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Natalie V Sep 2013
Feel... I wanted to feel something . Anything.
I want  to run fast and far away.
feelings , i want those emotions.

Love I wanna know what it's like .
Life , I need to take you all in.
Feel, I wanna feel everything.
Natalie V Sep 2013
Trying to put my thoughts into paper, organize my ideas, but it is all so confusing.
Somehow , I know there must be some point , or that I repeat to myself so I believe it.
Life’s fast , short , ephemeral , magical , it´s up to us to make it what we want it to be.

We waste our time thinking of the future ,there is no such a thing. End up doing stuff we don´t really want, to live there is just now.
To share moments with the people you care about ,the ones you love; memories it all turn to that . But one must keep them , as a lesson , as regard of others , looking forward to be alive.
Natalie V Sep 2013
Red and pink liquor on your lips, let me taste forbidden passion i might just like it how it feels.
Entertaining sadness away from here , feeling lonely and feeling nothing is it all there will ever be?
Deciving hearts playing around I thought love would come by now , there’s a heat of emotions I can not feel . Do you mind if I’m honest and melancholic just for the night? Maybe you can stare into my eyes and see what is inside , is it soft and vulnerable or all you see is emptiness and stone inside?
Should I see you , you and your life carry on around you with all your charm and bourdens , I’d like you to share what  sorrow you have inside. Good listener , missing me , missing you and all the things we had got.
Oh you noticed what a liar I am , no one ever knows who I really lie to , ain’t no one of you, I lied to the mirrors I believe is the only way to go on , get by without saying the truth .
Ain’t  youth a cheating life they think it’s easy just because of that ,I might not recognize my voice or your face , all I got are memories inside , slowly turning ashes to dirt . Nothing.
Natalie V May 2013
I couldn't recognize his face ,He was walking with a sad air around.
Me watching through the ***** window on the bus ,It has been ages since those thoughts hit me ...
Shocking!. His illness getting him lock in solitude , i have always thought being alone was the best, watching his misarable existence made me realize I couldn't be more wrong.

I apologize mentally with him in name of the ignorant ,prejuicious society that we are; How we judge people that are blameless for their **** luck .
Second thought comes along , tell me how to believe in god in this harsh reality , does it even exists? and if it does why would let that happen ? It only made me hate it .

Unfairness world full with superficial people and empty meaning lifes;  critizicing without knowing what happens inside.
Too honest.
Natalie V May 2013
Holding my hand walking through the city, with raining purring down on us. Lights bright everything was shining. It felt like we were back, back of being two kids , back to falling ******* …love , it felt like He was never gone, it felt complete , it felt like never letting us go.
I saw the colors through his face  , the lines that said everything , it was pink , green and blue, and his smile made feel good; he tried to get me back and reason with reality and coherence but I was gone away , away with happiness and incoherence , away seeing his face.
We walked miles and miles he reached out for my hand , I felt so safe; I’ve never felt like that before , He was mine , mine in the night , mine in that moment, mine in the ephemeral time of forever, And I have always being his .
No words needed I know his gestures I read his looks and he’ll get mine, nobody know what we were laughing about, Us sharing a secret no one could understand, secrets, secrets staying in our minds, his malice and my naive thoughts getting along, me thinking of love while he remembered us in the beginning when it all started back in the mountain in the cold.
Years and years have passed and this day he came for me, buying alcohol he said “Stay right next to me” I hold his hand tighter, never wanting to separate.
We walked back to the balcony, listening to crystal fighters knowing love was really amazing, he whispered in my ear:  would you stay with me tonight? I fought with myself in silence I seemed so preoccupied, I was nervous and excited but we both know the answer was a yes, we took a cab and have some other trip to love.
We get there and while we were making love I knew no one would ever make feel like that , I wanted him so bad so so bad, he said “don’t worry I am right here”  explosion of emotions , colors, we came and we were free.
Why can’t he see what I see? He thinks he’s worth nothing, I think he’s everything. I love everything about him, his perfect skin, his hair, his mouth, his perfectly shaped nose which makes me recognize his face, his childish smile, his clever mind and how he knows treat mine, the way he sleeps so peaceful, the tone of his voice saying my name, he carrying me to bed touching my body with his big hands, I could sleep in his back forever so tone and strong he is, he is the man I love, He is the one I love.
Natalie V May 2013
Verte salir de lo sombrío , dice que soy un terremoto y lo sacudo.
me gusta el olor a tu piel y a cigarrillo , y sentir tu mano por mi espalda .
tus caricias tienen la presión exacta, tu locura combate la monotonía y deja que nos enredemos en el encanto.
las cuerdas de guitarra rasgan los sentidos  y entre música se impregna mi insania .
Me gusta tocarte hasta los huesos ,sentir su dureza hasta prenderme de ellos.
Entre drogas , noches , y dulces arrazamos con esta ciudad entre los dos.
Natalie V Apr 2013
They meet again after all these years.

-You again! making me come back ,I have felt all kinds of feelings because of you ,one of the mains was hate you made me hate it .We hurt each other too much every time, maybe distance was the answer I met other women I learned and live again without you.

-You're lying and you know it , it's not me again, it has always been me ; non stopping! and it has forever being You, I know I know you had feelings for others but  none of them will be as fascinating as I am ,and you know that, everybody knows that. And thought you could live without me don't forget  I did good without you too.

-It has been too long ! you were my high school sweetheart , life tear us apart everytime and i don't find the reason why fate would bring us back ,therefore I think there's no reason just love , as complicated as our story can be... it has been there all the way.

-I am not your High School sweetheart , I am the love of your life.

- Yes ,you are.
Let me know what this make you guys feel if it made you feel anything at all! it is important for me.
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