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Love's divine Jul 2014
Aicha, come dearie
let me take that off
veils lie to us
they only make you a property
see how beautiful you are
Can a lamp be hidden?
Grow up and live
love freely and be loved in return
for by that you become a complete human
and not another wife
not even a second or a third
you are worth more than that
Love's divine Jun 2014
Bonny's got something you may never decipher
don't try so hard to imagine it
she has a spirit somewhat out of this dying world
and she is the prettiest of them all
my joy began where we met
amidst them excited flowers
and you are the reason i live still
like the scroll spoke once
they speak nowadays
where the living act like they are dead already
as for them blues skies you don't see them much
when you are gone
i miss you that much and it hurts
When am down am out
You take me up gently
Straight to your loving heart
To Rose
Love's divine Jun 2014
I have hope locked away somewhere safe.
let her be therein safe
Not confined but somewhat hidden
from my recent hurricanes and those biting illusions.
Am saving him for the rainy days
when the center takes full control once again.
So tell them should they ask
that am almost there and am not alone
Do they even know how much you give to be you?
Do they know how much of their gossips is true?
You are pregnant with neck-twisting issues
and everything you talked about came true
but who cares what's right or wrong
or what matters and what does not
yesterday is dead and she is gone
as for that garden, he died in the sun
Right There
Love's divine Jun 2014
Faith looked at us and nodded in agreement
Like Karma promised; whatever goes around comes so around.
Because we were patient enough to dream, it will come around
We must be careful then what we dream about lest we wake up into a reality so overwhelming
Faith then said its possible to chose our dreams
So we can decide how and why we dream
Accepting a thought as a possible reality is the first and most important step in dreaming
Waking up entails making a blue print of this thought and working really out for it
To fly a Jet i either build one myself or i train to be a pilot so i can fly mine or commercial jets.
Dreams come true when we want them to
Dreams and Reality
Love's divine Jun 2014
In my mothers tongue words twist
words like hope mean "Okwukwe"
now that means everlasting and she is
my mother dear for she understands "okwukwe"
she understand every word
like a knight would his sword
like an Eagle understands the wind
as for me call me a tender boy
for am my mother's son
the fifth amidst her seeds
a virtuous woman she is
one ordinary day father called
"there is no telling the age of the sun
she is amazing as she looks
and as she is in your science books"
then he swore by heaven
how much she mean to us then
while he Northward roamed
mama held on for us
she washed and combed
my stubborn hair and Tom
grew amazingly rich
Rose turned thirty and left
Joan found a school where she could teach
as for Mark he had his garage set
You are one of a kind mother
without you there is no other
Love's divine Jun 2014
Are you ever at peace that hates another
deep beneath that skin lies total disorder
and that never-ending-struggle for relevance
and a soul weighed down by  ignorance
your hatred for your mother
or a brother from another father
or a friend of another race
is as disgusting as you are totally overwhelmed by hate
But can you loathe and love at once?
For light has nothing with darkness and chains
like a creek immensely churned
so is the heart that hates
Hates begets war
and war has no better ending
but wars and high walls
and demons that keeps sending
hates to every corner of this world
to brothers at war
and misguided souls
and streets covered by blood stained stones
and stadiums where they chant "monkeys!!" and
fraternities that are like sands
of bruised beaches and looming
darkness and what have you
Am overwhelmed too
by the things you do
to me when am not mindful
or saying hard words hurtful
to you like you have done
in this fiery rain and beneath this ancient sun
Leave hate for the devil
he has the sceptre of all evil
but say no to racism
for every omen has a reason
but she has none
but malice and thorns
No to Racism
Love's divine Jun 2014
If you Freedom, is a woman
you would be marred and malnurished
like a ***** in Ajegunle
For you are the most abused of them all
used and misunderstood
like a stream begging for salvation
If you were a Bank
You would be empty and abandoned
totally broke
for you are used and abused
and wiped clean and misunderstood
Freedom should be a queen
adorned and beautiful beyond compare
My thought
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