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nadia yahya Jun 2021
Falling apart like flowers
Wilted with breakable bone
For once I’ve been watered
With hope to bloom
For second I won’t be the one
Like you used to tone
For I’m the dried petals
Crushing to its doom.

nadia yahya Dec 2020
Longing for the unknown,
and it hurts to know,
that we crave for the one,
that we don’t know.

The empty hole,
unwilling fall,
unfulfill hope.

nadia yahya Nov 2020
The stars shine, the sun rises.
The moon lights and the sky cries.
Even in dream, even in real life.
Even when the living is full of lies.
As day goes by.

nadia yahya Nov 2020
I could be her
But I was that girl
I might be the woman
But I am this person
And all it takes to grow, is everything
Another person, another identity
Another faces to learn from each
To be better and healing.

nadia yahya Nov 2020
Like the flowers, I be.
Like the flowers, I bloom.
Like the flowers, I might wilt.
Like the flowers, I’ll droop.
Even falling, yet still colourful.

nadia yahya Oct 2020
I’m off the tracks, off the rocker.
Off the season, for the nice weather.
Off the line, for another offer.
Lost of senses, in the middle.
Of who I was, before the trouble.
Yet here I am, for the next performance.

nadia yahya Dec 2019
You don’t deserve me.
Not for I am the perfect thing,
but for I am in broken pieces.
Where you might get cut
from the sharp edges.
And the last thing I need,
is for you to get hurt.

For you the one,
that’s far from imperfections.
While I’m the one,
with questionable existence.

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