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nadia yahya Dec 2019
You don’t deserve me.
Not for I am the perfect thing,
but for I am in broken pieces.
Where you might get cut
from the sharp edges.
And the last thing I want,
is for you to get hurt.
For you the one
that’s far from imperfections.
While I’m the one,
with questionable existence.

nadia yahya Dec 2019
I pictured the rose red,
just like the sign on my door.
Maybe black,
just like the hole in my soul.
Or yellow,
just like the hope that I’ve lost.
But the rose is white,
just like the ghost
since you’ve been gone.

nadia yahya Dec 2019
Peaceful in the dark
that’s how it’ll be.
Undress your true self,
what’s hidden underneath?
A mess in a clear picture,
covered in a blur capture.
When you wrap the fractured,
under the thick skin.

nadia yahya Nov 2019
I wish I am
somebody else
that you never met.

Somebody else
that you won’t hate.

Someone better
than anyone else.

Someone better
than current mess.

nadia yahya Nov 2019
Staring at her own reflection
She mumbles;

    This is me.
    This is who I am.
    I’m losing myself in reality,
    relying on the person that I used to be.
    And here I am stuck in between,
    the light and the dark
    with no hope and dream.

nadia yahya Nov 2019
Running out of chances,
between the ground to the sky limit.
Looking for changes,
peeking through the hole on the ceiling.
Praying for answers,
will there be one if I keep asking?
Holding on to ashes,
forgive me not for I have sinned.

nadia yahya Nov 2019
It might be colourful;
Pretty for the eyes,
pretty as it lies,
what is inside.

It might be hurtful;
When there’s love for you,
and there’s a heart beating too,
inside the loof.

It might not be you;
Never be the time,
never be the one,
ready to run.

And she’ll run from the sun,
though she wished for it to shine.
As she wants it to be the light,
as she needs it to fill her mind.
But she’ll run from the sun,
from being the one for you, son.

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