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nadia yahya Feb 16
Maybe if I was her;
The girl of your dream.
The sweet one that you wished.
The person that always gets it.
The lover when you need.

Maybe then, it’ll be easy.
This love story, I intend to keep.

But I’m not,
and that’s the tragedy.

— n.y
nadia yahya Feb 14
I wish I could run back to you.
But I had enough of getting,
the door slammed on me.
And so I’ll stay where I belong,
where I’m supposed to be.

How silly of me,
for being here still.
And I will,
for how long I need.
And for a while,
I believe.

Hard to let you go,
but I let you be free.
In hope you’ll find your peace,
just like how you wish.
From here I’ll always be,
just like how I promised;

Having conversations with God for it.

— n.y
nadia yahya Feb 8
I would like to remember you as sunflower.
The happy moments, once we were.
I want to remember your smile.
That smile, forever.

Nothing can make me change,
the point of view from my perspective.
Won’t paint you as the bad figurine,
because I know you aren’t one.

You’ll always be the person,
I’m glad to meet.
But I’m not the want that you need,
not the one that you want to keep,

And so I’ll leave.
And I’ll take the dried petals with me.
That once belong to us,
that once made me happy.

A part of you,
I’ll carry for eternity.

nadia yahya Jan 11
I want

The holding hands,
that “just because for you”.
The random reassurance,
that we’ll make it through.
The plan dates,
that honesty and truth.
The future of us,
that being a kid.
The growing old together,
that you and me.
The love I keep,
that I’m willing to give.
The courage I seek,
that brave one to fall deep.
The feeling safe to be
that fragile but in one piece;

As long as you’re staying,
I’ll take it all,
the beauty and ugly.

nadia yahya Jan 10
The silence is louder tonight.
Not a single sigh was made.
But all I can hear is your voice,
if only I could listen to it all over.
And for more I want you to say,
and forever I want you to stay.
But that’s too much for me to ask for,
thus one last mercy I demand from you so;

The conversation that we need,
the good in bye that I seek.

nadia yahya Jan 3
Maybe if I don’t have to love,
Maybe if I don’t have to have this heart,
It’ll be easier to breathe like how they did.
As easy as to leave me hanging.
As easy as to treat me like nothing.
An option to be kept,
For when there’s none left to be picked.
And I’m always that one thing;

Chosen when can be used,
and forgotten when no longer in need.

nadia yahya Dec 2023
Was it my fault,
to have hopes?
To believe in you,
to not hurt.
But you did it once,
and you did it twice.
To have this thought,
to have this doubt;

Was I so wrong,
to love hard?

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