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Oct 2014
They told me you were all wrong
that you fought a war inside your head
but you couldn't pick a side

they said you remembered your past
but your eyes said you wish you didn't
and i suppose that i cannot blame you

because who would want to remember
the hatred that chained them for so long
and know it is their fault they cannot break free

they said you forgot how to feel
and they told me you were broken
like you were a machine or a piece of glass

but no, i cannot blame you
for thinking the mistake you made
was yourself

but i know you were not broken
and i know you felt things
more passionate than any other

but i do not blame you
for finding a way out
of those chains that bound you to your war

so as the tears roll down my cheeks hot and angry
i can only blame myself
and i know that my biggest mistake

was you
oliviah rachael
Written by
oliviah rachael
   Just Melz, r and Joe Adomavicia
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