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you're not even gone yet
but i miss you
i'll spend as much time with you as i can
before you are
long discussions on who's better
i need to shower,
leave you hanging
you're the only voice i love to hear
and i love to listen to your singing
we're oddballs
dumb dumbs, too
you're a sweet one, though,
and you're really **** soft
your face is so pretty
jesus ******* christ i wanna kiss you-
okokokok this was supposed to be serious but jenny if you see this, i want to kiss you please-
gonna- gonna *******-
stab a *****
sigrid what the ****
you said we werent friends
so why
are you taking your ex's place
when he isnt here
me: i'm gonna die in three years anyway, what's the difference?
her: you don't know that.
me: still might.
her: we can't be a married couple if you're dead!!
Dear, you’re looking better every day
And hey, I’m begging for ya on my knees
You’re a darling, beauty, super girl
The only superhero I need

Not the slightest average,
I’m a simple civilian
I’m gazin’ up from the streets
As you beat up the supervillain

I catch your eye as you fly down from the sky
You’re smilin’, but no one says “thanks”

I approach you and say “Hi,
You’re a huge influence of mine.
I wanna be like you someday.
It’s your present I pine.”

Your smile droops but that’s alright.
You sigh and say,
“I wish I was more like you.
Livin’ the life of a civilian.
Not chasin’ any villains.
Wishin’ I was more like you.”

Even if one day you give up,
You’ll still be my hero for this day.
I still hope you never give up,
And again, one day,
You’ll look my way.
For: you know who. (It's Jenny)
Yeah, but I'm fine, right?
Just ruining everybody's day after the last light.
I'm working on improving myself.
Whether that's the result of a mental breakdown or not,
I don't know.
But, it's something.
And you guys help a lot!
You try to, at least.
Thanks to you, it's harder to give in.
Easier to fight back.
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