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Love's divine Jul 2015
Tell me now then
Why a creek runs inbetween
yet all end is the same
Tell me what you mean
When you leave me alone
Is my fate that evil
Can i still keep a tone
or poke out like a needle
I am thirty one now
quickly aging somehow
it is the future that i fear
frightened by signs far and near
Would they care if i ask
Do i need a white mask
Why is life unfair to me
When will they finally see
that i in my room often cry
and sometimes i sigh
when am beaten and out
i feel rejected and down
Love's divine Jul 2015
Sμsῦ, love is like Venice..yes it is
Italian Princess,that city in the sea
or is it on the sea? She is a beauty
for she was once Rome's sweety

Love is like River Thames
she binds two hearts that reason the same
like Oxford is to West London
you are to me and more

Love is when i miss you
I miss seeing you cook
our love is here forever
new and true like never
Love's divine Jul 2015
If i failed to warn you
run from me then
There is a consequence true
for sins we share with them
In cities and crowded towns
you will find demons in humans
they are unseen and abound
they will paint good bad
and make you love evil
they will say lust is cool
that frolicking in it is civil
then they will hug you
you will dress like them
loving their every style
hardly ashamed like them
and you fail to see the sign
that you are sliding away
faster than you imagine
doing the same again
vanity becomes your sin
hell your objective
held down and lost
unknowingly you worship it
confused and so burnt
does it ever come to you
that somehow you are used
for they are not seen
they leap from soul to soul
Love's divine Jul 2015
I will tell you my dream
I will because you prayed
twas a wide black sea
of humans with diverse faces
surrounded by loved ones
yet i was the one alone
then came the beast accursed
the truth is i should have known
that i sinned by trusting you
you ran when i was down
whilst with every strength i loved you
so i shook your memory away
every second counted most
as for the beast i did slay
it's corpse i sent to Rome
I have learned love is an illusion
people come when money come
now i give in return when given
no good gesture stays hidden
stay when i have nothing
then prove you mean all of it
then i will for love believe anything
the truth in your sweet promise
the innocence in your confession
the evidence you want me to see
in your ever new demonstration
Love's divine Jul 2015
Your stars were always here
the days i completely believed
i imagined me on the moon
and your royalty by my side
you were my apparition
my clouded hard senses
so i walked and bounced
believing every soft romance
every cold wind that went by
had a million words for me
but i was only dreaming
hoping you will understand
hell is the years gone by
the shooting stars i witnessed
the gullies i did not see
Denied VISA to US but i prayed to you
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