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May 18 · 93
lip stain
daisy May 18
hard to dream of life
when all I wished for is death

sweet darkness
stealing my breath away

can't make a picture of the future
I keep painting the past

if I stand in the rain will I wash away
can I evaporate

I could be a beautiful cloud

there's so much life
very little time

collecting the puzzle pieces
of myself
May 10 · 55
using me
daisy May 10
you swallow so many pills
all for a goodnight sleep

do the ghosts
still keep you awake

the only words I can ever say

never gave me the chance to say
good morning

you never do

it's so late
why do we only talk
this late

the only words I can say
you give me no chances


do you have to go
to a different place
you're dimensions away

you're in my dreams
quiet mornings trying to forget
May 10 · 339
tomorrow's tears
daisy May 10
it feels like I've lost you
but you're right there
I can hear you talk

I miss you so so much
I know you're gone

the heart I used to know
has burned up
the ashes running down my face

every time you leave
sending no message
I feel so abandoned

no goodbye
no hello

it's like you're lost
don't you feel the same

are we breaking
pulling apart
strings losing strength

wish I could tie you to my wrist
keep you in my hands

covered in loss
you don't ever say my name

you stand in front of me
I can feel you drift away
May 10 · 49
you're not here
daisy May 10
cold shoulders
cold feet

there's no you and me

I'm waiting for you to come back
come back to me

for you to be my friend

was I ever yours
in any way

I was your friend
and I'm waiting

waiting for to be mine

am I asking for too much

seems like I can't ever have the minimum
May 10 · 41
daisy May 10
writing letters
I can never give

if I could so easily
say the words to you

would you run far away
or come closer

I try to remember everything about you
everything we did
remind myself you exist outside my dreams

when I met you
it felt like we knew the ending before the start

this friendship
is a disguise

all the feelings I can't admit
three words together make no sense
Apr 19 · 79
daisy Apr 19
what's on your mind
I can't tell you what's on mine

are we still best friends

I can be isolating
you're away in unknown places

trying to find new love
even if you cross my mind

and delusional

hoping we find our way back together
I can't find someone better

you're the worst of all
no one hurts me like you

you're so unloving
leave me wanting more

more and more till
I crumble apart

keep to myself
don't ever give up

crack my heart open
I have to leave you
you'll love me after I go
Apr 19 · 73
stale cookies
daisy Apr 19
I spent valentines day alone
you didn't say happy birthday till she said so

you didn't ask about my purple hair
I know you don't care

I've been thinking about you
spinning in my head
dizzy in a waltz

my dreams are all about loving you
then I wake up to loathe you

forcing my eyes open
cover the hole in my heart with a band aid

hurts more to know
you don't want to let me go
kills me to know you don't want me at all

come find me
I'll let you go
I can finish us off
Apr 19 · 34
daisy Apr 19
you can put all the wind in a bag
send it my house
so it doesn't bother you anymore

you can hate me for months
love me after
come back when I've forgotten

it's hard to say
i love you so much
why is it so hard to
express what I feel

if you tell me something small
something big
I'll remember

I still have trouble falling asleep
you don't care
taking more pills
nothing works anyways

is it too late
to say
how much you mean to me

does it mean nothing now
is all my love meaningless

you can't forget me
I'll always think of you

till it hurts
one day it won't
Feb 25 · 70
cold feet
daisy Feb 25
I'm too ashamed
and filled with regret
to say
I miss you

It's too late to say
too late to say goodbye

everything I wish I had said
eats me up at night

I can't say it
I'm so disappointed in myself

but I must admit
I miss you a little
just a tiny bit
Feb 21 · 44
daisy Feb 21
you know I miss you
you know I think about you
because I erased every bit of you

I threw all the pieces
I didn't want to remember
the memories are hard to get rid of
a dark stain inside my mind

can't wash you out
it's not enough
to runaway

don't tell anyone
but I still think about you months later

you should know
I erased you from everything

I can still find you inside my heart
through the thin cracks

peeking through
go down

can't say sorry now
there's no going back now
Feb 21 · 161
wish me well
daisy Feb 21
you're not my love

I wish for you too much

it's the wrong thing

real love will be present
and true

I'm always wishful and distant
with you

you're never around

I've been
dizzy in a cursed spell

I couldn't see anyone but you

sitting at the bottom of the wishing well

I was hoping you'd come by today

or tomorrow

or next week

maybe never

I'm drowning in my wishes

all for you

do you not wish me for me even a little

not even when you blow on a candle

or those pretty little flowers

do you not sleep wishful

like I do

staring at the clock


staring right back at me
Feb 20 · 55
wishing for you
daisy Feb 20
i think about you at 11 pm

i'm too shy

picking at my skin

wondering what you would say

if i said something crazy

delusional and
once again confused

please don't leave
until i leave first

know there's lots of secrets
I won't share

unless you ever ask me to

i'd do anything
anything you ask me too

walking in a circle
because i think

i think

i hate that i see pieces of myself in everyone
but i can't see myself completely

do you think
dangerously too

something so small
can become
a sweet dream
Feb 15 · 75
close your eyes
daisy Feb 15
all the songs I dedicated to you
don't mean anything

to me

I pictured the best of you
then I burned it to ashes

you'll never be who I want you to be

don't tell me we have a chance
you're lying to yourself

I can see the truth
it's right in front of me

I want to look away

I hate it

you have nothing to lose
so you'll have me

I mean nothing to you
Feb 14 · 99
last sacrifice
daisy Feb 14
my hands

it's hot but negative zero
I'll still turn the fan on

you don't want to say it
should I

I've been thinking
about saying everything

I want to scream it
out loud

you were my best friend
I was so happy in a world alone

you left me
there's nobody who will listen

you can throw the flowers out

you don't want to admit it
I'll ignore everything

my old best friend
I want to disappear but I don't want to let you go

it's going to hurt
if I leave

I'll stay for a while longer
just a little more suffering
a little more pain

to see my smile fade away
Feb 14 · 50
daisy Feb 14
you can tear the story apart
you can burn my words away
you can twist my lines

I know everything
who's the real villain

hidden in plain sight

they burned all the bridges
I won't lie

the truth hurts
choose wisely
what you will say

you can throw me away
you can disown me
you can judge

it will always sadden me
how you will never be free

be careful
I've got nothing to lose

I'm in my right mind
are you in yours

you can't compete
don't think you can forget me
Feb 14 · 57
sad valentine
daisy Feb 14
it breaks my heart

don't say it

I'll wait till I close my eyes
so I can be happy again

your warmth
wakes me up cold
in my dark room

it breaks my hearts

I remember the reality
you're not so special

it's all in my head

to have you
I'd have to give up

I won't break my heart to have yours
Feb 11 · 303
I'm a rat
daisy Feb 11
you're too good for me
I know I'm wrong for saying this

I should get out of your way
you didn't give me time
I am dizzy in love

deep down I know
there's no beginning to this love story

you won't look back for me
tossed to the side
there's more important things to do

I'm going to say it
there's no stopping me


it's okay if you don't feel the same
we will forever be best friends

I will try my best to smile
if you ever to try to find me
I'll be here
Feb 11 · 39
second time
daisy Feb 11
I wish I could meet you again for first time

so I can ask you everything
I can't ask now

it's too late
I know I'm falling for you

you're fading
driving far away
leaving me on the side of the road

I'm a sad valentine
without you

I want to change my face
my name
my voice
so I can stand in front of you
for the first time again

you will love me in this new body
the old one will rot outside in my garden

now I can ask
what are your dreams
your biggest fears

where do you go when you're all alone
Feb 3 · 1.1k
blue valentine
daisy Feb 3
we're all so worthless
you know it

you're everchanging
not so everlasting

throwing cigarettes on your bedroom floor
you're so numb you can't feel the cold

where's the ceiling
always falling to the floor

there's just something
special about you

can't figure it out
I get chills

I want to look like you
move like you do

visions and side effects
I know you will break my heart first
but I can break it twice
Jan 20 · 401
daisy Jan 20
I want to hold the sky in my hands

forever in your eyes

you stopped counting at nineteen
now you're twenty

the earth is dying
so am I
Jan 7 · 111
heaven is burning
daisy Jan 7
you can break my heart
if I can break yours

back to back
we don't see eye to eye

if God hates me
I hate him too

angel boy your wings are suffocating
I can't breathe

you can see inside
don't reach out

I can see you falling
will you ignore me now

find my soul
give it a home

we won't survive
the burden

your guilty conscious
is killing us all
Jan 7 · 226
angel boy
daisy Jan 7
I know he'll never really like me
I'm bad news

he knows it's not worth the risk
there's nothing to lose

this friendship is dying its weak
he knows nothing about me
I can't learn nothing about him

I know I'm distant and cold
he's out of tune
too far to catch

I can't move mountains
or half the sea knowing
he doesn't want to see me

this is obessesion
all leading to nowhere

if we're still friends in five years
I hope we've grown together

my wish is to see your face soon
I won't ask you
Jan 7 · 50
you're my password
daisy Jan 7
I know he'll never really like me because he knows I'm bad news

he knows it's not worth the risk even if there's nothing to lose

I know I'm distant and cold
he's out of tune
too far to catch

he knows nothing about me
and I can't learn nothing about him

I can't move mountains
or split the sea knowing
he doesn't want to see me

this is obessesion
all leading to nowhere

I want you to myself like a selfish man

my wish is to see your face soon
but I won't ask you

deeply afraid of rejection
I'll stay hidden
Jan 7 · 83
are you alone
daisy Jan 7
I know it can be so simple

but it never is

not with me

tell me
how do I make you love me

valentine cards
flowers but no hearts

I want to push you
so you can fall for me

how do I make you want me

boy it can be simple

it never is

not with you

you're in front of me


you're so forbidden

I only want you more

lust clouds my judgment

I can't have you if you don't want me
Dec 2021 · 203
this is happy
daisy Dec 2021
you should try being happy sometimes
you were always sad
never heard you laugh
or see you smile

miserable and lonely
I didn't want to be an ear

something good can work
unfortunately we didn't

you told me a story
I didn't listen to the last part

I've been thinking
was I too mean
to leave
was it too impulsive

I gave you a song
you will keep it forever

you gave me a song
I kept it to myself

it's a bittersweet ending
but I'm happy
Dec 2021 · 306
public to - ?
daisy Dec 2021



all of the things
I can't tell

I always write in my head
never out loud

scared someone will hear a sound
what if they find out

closing my journal
keeping myself in the dark


time goes by
everything changes
I stay still

pens running out of ink
it's 2 am I can't sleep

I'll stay forever stay dumb and naïve
won't teach myself a thing

this is home
if I go anywhere else

what will I find out in the unknown
Dec 2021 · 197
open your eyes I'm here
daisy Dec 2021
please stop saying goodnight
then I know you're gone

you never come back

please come back

make it last

I'm tired of losing
tired of missing

I want more of you
am I greedy

I have no world
let me inside yours
Dec 2021 · 307
daisy Dec 2021
sólo recuerda
te quiero

sufro suficiente
pero lo haga todo los días

different caminos

te extraño
te quiero

te pido
que no te olvides

las mañanas
y noches
llenas de tristeza

mi primer amor
me cerraste el corazón

estas aquí

tu fantasma
esta allí

no vuelvo
ser como antes

regresando contigo
igual como siempre
Dec 2021 · 81
you are every where
daisy Dec 2021
in the cups I drink from
the clothes I sleep in
the pens I write with
the ties that hold my hair
the jewelry on my ears

the shoes that cover my feet
the bags that hold my things

the socks that keep my feet warm
the nail polish on my fingers

the seasoning in my food
the dolls on my wall

you are my life

you gave me life
you taught me of life
you take it too

you are love
in my heart
the first I ever knew

you are home
no matter where we are
or where we go

in the quiet nights
we slept with the windows open
the nights we kept them closed to cover from the cold

I can still hear your footsteps
up the stairs

coffee in the mornings

love is small and simple

you are my everything

forever and ever

you are everywhere
happy birthday mom
Dec 2021 · 228
lost maps
daisy Dec 2021
every time I look at myself I see you

am I your puppet
or are you mine?

I can't find the exit
acting like you're wasted
you know exactly what you're saying

did you find your reason to exist
made a list

don't hate me
turning cold

I feel sick
painfully hurt

I hope you rest soon
left you inside

want you to cry
can you love
did you see it all

everything I give
so I can receive
Dec 2021 · 213
devil's princess
daisy Dec 2021
I'm going to make you suffer

you deserve it

I like it

don't try and run away

the lies you fed me

easy to pick apart

when you broke my heart

I knew better

pulled myself together

I'm going to pretend

just like you did

shadows follow you

haunting your dreams

revenge is all I need
Dec 2021 · 76
daisy Dec 2021
I've gotta hold myself back
I don't want to look at

I'm tempted
I'm wasted
thinking about

how quickly you disappeared
will you remember me if I stand near

giving up was hard
moving on is harder
I only wanted to keep you longer

I can't let you go
I can't leave

you're the one holding me
I want to pull you closer

these confusing dreams
insanity follows me awake

I can't see
I can't give up

in my thoughts
in my skin

disappear into my mouth
love me in hidden ways
Nov 2021 · 83
are we still together?
daisy Nov 2021
all the people I talk to
but none are you
are you coming back soon
do you hate me too
staring at the ceiling
you're such a pretty vision
inside this perfect daydream
do you even care
all the things I wish to say
will they turn to dust and
don't pretend to forget
I know you wont
Nov 2021 · 141
weak possibilities
daisy Nov 2021
you can't have me
you can't ever be mine

you're in my head
you're in my daydreams

I know I don't cross your mind
you're in all my thoughts

are you so numb
you can't feel my love

trying to separate
not too close

I don't want to get hurt

are you scared I'll break your heart
give me a chance

I'll prove myself

don't make me confused

I don't want to wait forever
Nov 2021 · 44
pale blue
daisy Nov 2021
even now
seasons passed
months faded away

I hear a sad song
and think about you

remember how
you colored me blue

waiting for you to love me
how mistaken I was
wasted time I can't get back

your ghost looks lonely
I can't keep you close anymore

will it hurt to forget you ?
Nov 2021 · 40
orange birthstone
daisy Nov 2021
I get this sinking feeling days before

eyes hurt
and I can't breathe

remembering every past eighteenth morning
I've woken up

when I was laying in your bed
and took a shower downstairs

when I slept so late
I saw the sun rise
I took a picture
looking so vacant

or when I woke up to nothing
I was all alone
made my bed
later you came into the room with gifts

way back
when I woke up to her kissing my cheeks
the forgotten birthday card she made me
I will remember and the yearly tradition
broken because everyone had changed

I'm filled with paranoia
can't sleep

something is coming
something I can't avoid

the weight is heavy

it will pass
and leave me paralyzed

please don't say it
let me stay days away

from the happy birthday candles
that slowly burn my soul

the look in my eyes
hidden under the mask
Nov 2021 · 148
i know you know
daisy Nov 2021
sent you a message
you didn't respond

I've noticed lately
we don't talk the same
you're different
am I to blame
I wonder
what I've done wrong
I can overthink for hours
still I'll make sure it's your fault

we're so distant
so different
I can't remember when
you were so close
I felt everything for you

it's sad
it's blue

do you even care
we fell apart slowly
catch all the pieces falling

you give me nothing
I can't trust you

feeling so incomplete
tell me
I'm wrong

can we save this
I cut our strings

bring me back
it hurts to look
Nov 2021 · 522
another closed door
daisy Nov 2021
I burned out

cut ties
erased everything

we weren't friends
why are we pretending

you won't even notice
I'm leaving out the front door

starting to breathe

all our memories
moments we spent together

will feel so meaningless

not yet
not now

Nov 2021 · 64
perfect ruining
daisy Nov 2021
I wish you heard my favorite songs
but you turned the volume down

all you ever did was talk about yourself

she really likes you
so why don't you like her

you reply so fast
and it shows you're offline

ready to cut the strings
she's coming back
she always wins

I'm the fool again
she's not good for you
I'm too good for her

keep walking in circles

you can erase me now
forget me now

I keep my word
we will never be friends
I won't ever see you again
Oct 2021 · 44
lying ghosts
daisy Oct 2021
you're so insidious
it's true

I could never trust you

covered in red
the blood of a ghost

you love death so much
you cry yourself to sleep

full of envy
you're an immortal being

we shapeshift into so many things
why do you always turn into a liar

I want this to be over

if I let you go
will you haunt me in my dreams

you have so much love
but you can't find the right way to love me

so paranoid
and afraid

you turn into a ghost
Oct 2021 · 84
falling in love alone
daisy Oct 2021
don't want your whole life
just want a moment

share this
with me

a memory I can keep
one I will remember forever

every place is temporary
birth and death are permanent

I can't get rid of thoughts
you wish to know everything
regretful wishes you make

you want a fairytale
I can't be your fantasy

wake up
I want you here

if we cherish this
tomorrow will be worthless

comparison kills you
you place yourself so low

pick the petals off me
I look so pretty
till I'm torn apart

hoping for the best
when I feel the worst
Oct 2021 · 75
blue hearts
daisy Oct 2021
you're so cold
please stay warm

you don't ever listen
are you real or part of my imagination

I cover my tattoos
if you love me
I'll hate myself again

I'll ask you a question
I know the answer to

I've known you for a while
why are we still strangers

like two people passing eachother
on a busy street

I don't think we'll ever meet

go to bed

maybe I'll find your heart tomorrow
Oct 2021 · 65
daisy Oct 2021
called you
sobbing on the phone

it was new years day
I think you were at a party

so happily

I was on the floor

why me
why me
why did it happen to me

I couldn't believe

time feels like fog

I really had no one
only the silence of surprise
Oct 2021 · 59
was I never afraid
daisy Oct 2021
months have passed
I don't like admitting it

please don't make me say
how I've been thinking about

the little things
you did
they still make me smile

I can't forget
the flowers are still inside my chest

you can come back now
come back now

I'm tired of waiting

please don't come back
I don't need that

did I plant flowers inside your heart
are they dead
can I press them
daisy Oct 2021
wish you liked me
so I could like myself

it's hard to navigate
through this world

I'm not sure
if I exist
it's hard to recognize myself

I wish you'd love me
so I could love myself

it's hard to learn something good
all I know is the bad

I'm hiding away
from the stars and the moon
I don't want to see them anymore

we never change
we never will

wish you could see me
so I could see myself

hard work for a confusing life

no reason
moments fade too soon

eyes teary
losing my hearing

all my wishes will crush into a black hole
**** me so I can **** myself
Oct 2021 · 91
broken boy
daisy Oct 2021
I'm nothing but a sad boy
miserable, brooding, misleading

thinking about you when I'm all alone
when I have you I want to go

never satisfied
still curious

can I change
can I change
can I

can't focus
I wanted to find a heart

you're gone
I'm leaving now

trying to cry

loveless and lost
there's no where to go

what if tomorrow
what if today
my thoughts and memories drown
down the sink
Oct 2021 · 328
I have to be leaving
daisy Oct 2021
you're online

I found a paperclip in my bathroom
strange place I'll never know

it's disheartening
sadly I won't message you anymore

I won't speak to you anytime soon

if this is a mistake
then I'll regret it later
for now I will try

can't say goodbye
confrontation is my weakness

another night I wash my feet in acid
stop myself from walking back to you
Oct 2021 · 113
like lately...
daisy Oct 2021
I need to squint

closer the closer I get
I should go

I'm starting to see all my flaws
so I take my glasses off

I've been up and down
you pull me back
I'm trying to leave

I'm start to realize
everything that's wrong
will I change or stay the same

I know we were friends
this distance is killing me
I have no patience to wait for you

I liked him
he was so transparent
could never hide away
I would always find him

all these pretty faces
I can't fake it
if I give you my name
will you take it

in my timeless bedroom
the silence feels peaceful
I'm alone I'm okay
Oct 2021 · 207
sleep alone
daisy Oct 2021
I don't want to wake up alone
for the rest of my life

if someone could hold me

there's things I want to say
will you listen

will anyone listen

my hands and feet are cold
open me up
I want you to see my bones

sadly I just wanted to be your friend
nothing more
but we are less

I wish I wish
all my wishes would come true

I could have you
you can have me too
Oct 2021 · 73
daisy Oct 2021
how long can you try
before all of it
becomes a goodbye

open and closed
I should go
I should go

I torture myself a little more

is it a little better or worse
you were never mine

how many more days will pass till you ask me
if I'm okay

I'll pretend
everything is perfectly fine

I should stay
I should stay

he was right
the silence is loud

all the loud noises
I took for granted

the time we called
at 6 am
is too far away to remember now

I love too quiet
when I love
I tiptoe
I don't want your heart to know

one day
I'll be loud
one day I'll say it
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