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1.6k · Oct 2015
To whom it may concern,
Andrea Oct 2015
i. don't forget to eat today,
your body needs it;
you deserve to be healthy.

ii. Lay in bed if you need to,
taking a break from it all is okay.
iii. Don't worry about everyone else,
put yourself first;
you deserve it.

iv. Love your body;
because it loves you,
and it protects you everyday.

v. Cry if you need to,
don't bottle everything up,
let yourself feel the pain.

vi. It's okay to get lost in
the darkness sometimes,
just don't forget to come from us.

vii. You don't owe anything to anyone.

viii. Watch your favorite movie,
read your favorite book,
listen to your favorite song;
do what makes you happy.

ix. Eat that piece of cake,
and don't you dare
go near that scale.

To whom it may concern,

x. don't forget to love yourself,
don't forget to find your happiness.
675 · Feb 2019
be the moon
Andrea Feb 2019
let things gravitate to you
Andrea Jan 2015
If it's good, it's great.
If it's bad, it's an experience.
329 · Jul 2015
Dear Mom,
Andrea Jul 2015
even when i come home smelling like cigarettes with bloodshot eyes, or diliated pupils, i love you, and none of it is your fault
327 · Jan 2015
Andrea Jan 2015
we raised our voices until the foundation under our house began to crack and i started to realize what it meant to come from a broken home

— The End —