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Love's divine Sep 2015
Wanted to show you everything
how much we have lost
life is such a huge trap
sorry you found your child
cold and dead with his face deep
in that cold sand and alone
if he lives would you have stayed
or try again to cross the world
we have the West to blame Sir
the bombs and wars and all that
the destruction in your world
will they ever stop i wonder
while a hundred of you sail
to a world you do not know
think always about this
or betterstill pray about it
where did we go wrong
do we pay for ever queuing
to cast our fate in the Sun
so we can be led and saved
all the time we smiled
we only hoped we will be fine
but its a few that damage us
they kick us about before you
while you sit at home starring
To the migrating many
Love's divine Sep 2015
Come what may
I will stand always by you
when the hills throw stones
and the sky rains fire on us
on my every dream i swear
when you are weak i will come
i will stand by you
you are the air i breathe
my hope for tomorrow
Love's divine Aug 2015
The field has the look of an abattoir
an ancient one you may likely say
with rivers of blood here and there
and pieces of flesh like a lion was here
as we waved through the red grasses
we wondered in disgust and sadness
why so many signs of death at a time
and the cries we pretend we do not hear
of people like us living a stone throw
we are the tribe always on the run
the very meaning of wickedness
we live everyday running from
the memories that often threatens us
our out-of-date hatred for our own kind
this is the same field we once loved
where the children played in the moonlight
in the same place we once tried to share
at the center of the world we knew
Dedicated to Michael Jackson on his Birthday

"Heal the world"
Love's divine Aug 2015
Well madam i hate to admit
There is just little i can do
The streets bother me
yes she is dead rude
and gravely silent you know
is it safe to live this alone
you know nobody shares
so am there wondering where
why the images are twisted
and now clearly distorted
the truth is i can barely laugh
nor scream nor even shout
i have been often around
been there and now round
it's the wind that lifts me
she does well to console me
Love's divine Aug 2015
Majia, she said the world is round
she is a balloon on a disturbed lake
Your showers found me fleeing
i was almost bare and near frozen
like the very gift nobody wants
and the same old holy country song
the old fellow with yellows on
and a smile broader than heaven
come home and untie all of us
tell me how easy it is to now live
talk about the changing faces
the clowns and a common doom
my weakness is my sweet dream
and the shadows that trail me
am afraid
Love's divine Aug 2015
I will speak of a town we called adobe
She is but a home for lost minds
i first saw you on her hill dancing in the wind
but i was poor and brown in my torn overall
so i stared till my soul wandered away
If  you ever remember home come what may
do think of me and the much i have prayed
to have nothing else but your soft self
right here in my starving arms my dearest
for this much am ready to die or cry
till every ohmsis forever gone
and am no where in sight
till the rivers run dry
or the sky fall on me
till you once again desire
or feel this much as i do
Love's divine Aug 2015
I gave your advice another thought
The last i heard was of salvation
You said if i could just try this
I would come out strong from it
the whole chaos with a new dance
while you preached i imagined
the mess i made the last chance
how much i did swim in my sin
so i let tears run freely down this face
while you preached on about faith
It's the rain that even bothers me
am always alone when the sky yell
you know from there its hard to see
when you are there you cannot tell
how much of me i have let go
how many people i allowed  to know
Save me Jesus
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