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Love's divine Jun 2014
With this raging storm gone
think of home Mary
your dim kitchen, that rising sun
our latenights love story
Now that the wind sleeps
lets gather these pieces
like a storm gathers its chime
on a cold freezing night
Lets stay up until dawn
hold me close to your heart
for you are my rising Sun
my blue heaven and my star
Please stay
keep me near to you
kiss me and say i will be okay
when am with you, am born anew
I love you Mary
Love's divine Jun 2014
Could this be the secret of the cold breeze?
Is this why you blew cold ice?
Did you speak silently and i failed to perceive?
Is this why you blew all night?

I am no Angel´╗┐
But i know one when i see one
She was more than an Angel
She was and still is one of a kind and more

I know  a distant country
where Angels die young
That's the country i found myself in
A long sad song

I weep for you Akunyili
You were more than a woman
A goddess in disguise; a Lilly
Queen of the Savannah

Sleep in Peace...
Death has no friend
A great Nigerian who just passed on...

— The End —