefield Jul 2010
take: in my hand yours
and walk the sloping path
into the gentle darkness of
oblivion. slowly. but if
by my side you are
i go smiling.
PK Wakefield May 2010
a 3 goes 1x1x1

                 possessing a multiplicity
that shifts in threeish splinters
                     they mutter hushes
e  n  t   ering
that hallowed cavity
                      of cinematic

e                           t
                 o                nations

exploding a visual eruption
               on their willing
PK Wakefield Jul 2010
it seems (you are the earth( or moon(or le cauchemar)))
or the feint colours dappled frangible scents on the palette
of dawn. so frolics snow spark's dangerous horrors
flitting stubborn ardor. promise the womb a flavor
chocolate coffee stars shivering heaps of organized
thighs. and the cellos beautiful staccato green is pouring
out of the harbor of the lushes. bathing sense in amber
confusion. an avenue Railroad in a downtown sea
married. salty breathes the ocean sighing at the hip
glasses nose perched.  trying to retain the raiment
of depth yet shallow beyond comparison. little bits of
fRench and jazz to impress upon the waiting minds
a sense of culture. college bound legs painted cargo
sheets. they act like they

PK Wakefield Apr 2010
i am was
as we're not

but not

as could



PK Wakefield Apr 2010
said u
"what matter

not saying


i was
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
wetly sunlight speaks
no voice no rhyme
from time 2 time
lost admits the rubble
but not so
{as they say}
for through thought though
they fought so
leaving knowing
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
no know:
not know
know naught
know not
no naught
no knot

PK Wakefield Apr 2010


sad eye
do not d-

though deeply

on this:

you are beautiful
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
dripply wet
moonly sweat
your breast-s
fingers met
mingled breath-s
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
corpulent confused corruption did deceive every vacant stare with horrendous precision loosing  strange muscles to oddly coil in deliquescent understanding; how ever this becoming became i shall not know for all my rigid conjecture; thus i surrender my accidental resemblance; especially : a visible sign of something invisible"

so did the metaphor roar
PK Wakefield May 2010
accurate exact
daughter of clean confusion
pull all the littles
in straight sounds
arch your back
as you cry a dream from
spent lips

sweet sister you make
my skin ache
so aware of the lack
of your touch

i wish i could be
the canvas of your
hot little nails
slashing delicious
splendor round rough
a nape like no other

you mother of my desire
PK Wakefield May 2010
accurate matchstick chimneys
1x1x1x1 thrice loaded hill
plume crisp smirking billow
(sapphire cheek smudge)ed
colossal cog wielding minute
machinations mesh adroitly

amorphous child of hot mouthed stacks
brittle precisely under airy duress
manifest a slow d e     c         a                 y





PK Wakefield Jan 2011
twice as grace
the earth in molded flames
it spake with candor drunk with poppies
bursting unanimously
from his mouth
PK Wakefield May 2010
a cluttered fragrant death
(stark garden
a valley billowing with apathy
sweat scented flavors richly bloom
aspect consumed with the tedious
graves accurately graying in verdant profusion
as riven plaited dusty erosion
beckons the touch ofINFINITE drops:

this cloudy cowl drawn taught on
everclear translucent whiskers shorn
from rough bubbling lilies
rivuleting heady green stems
onto the tender hillocks of rocky *******
jut so silently into finite

PK Wakefield May 2010
did the sun visit the cold shores of some daughters shimmering eyelids that held her in such perfect contempt.

O, sweet child your arrogance is the flavor of god.

(but shall not those fearful minutes
;bleeding from times slashed wrist;
splashing hot seconds over a dusty yellow)

that dangerous womb of light
birthed a frigid nothing
as my fingers slip on my buttons
trying to shield my pink
edifice from chastising
breezes briskly beating
a lonely melody
on the loose weave
of times
river riven

protect thee
thy woolen
an article
PK Wakefield Jan 2011
a different sort of cells
i'm metastasizing
a cluttered profusion
of blundering paint
richly glowing veneer      (
                                                        the stars were saying just yesterday
                                                        ****** gnireviuq fo ! arrows tneluproc
             they gangled hard onto the
dense particular knowledge of the crisp earth
)              this was also never
      but always
                              or should so i say:
          dreamy steam
                                      puff of unquenchable haste

               time goes wiggling
               some ecstatic worms
                   in our soil bedded flesh
we soon marry
in prim and loveless clambering
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
afore death there is one unfrivolous blossom
blooming in a perilous garden who doth
converse with love and her ancient feathers
***** about the endless musk fat and rapacious
in the air fairies. olive skinned mutterings
dote 'pon the lucid fluttering angles of
wings. i felt and walked the paths littered
of decay and amour gently dead, skulls
grinning unfinitely. but a breeze greets
the stocks and buds, fragrant and huge,
mesmerizing the fickle lungs blowing stagnant
promises unkept. i butchered and laid my
hands to her core brimming of dainty
darkness and made my self in her blood.
i now wear it in every stifled beat, beat,
beating in my breast...
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
crimson bubbles on hands
taught how to hurt
move with perspicuous
languid violence
gently kissing cheeks

its claret kin erupts
from nasal voids

sheathed in perspiration's caress
i shimmer like a dying god
my sinew writhes in unflinching
horror as my edifice
delivers gossamer destruction

we sudored monsters
PK Wakefield Sep 2010
A leviathan i'm beneath my skin:swimming
bulges veiny skeleton rippling dusted morsels
           muscular innovations

infinite minute orbs bustling scarlet oxygen
my limbs

            w,Re'tHe my copper hugeness

i'm so tiny, in your heat, innumerable witless drips of
sweaty hours drawn long nights groaning
in your skinny monument
i'm hip and teeths and fist     and gnashing
thigh  purple delicate spiderweb of bloodshot
                     VENUS and cupid a cushion for his pins

in your nudeness. i'm skin just crumbling to your fingers
           in the finite naked cells of your palm
i love you

PK Wakefield Apr 2010
a silver splinter in
nights obsidian epidermis
bled silver saliva
dripping over every edificial
outcropping of tangled limbs

times quiet muscles contract
in rhythmic response to
your quivering thighs
as sudored ******* convulse

sharp gasps lash (at(
my damp) fabric

my cells scream)

with the scrabbling scratch of black painted nails

PK Wakefield Jun 2012
all eyes(oneseeing)



               between lids

a fragment

                          of looks



young people necking
necks dripping
             and glitter
                       on a lid
                            of all seeing
PK Wakefield Jan 2011
all lips and spit
rinds glittering pleasure
i'm lean sinew knotting heavy gasps
at nails and texture rawly rumples
     the divine shale
your pertinent flavor strums a tattoo polished on my back upper
      sprouted feathers
how contracting desperate talons
                      grapple cotton bedding
shouting mumbles of lipbiting  
                         in tremulous arcs
of ***** lint
                         i gravitas  surreptitiously
  the cradle of your spark spitting electric engine gloved
in black hard fuzz
                                  tickling the moist
       tremor of
                          my rose petals splitting
tongue delivers
                              screeching        love
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