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riot Apr 2020
hell is always thought of as a blazing pit of fire,
a sweltering eternity of eternal torture
where you're burned alive
but it's cold

heat is what gives us life,
fire is passion and love
red are roses and wine
warmth is happiness, joy

hell is cold

cold is bitter and bleak
ice is raw and harsh
frost is brutal and violent
people often measure how cold things are
but really,
there isn't cold,
only the absence of heat
riot Apr 2021
Stop worrying.
I know I'm destroying myself for you

let me.
Believing all the lies
just because I wished they were true.
sitting in the bathtub, staring at my scars
seeing how my ribs poke out just for you

cortisol in overdrive.

Stop telling me to eat
I want to be skinny for you.
You love the colors black and purple
so you paint them across my neck
only because I asked

Stop asking if I'm ok.
I want you to be happy
I love the feeling of acid eating at my teeth
My dyed hair falling out
you said you liked that color
so I like it too

smoke and *****.

Stop worrying
I'm numb
I can't feel the pain
so let me be everything you want
I don't know anything
I'm nothing


Stop asking me to stop
I don't know what I'm doing
its ok
give in.
take all of me
because I know nothing else

Stop crying
I made this for you
I put myself in this perfect mold
and maybe if I stay in it long enough, it'll start to fit

the blood dripping down my arm
that's what you like, don't you?

Stop feeling bad
I shut it all off
I'm nothing. take it
I was something, but I'm too tired for that now
breathe. My fingers are turning blue.
It's ok
riot Dec 2020
is supposed to be
a sad color,
a calm color
the color of gentle waves and tears

but with you

blue was my happy color
the color of your excited eyes,
your favorite flowers
the blueberries you loved,
so dearly
and when we kissed
you left me
in a haze of
wonderful blue
riot Apr 2020
I was out here navigating on my own,
without anything to guide me
I don't know what I expected
so now I'm here,
riot Jan 2022
Sat in the dark
explosive bursts of light
color blooms under the night sky
Then black.
riot Apr 2020
you remember me?
because I remember you
I wish I didn't
riot Jan 2021
Can you die
if you never existed in the first place?
will the thoughts that aren't mine ever leave?
living a lie
with rusty nails holding my soul in one piece
Doctors hoping to see what I swore was there
bruised flesh covering my own to show a person that isn't me
loving a ghost who never died
but isn't quite alive

I want to be a person again
a person of my own, no longer
splitting life between the people that make me up
carefully sewn thread piecing so many souls together
unable to remember
what did I do when I wasn't me?
Will I miss my voices when they're gone?
clocks ticking ticking ticking
tears not from me
they want to be heard too
and I want to let them

Yellow roses in fields where they play,
hoping I'd join them
I'm here but I'm there too
a kiss with a ghost I don't want to leave
but I can't live until they do
I don't want my voices to leave
riot Jul 2021
everyone is on the edge of madness

it's ok to jump
I won't tell
riot Jan 2021
Beaten vines and mushrooms
Growing where I once was
Now broken bones and ****
Organs long gone,

eaten by whatever horrors could find them
Someone new trying to sew the cuts closed,
Only to leave bigger ones behind
Eyes gouged out and tendons torn
Waiting for you

Vultures circle,
scaring off the swarm
Thread ripped out, refusing to heal


Thoughts decomposing with the rest
Voices salvaging what they can but it's no use
Not to them
The mosquitoes don't care for fear
But all the blood is long gone
Rib cage full of snails and joints of gum
Wrappers and liquor covering what once was


Rain filling the holes and bones long stained by sun
Shattered fingers, a warning
Once you're here
They won’t let you leave
you can’t ever
go back

riot Aug 2021
black and white rush
and then
I can't tell the difference anymore.
riot Dec 2020
hot water
running down my back
down my spine just below
waiting to become reality
covering me in a thin veil
surrounding me
waiting for an answer
riot Dec 2022
I bask in the smoke
of sage or cigarettes
I sit in the dark
I can't think
I am numb
I go out
I sit down on a strangers couch
they pass the blunt
I don't know where I am
but it's my job to sit there and look pretty
every night
left in a haze
I do what I'm told
be polite, make small talk, drink, don't get scared, it's rude
I guess it's fun
I don't remember tomorrow
riot Jan 2022
Ambient, calm
Pouring, tapping,trickling
Frogs happily wash off the winter mud
riot Feb 2022
If the stars started to shatter,
would they grow back?
would it even matter?
or would they just disintegrate into black
do the pieces rain down on the earth in a storm?
or float down in a haze of fog?

I thought maybe they would burst in swarms
of color, piercing the desert and striking the bog
perhaps they penetrate the sky and leave a hole,
from which the rest of the night drains out
Maybe after that, Nyx and Gaia can embrace and become whole
riot Apr 2020
And there lay his body,
In a pristine coffin,
Ready for the funeral service
The room is full of loved ones,
The people who gave him life
They gather
waiting for any more guests,
Unaware that the most important one is already here

The grim reaper is here with his sythe
Ready to bring this man's soul
to the next life

But as he looks at the man
He weeps
He cries, for the reaper never wanted this job
He never wanted to be
In between life and death
He never wanted to be the one to guide tortured souls,
to see their pain
and then have to send them
to heaven or hell

The reaper cries too
He cries for the souls who never got to finish their life
He cries for the mothers, fathers, children, uncles, sisters
He cries for what they left behind

For fate is cruel
And no one decides
when their time stops
The reaper cries,
the rivers and rain fill with sorrow
The reaper cries
And the sea feels his pain

But when people think of him,
They blame him for taking their loved ones
They cry and mourn
Unaware that
The reaper cries too
riot Apr 2020
swimming in a sea of my mentality
careful not to drown
soon the thoughts start surrounding me,
weighing me down

I try to fight,
to be free
but I'm trapped,
A prisoner in my mind
just like that

I try to gasp for air
but there is no air
instead I just stay still as time stops,
how long has it been?
days, months, years,
it doesn't matter
water fills my lungs
I close my eyes and let myself sink
to the bottom
everything goes
riot Jan 2021
"It's all in your head"
well of course it is
that's what makes it
riot May 2020
greed is selfish,
a predator looking for it's next victim
even the best of us fall prey to it's welcoming presence
but once you get too close, there's no point in running
-it's already too late-
riot Mar 2021
I'm hungry and hollow and numb.
So I will be your sanctuary
I will be your home and your refuge
I will be your basement where everything is allowed to go wrong
I will be the cellar full of bones and dust
I will wait and help cover up the blood

I'm angry and empty
let me let you fill the void
let me be nothing when I need to be
and everything when it all falls
let me help you find the beauty in the dark parts
let me help you be ok with it when everything seems to catch fire

I will be anything you need me to be
if you'll let me be anything but myself

— The End —