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I feel like a stranger to all that I know
as all of Your Wisdom envelops my soul
and suddenly thinking is healing my heart
I had no idea I’d fallen apart
they say when you’re breaking you’re never alone

so maybe I’ve lied to myself for too long
I’m learning to humble my person again
each day is an ocean of Mercy and Strength
to think I was safer inside of myself...
I must have gone crazy before I got well
«Щедр и милостив Господь, долготерпелив и многомилостив:» Псалтирь‬ ‭102:8‬
she put her bed in bags of three the color white as snow
went higher than the mind can go and shackled up her soul
and there I was interpreting each mumble in her mouth
believing there was Grace enough to pull her person out
say who am I to reason with another human mind?
when every single second has already been defined

but what if Time has left us all a single open door?
where Mercy is a season reigning always, evermore

there’s more than just a difference every one of us can make
when need becomes the center and the reason we’re awake
Sarina? Did you know your name translates to, “small crumb,” in Russian?
The Root of every story is the one I hope to hear
the one that has been buried ‘neath a world without an ear
[‘cause every noise is nothing but a clinical decay
and everyone’s on something while believing they’re okay]
the Words toward which I gravitate are not some passersby
I wait for them like Water pouring down from rainy skies
and every time I hear them, You I glorify again
The Source of every root I have, the Miracle Himself
«Для дерева есть надежда, что оно, если и будет срублено, снова оживет, и отрасли от него выходить не перестанут: если и устарел в земле корень его, и пень его замер в пыли, но, лишь почуяло воду, оно дает отпрыски и пускает ветви, как бы вновь посаженное.»
‭‭Книга Иова‬ ‭14:7-9‬ ‭
my skin’s becoming nothing and my body’s falling off
I’m something I have never been, much more than what I was
I’m reaching higher altitudes and talking to the stars
and every single one of them has asked me where You are
I summoned all the strength I had - in Spirit and in Truth
and told them of the depths to which I’ve come to know of You
You’re nothing like the others, You can’t even be compared
You’re every Hallelujah that I didn’t know was there
If anybody calls me to be anywhere but here
I’ll walk away in silence and completely  disappear
«Кто хочет иметь друзей, тот и сам должен быть дружелюбным; и бывает друг, более привязанный, нежели брат.»
‭‭Притчи Соломона‬ ‭18:25‬ ‭
the ice inside my body has been melting more each day
and now that I can feel again I have a place to stay
my body may be temporal but oh how much it’s taught
my heart to be a fighter for the things that won’t be bought
I cannot help but revel in the Joy with which I’m made
I may not be forever here but Love is here to stay
«Любовь частица Рая на планете,  Она однажды Богом нам Дана...»
I rattled You awake again while falling fast asleep
I need You to watch over every dream I want to keep
I put it in my head You are the Only One I trust
and if I do not visit You my body turns to dust
I pull apart my character more often than I don’t
to realize I’m nothing when I’ve given up my soul
the whine of life is bitter, more-so with each passing day
so let me never Give You up, no matter what I say
«Из праха подъемлет Он бедного, из брения возвышает нищего, посаждая с вельможами, и престол славы дает им в наследие; ибо у Господа основания земли, и Он утвердил на них вселенную.»
‭‭Первая книга Царств‬ ‭2:8‬
so find yourself the time to die today
to all the things that cause your soul’s decay
being dead to flesh will remake your heart
Create of all your bones a Work of Art
The Painter is a Sculptor and Writer too
a Master in The Craft of Loving you
through everything that is and will always be
through every time you die but do not bleed
«От одной крови Он произвел весь род человеческий для обитания по всему лицу земли, назначив предопределенные времена и пределы их обитанию, дабы они искали Бога, не ощутят ли Его и не найдут ли, хотя Он и недалеко от каждого из нас: ибо мы Им живем и движемся и существуем, как и некоторые из ваших стихотворцев говорили: «мы Его и род».»
‭‭Деяния святых апостолов‬ ‭17:26-28‬
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