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Chameleon Nov 2021
Sometimes I miss you even when
you’re right here.
A nice breeze will carry leaves across
the pavement and I’ll want to grab
your hand but
you’re off somewhere else,
up there.
So instead I’ll just look around
at what we could be enjoying,
and instead of feeling full I’ll feel sad.
Chameleon Nov 2021
I wish you would just break up with me
sometimes rather than treat me like
some thing you can’t stand.
Chameleon Aug 2021
He only likes me when I’m sleeping.
When I’m asleep I don’t feel anything
and I don’t say anything or do anything.
I can’t talk about how I’m sad so I don’t make
him mad.
I don’t ask for his hand when he’s
talking to a friend,
or look at him when he drinks a beer.
I’m not there.
So, he misses me.
But when I’m awake he doesn’t like me.
Chameleon Aug 2021
I finally have him,
the job,
first shift, and
But it’s still not enough to
keep me smiling.
My brain is already trying to ruin it.
Getting upset over stupid things
like money, and time together.
Comments about other girls and
jokes about me.
Already stressing and moving too fast
in my classes and work.
I just need to slow down.
Chameleon Aug 2021
I put on your deodorant when I was
getting ready for work because I wanted
to smell like you.
I knew it would be the last time your
scent followed me.
Like the last time I would lay with you,
or kiss you
or touch you.
Missing you is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,
and I have to do it again.
I know I’ll be okay in 6 months but
right now, I’m not.
Chameleon Jul 2021
Being in this room in the dark
can become so unbearable.
Thinking about you and missing you so much
it actually hurts is unbearable.
Wishing you missed me too and realizing
that I have gotten to the bottom of the ocean;
As low as you can go.
I still love you, always will.
It’s unbearable.
Chameleon Jul 2021
I’m busting out laughing
as I stand in my kitchen drinking a sodie pop
wearing a t shirt and sweatpants like an old retired man when in reality I’m a 26 yr old girl that
has to be an adult tomorrow.
Lol who put me in charge???
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