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Love's divine Oct 2014
You would be panting after ten miles.  Its different when you are sixteen.  There is no end to trying though. You will somehow come through if you dont give up.  So if you have life you have hope. But there is no need waiting for what you have no knowledge of. There is no perfect forecast, not even this horoscope. I will be running still, and walk where i have to
Have faith
Love's divine Aug 2015
Majia, she said the world is round
she is a balloon on a disturbed lake
Your showers found me fleeing
i was almost bare and near frozen
like the very gift nobody wants
and the same old holy country song
the old fellow with yellows on
and a smile broader than heaven
come home and untie all of us
tell me how easy it is to now live
talk about the changing faces
the clowns and a common doom
my weakness is my sweet dream
and the shadows that trail me
am afraid
Love's divine Nov 2014
We can't say we are better off. Never!!
with children missing day in day out
Not while these streets drown in the blood of the poor and innocent
Not while genocide is now a normal thing
Cry Nigeria
let us cry all night
this is overwhelming
and these souls are getting used to darkness
to endless darkness and ******
****** and wickedness inspired by man's inventions
his religion and reckless thoughts
his greed and his demonic schemes
do we even know what we are dying for?
do we?
For i don't even know
hearing rumors of deaths is enough to ****
and killed we are
and we die in number
yet we don't know why we die
Love's divine Jun 2014
Faith looked at us and nodded in agreement
Like Karma promised; whatever goes around comes so around.
Because we were patient enough to dream, it will come around
We must be careful then what we dream about lest we wake up into a reality so overwhelming
Faith then said its possible to chose our dreams
So we can decide how and why we dream
Accepting a thought as a possible reality is the first and most important step in dreaming
Waking up entails making a blue print of this thought and working really out for it
To fly a Jet i either build one myself or i train to be a pilot so i can fly mine or commercial jets.
Dreams come true when we want them to
Dreams and Reality
Love's divine Jul 2015
Your stars were always here
the days i completely believed
i imagined me on the moon
and your royalty by my side
you were my apparition
my clouded hard senses
so i walked and bounced
believing every soft romance
every cold wind that went by
had a million words for me
but i was only dreaming
hoping you will understand
hell is the years gone by
the shooting stars i witnessed
the gullies i did not see
Denied VISA to US but i prayed to you
Love's divine Jun 2014
Bonny's got something you may never decipher
don't try so hard to imagine it
she has a spirit somewhat out of this dying world
and she is the prettiest of them all
my joy began where we met
amidst them excited flowers
and you are the reason i live still
like the scroll spoke once
they speak nowadays
where the living act like they are dead already
as for them blues skies you don't see them much
when you are gone
i miss you that much and it hurts
When am down am out
You take me up gently
Straight to your loving heart
To Rose
Love's divine Aug 2015
Well madam i hate to admit
There is just little i can do
The streets bother me
yes she is dead rude
and gravely silent you know
is it safe to live this alone
you know nobody shares
so am there wondering where
why the images are twisted
and now clearly distorted
the truth is i can barely laugh
nor scream nor even shout
i have been often around
been there and now round
it's the wind that lifts me
she does well to console me
Love's divine Jun 2014
I have hope locked away somewhere safe.
let her be therein safe
Not confined but somewhat hidden
from my recent hurricanes and those biting illusions.
Am saving him for the rainy days
when the center takes full control once again.
So tell them should they ask
that am almost there and am not alone
Do they even know how much you give to be you?
Do they know how much of their gossips is true?
You are pregnant with neck-twisting issues
and everything you talked about came true
but who cares what's right or wrong
or what matters and what does not
yesterday is dead and she is gone
as for that garden, he died in the sun
Right There
Love's divine Oct 2014
I am Biafra!
Though the world denies this truth
let them their eyes pluck out
or betterstill brave the raging sea
for where i come from
am undeniably proud of
ask the rising sun if you must
or betterstill ask Amadioha
for i am Biafra now
in another life i will be
four decades ago you had us slaughtered
and you caged us in our own land
selling our oils and gold
and you killed us while America watched, and Britain fed you arms
now you pray for peace and prosperity
forgetting in a hurry your darkness and curses
Away with you now
For i am Biafra and we never forget
See now how slowly the sun rises
or are you blind now?
Scoop the blood you spilled
be intoxicated by it
run as far as you can
for even the worst draws near
you will never see peace
until your every coin you owe you pay
Peace Biafra
Love's divine Sep 2015
Come what may
I will stand always by you
when the hills throw stones
and the sky rains fire on us
on my every dream i swear
when you are weak i will come
i will stand by you
you are the air i breathe
my hope for tomorrow
Love's divine Jul 2015
Well madam i hate to admit
There is just little i can do
The streets bother me    
yes she is dead rude
and gravely silent you know
is it safe to live this alone
you know nobody shares
so am there wondering where
why the images are twisted
and now clearly distorted
the truth is i can barely laugh
nor scream nor even shout
i have been often around
been there and now  round
it's the wind that lifts me
she does well to console me
Me by myself
Love's divine Jul 2015
Sμsῦ, love is like Venice..yes it is
Italian Princess,that city in the sea
or is it on the sea? She is a beauty
for she was once Rome's sweety

Love is like River Thames
she binds two hearts that reason the same
like Oxford is to West London
you are to me and more

Love is when i miss you
I miss seeing you cook
our love is here forever
new and true like never
Love's divine Jun 2014
In my mothers tongue words twist
words like hope mean "Okwukwe"
now that means everlasting and she is
my mother dear for she understands "okwukwe"
she understand every word
like a knight would his sword
like an Eagle understands the wind
as for me call me a tender boy
for am my mother's son
the fifth amidst her seeds
a virtuous woman she is
one ordinary day father called
"there is no telling the age of the sun
she is amazing as she looks
and as she is in your science books"
then he swore by heaven
how much she mean to us then
while he Northward roamed
mama held on for us
she washed and combed
my stubborn hair and Tom
grew amazingly rich
Rose turned thirty and left
Joan found a school where she could teach
as for Mark he had his garage set
You are one of a kind mother
without you there is no other
Love's divine Jul 2015
The dark cashier took over
note by note she counted
placing one gently on the other
torn notes are ejected
anyway patiently i stood
waiting and somehow bored
there was no saying her mood
since she hardly looked up
done she gently looked at me
handing the notes in a sack
look carefully you will see
the summary on the wrap
that there is the price for a soul
well written so you may know
so i left the hall turned up
churned by every mistake i made
to reconcile the past was now a war
for everything done had been said
see am as guilty as is charged
the story you heard is true
when i admitted i was sad
it was another me being cruel
Love's divine Nov 2014
I hate it when they are boundless
and boundless they are
digits you can't contain
like your many lies and fake friends
hold out!
Watch how fast they grow
numbers deceive
when he says this he means that
and she means older than she is
so we are fooled cos we are desperate
then some numbers are never reachable
they were never what they are
so they are never available
and we are lost again
The more you look the less you see
Love's divine Jun 2014
With this raging storm gone
think of home Mary
your dim kitchen, that rising sun
our latenights love story
Now that the wind sleeps
lets gather these pieces
like a storm gathers its chime
on a cold freezing night
Lets stay up until dawn
hold me close to your heart
for you are my rising Sun
my blue heaven and my star
Please stay
keep me near to you
kiss me and say i will be okay
when am with you, am born anew
I love you Mary
Love's divine Jun 2014
Could this be the secret of the cold breeze?
Is this why you blew cold ice?
Did you speak silently and i failed to perceive?
Is this why you blew all night?

I am no Angel
But i know one when i see one
She was more than an Angel
She was and still is one of a kind and more

I know  a distant country
where Angels die young
That's the country i found myself in
A long sad song

I weep for you Akunyili
You were more than a woman
A goddess in disguise; a Lilly
Queen of the Savannah

Sleep in Peace...
Death has no friend
A great Nigerian who just passed on...
Love's divine Jul 2015
If i failed to warn you
run from me then
There is a consequence true
for sins we share with them
In cities and crowded towns
you will find demons in humans
they are unseen and abound
they will paint good bad
and make you love evil
they will say lust is cool
that frolicking in it is civil
then they will hug you
you will dress like them
loving their every style
hardly ashamed like them
and you fail to see the sign
that you are sliding away
faster than you imagine
doing the same again
vanity becomes your sin
hell your objective
held down and lost
unknowingly you worship it
confused and so burnt
does it ever come to you
that somehow you are used
for they are not seen
they leap from soul to soul
Love's divine Sep 2015
Wanted to show you everything
how much we have lost
life is such a huge trap
sorry you found your child
cold and dead with his face deep
in that cold sand and alone
if he lives would you have stayed
or try again to cross the world
we have the West to blame Sir
the bombs and wars and all that
the destruction in your world
will they ever stop i wonder
while a hundred of you sail
to a world you do not know
think always about this
or betterstill pray about it
where did we go wrong
do we pay for ever queuing
to cast our fate in the Sun
so we can be led and saved
all the time we smiled
we only hoped we will be fine
but its a few that damage us
they kick us about before you
while you sit at home starring
To the migrating many
Love's divine Jul 2014
I let another flower go with the wind.
Who is the unlucky one now?
They come and they go that fast
and they leave you overwhelmed by their kindness
You are the one speechless this time
Remember you don't see her type everyday
No. Not today at least
Maybe years after or another sun rise
or perhaps when you need them no more
When you must have given in to pressure around
I let another Angel slip away
poor me, why?
There is a mark you left, beautiful one
come while I breathe still
come take back the hands of time
so i can say all i failed to say
deep in this chest i feel you are the one
or am i seeing things again?
Love's divine Jun 2014
Are you ever at peace that hates another
deep beneath that skin lies total disorder
and that never-ending-struggle for relevance
and a soul weighed down by  ignorance
your hatred for your mother
or a brother from another father
or a friend of another race
is as disgusting as you are totally overwhelmed by hate
But can you loathe and love at once?
For light has nothing with darkness and chains
like a creek immensely churned
so is the heart that hates
Hates begets war
and war has no better ending
but wars and high walls
and demons that keeps sending
hates to every corner of this world
to brothers at war
and misguided souls
and streets covered by blood stained stones
and stadiums where they chant "monkeys!!" and
fraternities that are like sands
of bruised beaches and looming
darkness and what have you
Am overwhelmed too
by the things you do
to me when am not mindful
or saying hard words hurtful
to you like you have done
in this fiery rain and beneath this ancient sun
Leave hate for the devil
he has the sceptre of all evil
but say no to racism
for every omen has a reason
but she has none
but malice and thorns
No to Racism
Love's divine Jul 2015
Tell me now then
Why a creek runs inbetween
yet all end is the same
Tell me what you mean
When you leave me alone
Is my fate that evil
Can i still keep a tone
or poke out like a needle
I am thirty one now
quickly aging somehow
it is the future that i fear
frightened by signs far and near
Would they care if i ask
Do i need a white mask
Why is life unfair to me
When will they finally see
that i in my room often cry
and sometimes i sigh
when am beaten and out
i feel rejected and down
Love's divine Aug 2015
I gave your advice another thought
The last i heard was of salvation
You said if i could just try this
I would come out strong from it
the whole chaos with a new dance
while you preached i imagined
the mess i made the last chance
how much i did swim in my sin
so i let tears run freely down this face
while you preached on about faith
It's the rain that even bothers me
am always alone when the sky yell
you know from there its hard to see
when you are there you cannot tell
how much of me i have let go
how many people i allowed  to know
Save me Jesus
Love's divine Aug 2015
The field has the look of an abattoir
an ancient one you may likely say
with rivers of blood here and there
and pieces of flesh like a lion was here
as we waved through the red grasses
we wondered in disgust and sadness
why so many signs of death at a time
and the cries we pretend we do not hear
of people like us living a stone throw
we are the tribe always on the run
the very meaning of wickedness
we live everyday running from
the memories that often threatens us
our out-of-date hatred for our own kind
this is the same field we once loved
where the children played in the moonlight
in the same place we once tried to share
at the center of the world we knew
Dedicated to Michael Jackson on his Birthday

"Heal the world"
Love's divine Aug 2015
I will speak of a town we called adobe
She is but a home for lost minds
i first saw you on her hill dancing in the wind
but i was poor and brown in my torn overall
so i stared till my soul wandered away
If  you ever remember home come what may
do think of me and the much i have prayed
to have nothing else but your soft self
right here in my starving arms my dearest
for this much am ready to die or cry
till every ohmsis forever gone
and am no where in sight
till the rivers run dry
or the sky fall on me
till you once again desire
or feel this much as i do
Love's divine Jul 2015
Right there beneath that sheet
You named a whole country
Now the land lies in waste
like the plot you occupy now
The North has this flare
blood blood hell and blood
The West filled with liars
The South now is worse
but East, she is different
always atop of your sea
I love where i come from
A river runs between hills
Round that green forest
The moon keeps us awake
So see we miss you not
Rest in hell
Love's divine Jul 2014
Aicha, come dearie
let me take that off
veils lie to us
they only make you a property
see how beautiful you are
Can a lamp be hidden?
Grow up and live
love freely and be loved in return
for by that you become a complete human
and not another wife
not even a second or a third
you are worth more than that
Love's divine Nov 2014
If the sky is a window, it would be an amazing spectacle.
And from that dark hospital room you can tell which Star Orion is
and which diamond shines brighter.
Perhaps then there will be a better view of the milky way;
one you can die willingly for in an overwhelming sweetness.
If she is a blue sea, you will wish you are a fish.
For when its blue its new.
Maybe she is a wilderness; wide and windy with drops of oasis here and there.
Is she a garden of ancient clouds where fairies gather when seasons call?
Love's divine Jul 2015
Can i be the one
One you are proud of
would you stay if i come
or run when i turn up
do you mind my long way
would you ever want to stay
It's the morning i miss
She keeps the Sun from me
But she will wake somehow
If you should chose to come now
You are to me every wonder
Every other thing can go under
because you stayed back
when i needed you most
you are my joy when am sad
one portrait am proud to own
Love's divine Jul 2015
We could leave still,Diop
We could leap off this rock
away from this dying world
there is so much disregard
every second frightens me
your face keeps me afloat
lets leave and live free
however you darl chose
loving you is all i need
Love's divine Mar 2015
I make a picture of the sky
I make it look blue
So i worry less about you
Except when am high
Thats when i need you more
So to stay sane i sing to me
Until your thoughts are completely gone
When you come you will see
Even a queen can be broken
Used and even forsaken
That way you will learn to love
Then you will be loved in return
respect is reciprocal dear
if you dont give dont ever dream
go away for all i care
i will be fine you will see
so i will make colors
something to tear you off
of course am blessed
something you wont discern now or next
and ever again if you dare
Lets see how you will fare
now i you do hate
to think you i did date
makes even the sun black
and dark and just black
watch this!
if this fails i will dance ****
and scream and stand and sit
then i will converse with the moon
thats the price i will pay
for letting you stay
Love's divine Jul 2015
They are my tears on my face
The pain i hid in the rain
The lies you gave to me
I was blind so i failed to see
that all this time i was alone
while you sneaked out each night
now am used to this cold
your foul mind and mad times
It is that smile that i hate
when you squeeze it that way
I will live without you  
I won't miss you too
Love's divine Jun 2014
If you Freedom, is a woman
you would be marred and malnurished
like a ***** in Ajegunle
For you are the most abused of them all
used and misunderstood
like a stream begging for salvation
If you were a Bank
You would be empty and abandoned
totally broke
for you are used and abused
and wiped clean and misunderstood
Freedom should be a queen
adorned and beautiful beyond compare
My thought
Love's divine Jul 2015
I will tell you my dream
I will because you prayed
twas a wide black sea
of humans with diverse faces
surrounded by loved ones
yet i was the one alone
then came the beast accursed
the truth is i should have known
that i sinned by trusting you
you ran when i was down
whilst with every strength i loved you
so i shook your memory away
every second counted most
as for the beast i did slay
it's corpse i sent to Rome
I have learned love is an illusion
people come when money come
now i give in return when given
no good gesture stays hidden
stay when i have nothing
then prove you mean all of it
then i will for love believe anything
the truth in your sweet promise
the innocence in your confession
the evidence you want me to see
in your ever new demonstration

— The End —