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12h · 173
fast falling
lain 12h
set me free

you know I have no tomorrow

stuck in a loop
I don't change anymore

set me free

I'm a disappointment
don't look

I know it's all my fault

set me free

I will fall

splattered all over the floor

set me free

drowning in a bathtub

set me free

I'll be waiting in the darkness
lain 12h
can you turn the lights off

my biggest illusion

I like the hurt myself
it will burn

will you hate me
let me know

it's all my fault
I know
I know

I won't tell anyone of my failures

I'm sorry
I was waiting for you to save me

I'm still waiting

it's too late
forgive me
13h · 14
missed calls
lain 13h
4 missed calls

how much longer can I go on

it's all my fault


I won't take the blame

I'm scared I'll lose you again

do you want to see the mask I wear everyday

I'm sorry

I don't know what's wrong with me

for you I'd try again

the truth is

I always fail
3d · 28
lain 3d
hey friend
sorry I lie to your face

how do I tell the truth

that's all I do
that's all I do


all I do

telling lies
to your face

all I do
all I do

you don't know it
3d · 17
lain 3d
I'm trying to hate you
it's not going so well
I end up hating myself

have you forgiven me ?
I'm still so sorry
sorry I don't apologize
I feel guilty every night

Ignore me
leave me all alone
I don't deserve you anymore

I want to cry some more
who have I become

I miss you
I loved and I love you

so much time apart
I don't understand
everything I do sounds wrong

I hate myself a little more everyday
how can you speak to me again

I wish I didn't try and fix broken things
all of my emotions are bleeding into the heat
lain May 13
everything falls around me

don't forget to smile

the scars never fade away

covering up I stay sane

who am I

what makes me happy

I have no personality

I can't be sentimental

I want to disappear

just hope you'll miss me
May 13 · 41
don't die with me
lain May 13
**** your head
before it's too late

it consumes you
your skin absorbs the darkness

keep it far away
don't turn the lights off

I've already lost
don't lose yourself
May 13 · 61
tired together
lain May 13
all this green
colors flashing

I'm so hungry
I don't know how to eat

I've lost all my life
I don't know to exist

so sick of it
aren't you sick of this

we feel the sams
hold my hand
we'll go down together

losing our breath
I wonder how it'll ever get better than this
May 13 · 30
lain May 13
you have a pretty face
you wouldn't understand my pain
May 12 · 16
old corpse
lain May 12
over my head
over my head
over my head

over my head
over my head
over my head

over my head
over my head
over my head
over my head
over my

is it too late
to save me

that's all I wish for
please reach out
I'll hold on tight

why does everyone slip away

I had a dream
it won't come true

my heart broke
so much it hurts

I'll wait here
death will save me first
I'll hold on tight
don't let go
May 11 · 12
black swan
lain May 11
hold me back
ripping off my skin

look away
the scars aren't fading away

I've lost my head
changing names

this isn't me
who are they

I can't remember who I was
was I ever someone
someone I can't remember
can I ever exist again

pushed into the deep end
I've been holding my breath

lost my way
looking back
you don't want to see inside my head

not one person
too many people

all this noise
where's my voice

a beautiful dream
now I'm a nightmare
May 11 · 28
too late to
lain May 11
saving me
isn't it a bit too late

I've been living six feet underground
you buried me
did you believe this coffin
was comfortable

buried alive
you left me here to rot
why are you digging up my grave

it's too late
don't make me change
I have so much dirt inside my lungs

don't come
don't save me now
I like this darkness

don't play the hero
don't forget you were the bystander

the backstabber
wants to treat my wound

guilt crawls up your head
maybe I've been haunting you

don't save me
remember you left me here to die
May 8 · 64
bad dreams
lain May 8
where do I go
slipping away

have I slept this way
so many days
I've gone insane

I'm waking up again
this doesn't feel right
walking out
how big is this cage

I'm chained
prisoner to my head

I can't escape
no one sees me anymore

I can feel the darkness spreading

I recognize this darkness

it covers me
in my sleep

I never see it coming
have I reached the bottom
May 7 · 38
lain May 7
It will be hard to miss you

now you're resting
six feet underground

I'm wondering who will water the plants you left
I wonder who will care for the strays
no one has your compassion
your love and patience

is it harder to not cry
or sob for a dead loved one

I'll miss you
too much for my own good

every day won't be the same
I just want to be with you again
May 5 · 27
when a smile falls
lain May 5
how does time fall

last year
time hugged you like a blanket

how does a smile fall

your spirit was so bright

I would've chased after voice
if I knew you'd lose it

I would've given you my bones
if I'd known you'd lose your strength

your heart so heavy
all the love it carried

you will be missed
collect all the tears
today everyone will cry

you will be missed
rest well

let's meet someday again
Apr 30 · 415
lost never found
lain Apr 30
where do lost books go
you made me lose it all

where do lost souls go
I can't feeling anything anymore

I'm waiting for a day
I can find my heart again
Apr 30 · 42
how's your head
lain Apr 30
I'm listening along
it feels like I'm there
can I go back

it feels like it's pouring outside
far away
it might

waiting for the end
I see you there
somewhere downstairs

I missed you for a second
I remember the pain
I think I'll be okay

if I never see you again
Apr 29 · 34
hidden faces
lain Apr 29
for you I am good

and I am the worst
lain Apr 29
I'm loving the way
I destroy myself

I'm loving the way
I can't breathe

I don't talk in my sleep
I wake up in the middle of the night

I know he hides
somewhere in the corner of my eye

I'm loving the feeling
I'll torture myself knowing it hurts you too

I'm in love with the feeling
heartless heart

I don't know why
I can see the devil standing by my side

he says it's right
I should be greedy

take advantage of all the good things
I don't talk in my sleep

I know it's wrong
even if I love it
Apr 27 · 63
before we're destroyed
lain Apr 27
I'm afraid
you're falling for me

you don't know what true love is

you like the feeling of falling
spinning in circles till you're convinced
you are in love with the feeling

don't be shy
tell me now

let's be best friends
let's hate the world
it's them against us

just lean your head on my shoulder
you're warmer
I'm colder

I couldn't be more in love

If this is the feeling
I don't want to ruin it
Apr 27 · 59
same heart
lain Apr 27
what will you say
under an april sky
the showers dim down my lies

what can I do
there's no changing
I can't fix this

let me hope
hope it rains again

what can I say
I'm still the same
without a change of heart
just sad in self-pity
Apr 23 · 61
lain Apr 23
are you going to leave me
you're alone again

you want me to take the blame

I'll sit all night on the phone
you know I will

I'll answer your call in the morning
will you forget these conversations

I still want to be your world
I'd follow you

I know
I can be replaced

if I close my eyes
I can hear your voice a little longer

these nights
complete me

can they last a little longer
Apr 21 · 66
may 5th
lain Apr 21
what will I do once you leave
I don't love you


I hope to see you

how long has it been

you're leaving me

will I be able to walk alone
without wondering if you're close

will you forget our short lived memories
can I burn off your picture and watch the ashes crumble in the wind
Apr 19 · 59
spring day
lain Apr 19
I hope

even if we're far away

even if you forget my name

even if you don't recognize my face

can I stay in your memories

can I visit your dreams


just for a while

I hope I can stay

remember this exact day years ago

I hope

you will keep that memory
Apr 17 · 42
they don't need me
lain Apr 17
I hate advice

I'll happily fix your life

giving everyone the love

no one gives to me

I will take care of you

I can't take care of myself

tell me what's wrong

how can I fix it

I'm so broken

I'm running away from my reflection

I'm so lost

I'll help you find the solution

I worry about you

I worry about everyone but myself

my legs burn

running to you

I'll hurt
Apr 17 · 61
many rooms
lain Apr 17
no matter
how I close my eyes

I can't imagine

I want to imagine
myself inside that blue house

I hope it gets repainted
the blue fades away every year

I'm still waiting to live there again
won't it be mine someday

don't lie to me
not about this

tell me
will it be mine someday

I'm waiting to live again
waiting to go there
find myself again
Apr 16 · 48
darker than dark
lain Apr 16
pretty face

so sad

I can see your soul

it's such a pity

I thought of you differently

now I know the kind of person you are

your soul is the sound of death
Apr 16 · 20
swinging party
lain Apr 16
swinging high
older than yesterday

I can tell you how to survive
no one follows their path

swing higher
what have I lost today

keeping all my thoughts contained
trying to stay sane

if I touch my face
stay away

my brain doesn't process it

what has the world come to
Apr 16 · 19
winter reborn
lain Apr 16
in this deadly night
a cold covers the walls

I wasn't born tall
I lost my heart

it's april
why do I feel like I'm walking through the winter rain

all this pain
I can smell my own death

it's not a good day
it's been rough these past months
all together this year will be unforgettable

I'm so desperate to hold your hand
I'm dying to be held in your arms

how can I convince myself
I'll survive one more week

we've come to meet our weakness
come to embrace it

losing our minds

I felt myself go back in time

the silence is so loud
I traveled back to december

I want to stay there
Apr 15 · 238
suffer alone
lain Apr 15
in all this suffering
in this quiet

don't forget we're so small
looking out to the sky
the moon towers me

I know they're out there
looking down on me
I'm feeling like nothing
Apr 15 · 55
ghost sister
lain Apr 15
if we dressed in black
share a cigarette

keeping all your secrets in the trash

I tried walking faster
you pretend you're strong

how are you still standing
don't make comments

do you get tired of eye rolls
I've done more than you

if we're opposites
why do we go the same direction

if we got into trouble
you don't have to go home alone

I'll never let you know
I love you
so stupid but I do
Apr 15 · 13
rain face
lain Apr 15
some days
I forget all about the rain

under a heavy cloudy sky
we don't meet anymore
we only pass by

all this sadness
will it grow into a flower
I'm choking on the weeds
growing in my veins

some days
you're stuck in my brain
you're all I think about
every sound
every object

walking in the rain
alone again

did you ever hear me at all
have you forgotten I'm here

I'm in the rain

it's okay
I'll do okay

remembering the way we exist
Apr 13 · 169
Always invited
lain Apr 13
now I'm alone
it's what I wanted

why does it feel colder
why does the light shine brighter

you can come and turn the music louder
what's so funny
am I boring

keep me distracted
I don't want to go back upstairs

don't leave me alone
even if I ask for you to leave

I'm sorry
I'm the reason everyone leaves

no one is reaching out to me
I can't find the strength

I can't find the moment to say
Apr 10 · 161
perfect rose
lain Apr 10
I know you boy
you like
the perfect rose
the color red
I bleed blue
I cut too deep

I know you
you want simple
you like the old ways
I'm sorry I can't sit straight
I always look ahead
I stare for too long
I see you melt

I know I scare you away
I know I keep you interested
chasing me
I play a calculated game of hide and seek
I didn't notice you walking in the dark
scared I would lose

I know your type
polar opposites
so different

I water down the roses
I color myself pink

I water myself down
it's the way you'll love me
only if I'm weak
Apr 9 · 441
missing streetlight
lain Apr 9
blank faces
I still remember yours

your face in the dark
my pupils dilate

all the faces
I still want to see

don't turn away
I want to always remember yours

all these faces
none compare to mine

do you think it's good to forget our names too soon

am I just a face
a stranger out of place

don't forget my name

why do all our encounters
fade away like a dream
Apr 9 · 72
lain Apr 9
I've been a bad person

I don't follow the instructions

you told me we were special

quickly I threw the idea out of my head

I'm a bad friend

you don't have to paint me good

I feel heavy with the lies

strong ties

never stopped for an update

walking without you

climbing high I realized

I was so low

I'm a bad person too

you don't have to paint me good

I feel blue

so warm and cool

don't cover up the truth

don't try and make it better

I'm trying to say goodbye without saying it

it's so hard to cut you off

when you sit me on a throne

don't paint me

let me erase myself


hate me

don't love me for what I'm not
Mar 26 · 214
waiting on us
lain Mar 26
a strange face
offered me if I wanted to leave

do I want to go back
or see what's ahead

I want to go back
to the day you smiled by my side
I want to see ahead
if we'll live another day the same

I felt great pain years ago
I don't want to live the future if I'm not with you

stranger with the time machine
just go without me
Mar 24 · 67
dead love
lain Mar 24
I still want you
even if we don't talk anymore
Mar 24 · 57
my love in april
lain Mar 24
I think I'm in love

so easily I fell

you don't even have to try

I miss you

I want to meet you soon

my veins are green again

I hate that you're always talking to her

I'm right here

I'm a fool to be jealous

I hate knowing you're mad at me

I hate knowing it's all my fault

I think I like you a little too much

so easily I fell

what did you do

I can't stop thinking about you
Mar 21 · 202
lain Mar 21
if I can't have you
I don't want to know you at all

I want to forget your name
I never want to see your face

I'm disappointed in myself
where did I go wrong

are we not compatible

I fell so fast


you fell asleep

I wish you could feel the way I'm feeling

I hate how much I miss you

I wish I could hate you

I hate myself for losing you
Mar 21 · 51
lain Mar 21
I want to love everything you love

I'll like it
I got this

if you ever want to chat
if you ever want to do something

I'll be waiting

come back to me
I'm waiting

I miss you
I hate this

where did we go
lost down the path

what if
I made you miss me so much
would you come back

thinking of everything

can we go back to day one
you made me

if you ever want to come back

I'm waiting

I like everything now

I got this
I'm fine

waiting to find you
Mar 18 · 197
it's everything
lain Mar 18
I see the earth change
I still stay the same

I saw the tree outside grow green again
I'm feeling weak

filled with doubt
filled with regret
filled with new insecurities

the earth wakes
falling asleep
it's raining

everything is changing

I can't adapt to anything
Mar 18 · 270
calling out your name
lain Mar 18
I'll never forgive myself for losing you

I never will
Mar 18 · 136
nothing is out there
lain Mar 18
am I selfish
when I say
god won't save you
lain Mar 17
I don't know who I am

couldn't tell you my name

I'll lose you again

everyone is temporary

I'll just die

I can't be myself

call me by a name

one that doesn't suffer

I'll lose myself losing you

I stopped hearing the rain

it's sad

not being able to feel a thing

waiting for the world to end

I'll burn myself into dust
Mar 16 · 37
lain Mar 16
I live in two worlds
take them away

can't stand it
don't hold onto me if you fall

I'm so heartless
trying to find the guilt

I keep lying
I'm the best
that's how I want it
Mar 15 · 159
lain Mar 15
I'm a loser

I lose everything

I lost you

lost myself too

am I crazy

why did everyone leave

all my dreams were stars

they died

surrounded by black holes

I lost all the stars to the night sky

I lost the sun too

I'm a loser
lain Mar 12
it's one of those days
I wish I could die
Mar 11 · 144
don't let me speak
lain Mar 11
I'm losing my heart

I'm losing my words too

there's nothing for me to do

I'm losing myself


into dust

I'm losing my mind

losing my voice

I have nothing to say
Mar 7 · 149
on the side
lain Mar 7
is this envy

I want to hate this feeling
am I possessive or protective
are both too controlling

I'm hiding all of my emotions
I can't let her notice

don't get lost inside
it's a long way down

why do you need someone else
am I not enough
can I be the only one

is this lust
what's the difference

I love the feeling
can you feel it
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