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  Nov 2014 oliviah rachael

Moon glow reflections of shadows and beams
So close the future incased in our dreams
Planted in rows so our way we won’t lose
Of every path through this journey we choose

Seeing the light that will bring us the shine
Found in the chapters now written in time
Counting our heart beats in second hand flow
Wound in the truth that we somehow do know

There is a course that we can not control
Patterns our lives seem to take ever slow
Oh it may seem that the night comes so fast
Shuffling memories found in the past

Still there are dreams that I know we both share
As on this evening the same moon we stare
Strong the embrace of desires we feel
We can’t deny that these feelings are real

Surely a plan of the way it shall be
Is set into motion, together we’ll see
Just take a moment and give it a glance
We are in love and that is not by chance

So many items have followed this play
Different directions our hopes they have strayed
Still in the end we shall find it is true
Love is the factor that shapes every view

I know my life has a place now to go
Echoes of fate on this glistening glow
Can you now feel it aloft on the plain
Simple descriptions shall call it by name

Biding our time on this calm evening bright
Soon in my arms I shall hold you so tight
Taut as the thread that connects you to me
*Ours is a love of our own destiny
oliviah rachael Nov 2014
If it were possible to hasten life
To blur the years, and daytime into night,
Regret would be our lonely widowed wife
Ourselves soldiers with nothing left to fight

Why then, is it common to demand love
To place stiff bars around the fair and pure
Encounter it only to let go of
You cannot push what is not yet secure

It is not a trapped bird to just observe
Its song is clear, the echo of a breath
It’s touch is something that we all deserve
For without love, life just waits for it’s death

Love is free it cannot be ours to choose
Let it be, love is our limitless muse
oliviah rachael Nov 2014

1. The state of being free or at liberty; independent.

2. The power to determine action without restraint

isn't it odd

how one word can be so different from itself


1. A great or marked ability to do or act; strength

2. The possession of control or command over others

how a word can so easily contradict itself


1. Belief in oneself and one's power and abilities

2. Presumption; Impudence

isn't it horribly ironic


1. Not influenced or controlled by others in matter of opinion or conduct

2. Rejecting others aid or support; reclusive

that something so beautiful, can mean something so different

without even

*changing the letters
oliviah rachael Oct 2014
it is so easy to find things that don’t belong together,
to find opposites,
fire and water,
young and old,
fear and bravery,
there are millions,
and it is just assumed that those things do not go together,
because they are different, complete opposites even, and that is irreversible,
and because of this, nobody stops to think about why they need each other,
nobody thinks about how fire needs the water to contain its flame,
or how the young need their elders to teach them,
or even how, to be brave, you cannot be fearless, to be fearless would make you un-human,
and i think that if we understood that about each other,
that we need one another to become stronger, that our differences can help us,
we would stop trying to separate ourselves and only place ourselves with people like us,
people we don’t have to worry about risk, or hurt, or loyalty with,
but maybe if we became a little braver and started going after people we know it won’t be easy with, maybe that’s what will work out in the end,
and maybe opposites don’t attract,
but so what,
maybe that person who makes everything a little harder will wind up worth it,
maybe they’re the fear to your brave.
  Oct 2014 oliviah rachael

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that I knew
This feeling inside held me close to the sun
A smile on my face as I searched for a clue
Watching and waiting for only the one

So many people I’ve touched on the go
Faces of strangers I met on my way
Somehow this feeling lived on in my soul
That I would meet you when love called the day

Never once knowing the look of your eyes
Hearing your voice only came in a dream
Still every morning upon the sun rise
I always knew that you would come to me

Somewhere the distance has held you so long
Separate paths that were winding the same
You and me lyrics I heard in a song
Was this a message that tried to explain

Life had been empty or so it did feel
Though in my heart sat an essence so true
If I kept walking it soon would reveal
All of my hopes would appear in my view

Then there you were it was love at first sight
You took my hand and my heart skipped a beat
Each day I waited this moment so right
The girl of dreams that I knew I would meet

You felt the same, that our lives we would share
Even though time seemed to keep us apart
Never a doubt that we both would be there
Two destined lovers with one beating heart
oliviah rachael Oct 2014
They told me you were all wrong
that you fought a war inside your head
but you couldn't pick a side

they said you remembered your past
but your eyes said you wish you didn't
and i suppose that i cannot blame you

because who would want to remember
the hatred that chained them for so long
and know it is their fault they cannot break free

they said you forgot how to feel
and they told me you were broken
like you were a machine or a piece of glass

but no, i cannot blame you
for thinking the mistake you made
was yourself

but i know you were not broken
and i know you felt things
more passionate than any other

but i do not blame you
for finding a way out
of those chains that bound you to your war

so as the tears roll down my cheeks hot and angry
i can only blame myself
and i know that my biggest mistake

was you
  Oct 2014 oliviah rachael
Sometimes I really want to talk to you
But I feel so shy
And I don't know why

Sometimes I really want to confront you
But I feel so scared
And I don't know why

Sometimes, I wonder
Do you really love me?
'Cause I can't truly feel it

And I don't know why
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