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Olivia Bennett Jul 2020
Never question where I stand
I will always be there if you need a hand

I will never judge you by the color of your skin
But rather by what’s within

Look at me when you need support
For I will continue to reinforce

Even when we are not all gathered
Olivia Bennett Jul 2020
This quarantine has left us wrecked
Mental illness we can no longer neglect
nearly everyone has become depressed
family bonds have been put to the test

This level of trauma is hard to bare
We were nowhere near prepared

People say this might happen again in the future
Hopefully it’s just a rumor

Only time will tell
Hopefully we can break this spell

I wish we could be sure
Because it is not something I wish to re-endure

Even when this clears
I will still live in fear

With a pantry fully stocked
a secret stash of hand sanitizer locked
Maybe then I won’t be so shocked

People have died
Yet some believe it’s all a big lie

The way this seems to work
I am sure it will lurk

In the back of our minds it will stay
Until it comes back one day

— The End —