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 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
The current existence
Excited the reckoning
With blissful swarms of
Bleak kisses on
Troubled judgement.
Part 4
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
I don't believe you when you
Tell me that it's better for
You to let go and walk away.

All I hear from you is
Leave me be and I can't stay
And you should run the other way.

But what your eyes say is you
Want me to be by your side
Forever and to stay right here.

Your body says to
Press on up against you and to
Never ever let you go.

Once you said you'd never leave me
But now I'm not so sure
Because every time that I can see you
You walk right out my door.

I don't believe you when you're
Haunting me and telling me
To let you in or let you go.

All I hear is that you're
Begging me to set you free
Cause you know this time it's meant to be.
Why just let go of me?
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
The contemptuous lie
Faded to solemnity
In order to solidify the
Contrast between an
Erased reality.
Part 3
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
The caressing wind
Brushed against the
Careful gaze of lilies
Across the folds of the
Honest chaos.
Part 2
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
The cringing sigh
Conjured the moon
To sanction light
Into the depths of the
Fragile stillness.
Part 1
 Feb 2017 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
When you are so low
You aren't afraid of pain-
It is just what is normal to you.
People walk all over you,
But it is commonplace for you to be on the ground.
You become a doormat,
But it's okay.
If you were a vase on a shelf,
You'd be on display, but unstable.
If you fell, you'd break and
Shatter into pieces.
It is better to live realistically
Than to live in a fantasy with a tragic ending.
 Dec 2016 Nick Moser
Emma Livry
Imagine a natural disaster
A mass collection of terrible things.
Think wind and rain and clouds that start to stir,
A noise so loud that it makes your ears ring.

Tormenting a whole town 'til it is done,
Just raging devastation all around.
Why do you terrorize us just for fun?
Is this where all your attention is found?

But after it is through we all come out
And realize exactly what happened.
This disaster brought out all of our doubt
It was not there we all just imagined.

Oh, dream that reached us all- thank you so much.
You got us out of our own evil clutch.
This is old.
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