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 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
Believe in Nothing.
Believe in Everything.

The point of oblivion.
The infinite embrace.

Two sides of a coin
in Father Time's pocket.
He kisses the lips of Space.
That's the case of our place in this Space.
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
my mother says things about me
right in
front of me
to people that i have known
my entire life.
she tells them that i
never call
that i
don't care for her
one bit
that dad has
turned me against her
i am
five feet
away from you.
i am not
i can hear
everything you are saying
to that poor old lady
who has no idea
why you are telling her this
she just wanted to tell you
how pretty i looked
i came to give you a hug
only because
i knew that if i did
everything you just said
to that old woman
would be revealed
as a load of ****
yes mom,
for once i hugged you
and i meant it
The Rain Streaked Window,
Is Chilled From The Damp Spring Air,
The World Outside--Grey

                        The Pavement Is Soaked,
                 Blackened It Smells Of The Rain,
                  The Leaves Had Turned Green

                                                   Flowers Sip Cautious,
                                   Drinking The Water Of Spring,
                                    Quenching The World's Thirst
Spring Is Both Blue And Grey.. Both Provide Beautiful Days:)
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
I really do hope you enjoy this poem
I love you says it all very well
But there is so much more I could say
Your smiles
Your laughs
Your giggles sweet
You are my
Perfect Dad
I love you
I wish
There was a
Word I could
Use to express
My true feelings
Of you, Dad!

I love you, Dad!! :P You are perfect!! :) ~~<3
Was it I who missed out your words or was it you?
Either way we are lost.
You could be happy now or be taking Prozac
Either way I’m lost.
You could think I am relieved or I’m dead
Either way you’re lost.
We could think of ill of each other or mourn each other’s absences
Either way we are lost.
Lost in the crowd,
Lost, in a way we’ll never recognize each other.
Yes, I lost my sanity. I hope you did too.
Bright red when fresh,
Crimson when stale,

I don’t want to faint everytime
The nurse pulls out a sample.
It’s absurd
Fear of something that belongs to me?

I’ll be bold!!

“Wait. Nurse…is that…”
 Apr 2013 Nigel Obiya
Hell doesn't show us all the answers about us
It brings to light only some
Just another incognito, today goin' no lower
So, good morning to the fields.

Actually, nobody's to blame
Ex-dome belts out and drones barge in, beasts!
Expect none less
Certain dishes spoil, once reheated..if left standing too long.

We sometimes drape objects about our person
To hide and to protect: get with the programme, they say!
Shy and gentle chapel, no idea: thus, feel like a crim
Only to check a pulse that isn't there!

Not going all the way, just to be cool, to have arrived
Is innocence lost when you do what they do? Never!
Perhaps best to chicken out, if too far gone
Southern rains won't be the nick of time.

S T, 26 April 2013
Promises made ....and broken.

Is like checking for a pulse...that never was!

Raja of the rains....sweet, deep words absent too long.

No matter, southern rains will come.
I have known you
For a long time
And I now realize
That knowing you
Is like knowing happiness
Knowing peace and kindess
It's like having a warm cup of hot chocolate
In the midst of winter
It warms you just perfectly.
Idk about this one
 Apr 2013 Nigel Obiya
I've seen you sleep;
Your breaths are

I hope you can
Remember how I feel
For you.

Your chest
It moves up and
Your breathing slows;
Do you know I'm
Breathing your exact breaths?

I hope you can
Remember how I feel
For you.

The air you exhale is
And sad.
What are you dreaming about?

I would hope that it's me but
You seem terrified of what you see.

I hope you can
Remember how I feel
For you
When I'm gone,
It's vital to how you'll
Live afterwards.
I'm not sure where this came from but idk, eh, just bored.
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