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Love's divine Mar 2015
I make a picture of the sky
I make it look blue
So i worry less about you
Except when am high
Thats when i need you more
So to stay sane i sing to me
Until your thoughts are completely gone
When you come you will see
Even a queen can be broken
Used and even forsaken
That way you will learn to love
Then you will be loved in return
respect is reciprocal dear
if you dont give dont ever dream
go away for all i care
i will be fine you will see
so i will make colors
something to tear you off
of course am blessed
something you wont discern now or next
and ever again if you dare
Lets see how you will fare
now i you do hate
to think you i did date
makes even the sun black
and dark and just black
watch this!
if this fails i will dance ****
and scream and stand and sit
then i will converse with the moon
thats the price i will pay
for letting you stay
Love's divine Nov 2014
We can't say we are better off. Never!!
with children missing day in day out
Not while these streets drown in the blood of the poor and innocent
Not while genocide is now a normal thing
Cry Nigeria
let us cry all night
this is overwhelming
and these souls are getting used to darkness
to endless darkness and ******
****** and wickedness inspired by man's inventions
his religion and reckless thoughts
his greed and his demonic schemes
do we even know what we are dying for?
do we?
For i don't even know
hearing rumors of deaths is enough to ****
and killed we are
and we die in number
yet we don't know why we die
Love's divine Nov 2014
If the sky is a window, it would be an amazing spectacle.
And from that dark hospital room you can tell which Star Orion is
and which diamond shines brighter.
Perhaps then there will be a better view of the milky way;
one you can die willingly for in an overwhelming sweetness.
If she is a blue sea, you will wish you are a fish.
For when its blue its new.
Maybe she is a wilderness; wide and windy with drops of oasis here and there.
Is she a garden of ancient clouds where fairies gather when seasons call?
Love's divine Nov 2014
I hate it when they are boundless
and boundless they are
digits you can't contain
like your many lies and fake friends
hold out!
Watch how fast they grow
numbers deceive
when he says this he means that
and she means older than she is
so we are fooled cos we are desperate
then some numbers are never reachable
they were never what they are
so they are never available
and we are lost again
The more you look the less you see
Love's divine Oct 2014
I am Biafra!
Though the world denies this truth
let them their eyes pluck out
or betterstill brave the raging sea
for where i come from
am undeniably proud of
ask the rising sun if you must
or betterstill ask Amadioha
for i am Biafra now
in another life i will be
four decades ago you had us slaughtered
and you caged us in our own land
selling our oils and gold
and you killed us while America watched, and Britain fed you arms
now you pray for peace and prosperity
forgetting in a hurry your darkness and curses
Away with you now
For i am Biafra and we never forget
See now how slowly the sun rises
or are you blind now?
Scoop the blood you spilled
be intoxicated by it
run as far as you can
for even the worst draws near
you will never see peace
until your every coin you owe you pay
Peace Biafra
Love's divine Oct 2014
You would be panting after ten miles.  Its different when you are sixteen.  There is no end to trying though. You will somehow come through if you dont give up.  So if you have life you have hope. But there is no need waiting for what you have no knowledge of. There is no perfect forecast, not even this horoscope. I will be running still, and walk where i have to
Have faith
Love's divine Jul 2014
I let another flower go with the wind.
Who is the unlucky one now?
They come and they go that fast
and they leave you overwhelmed by their kindness
You are the one speechless this time
Remember you don't see her type everyday
No. Not today at least
Maybe years after or another sun rise
or perhaps when you need them no more
When you must have given in to pressure around
I let another Angel slip away
poor me, why?
There is a mark you left, beautiful one
come while I breathe still
come take back the hands of time
so i can say all i failed to say
deep in this chest i feel you are the one
or am i seeing things again?
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