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riot Dec 2022
I bask in the smoke
of sage or cigarettes
I sit in the dark
I can't think
I am numb
I go out
I sit down on a strangers couch
they pass the blunt
I don't know where I am
but it's my job to sit there and look pretty
every night
left in a haze
I do what I'm told
be polite, make small talk, drink, don't get scared, it's rude
I guess it's fun
I don't remember tomorrow
riot Feb 2022
If the stars started to shatter,
would they grow back?
would it even matter?
or would they just disintegrate into black
do the pieces rain down on the earth in a storm?
or float down in a haze of fog?

I thought maybe they would burst in swarms
of color, piercing the desert and striking the bog
perhaps they penetrate the sky and leave a hole,
from which the rest of the night drains out
Maybe after that, Nyx and Gaia can embrace and become whole
  Jan 2022 riot
Ali J
fluorescent lights
the faint scent
latex gloves and
sheer nightgowns.
you stand there,
slowly breathing
in rhythm with
the ticking
he holds your hand,
the very touch
the transfer of
between your fingers.
you feel,
somewhat relieved
like if this were meant
you were glad
he was there.

didn't you always want this?
to be swaddled with
twinkling toes
and miniature socks?
was it not you
who felt the movement
and prayed for the unexpected?

the results aren't
even the hardest
it is the waiting,
the absorbing
the acceptance
the denial,
it is the
yet also
the after.

as the blood
swims through
the plastic tube,
the liquified
right there
in crimson red,
waiting to tell,
wanting to whisper
"your life may change,"
you look through
like catalogs
in magazines.

what happens next?
no one knows,
except the specimen
in crimson red.
riot Jan 2022
Sat in the dark
explosive bursts of light
color blooms under the night sky
Then black.
riot Jan 2022
Ambient, calm
Pouring, tapping,trickling
Frogs happily wash off the winter mud
riot Aug 2021
black and white rush
and then
I can't tell the difference anymore.
riot Jul 2021
everyone is on the edge of madness

it's ok to jump
I won't tell
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