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Aug 2015 · 670
Muggle Ginger Aug 2015
It wasn’t the time
To start dropping lines
About love and forever
So I hung “I love you”
In my closet
Next to the skeleton
Who’s been begging
To see the sunlight
Sometimes we let our hearts
Act as a vault instead of
A home
We lock things away
Trying to protect them and
Keep them safe
But ultimately
Everything dies
Emotions fade because
Even though we say “forever”
Forever has a way
Of changing people
Cursed be the man who isn’t
Changed by time and experience
So locked away in my heart
“I love you” began to decay
soon it’ll be another skeleton
I’m afraid will come tumbling out
So instead of saying anything
I’ll give you the combination to my vault
And hopefully you like what you find
Like maybe it reminds you of treasure
Something you will want to keep
Instead of selling it so you have enough change
To wash your ***** sheets
Jul 2015 · 540
Moonlit Bones
Muggle Ginger Jul 2015
see these ivory bones?
they were erected like tombstones
infant hope from moon light
don't be scared of the memories
i left them behind
i hope you will remember me
a skeletal dot in history
the human mark is a body
once larger than life
now resting lifeless
leaving more than ivory bones
Jul 2015 · 908
Your Vacation
Muggle Ginger Jul 2015
My heart is a home
And I gave you a key
You thought it was a hotel
And left after one week
Jun 2015 · 558
We Wander
Muggle Ginger Jun 2015
and the trees wonder
we have
such restless legs
Jun 2015 · 661
Your Heart
Muggle Ginger Jun 2015
Your heart has empty corners;
You'll never know I'm there.
I just need a place
to rest my weary bones.
May 2015 · 1.0k
Muggle Ginger May 2015
When he runs his hands together
It sounds like sandpaper
Waiting to shape raw wood
They're rough because life isn't always easy
But hard work makes it worth it

Because cost and value don't measure success
If he had nothing to own, he wouldn't be worth any less

On Saturdays, we watched the History Channel and ate donuts with forks
Sometimes my grandfather would tell me his tales

I learned about cooking
Always season it well and prepare a bit more
Because there's no telling who'll show up at your door

I learned about fire
Like life, it's relentless, but you always fight back

I learned about chivalry
It may be asleep, but it'll never die
Because opening doors, compliments, and hand-written notes can keep love alive

And I owe me to him
I am a man because he led my way
He brought me out of darkness
Without ever knowing he was the light

We built model airplanes from Balsa wood
And classic cars from plastic;
Our dreams are simply disassembled pieces
There's no rules or instruction
We can build whatever we want
May 2015 · 470
Night Sky: Stars Go Missing
Muggle Ginger May 2015
No one has told me
I should feel anything but

I used to think I
Simply had to try harder
Now it's too hard
To try at all

One day I was happy
The next I was sad
The day after I was gone
Apr 2015 · 571
Dear God,
Muggle Ginger Apr 2015
I curse you
In all majesty
I curse the beat of angel wings
Float away from troubled days
Harp harmony soundtracks
I curse the demons
Un-caged and free
Purposefully torment me
I curse the sky
The sun and stars
The constant reminders of just how far
I’ve drifted from home
Rootless wanderer
Nomad without the right stride
I curse the ground
Final barrier between figurative
And physical hell
I curse the curses
I rely on all the wrong things
I curse myself
Faithless and stupid
Unwanted and lost
Looking for roots that look like
Propelled by insanity
I call it faith
Apr 2015 · 531
Beautiful Middles
Muggle Ginger Apr 2015
“Once upon a time”
“Happily ever after”
There’s a perfect adventure
We take for granted
Apr 2015 · 768
Trying to Be OK
Muggle Ginger Apr 2015
Sometimes depression looks like you
Depression can look like me
it can also look like nothing
Depression is not something you see
Mar 2015 · 449
The Woman (10W)
Muggle Ginger Mar 2015
She makes perfection
feel like
it needs
to keep trying.
Mar 2015 · 1.7k
Muggle Ginger Mar 2015
It's a rugged terrain that would roughly be translated
The vast mountains make the trees feel weak because they don't grow very high.
No one blames them.
The ground and snow are intimate and unashamed. They called in sick because today wanted to be a memory.
The cottages and home protect the defendants of Vikings and barbaric voyagers.
These towns are clean and safe.
This island is hostile, but welcoming.
Our visit is not a burden because Mother Nature has been ripping herself apart
to embrace us
like family.
Mar 2015 · 562
Everyone is Scared
Muggle Ginger Mar 2015
We're all scared
of the same **** things
Of hurt and heartbreak
Love and longing
and losing it all
I fear your heart
As much as mine
A Ferris wheel I didn't want to ride
Sugar turned bitter
Like honey on the tongue of a bear
I fear touch because loving hands
Still swing ****** swords
My hopes are fallen
Like Zeus and gods
We fear life as if death were consequent for wrong answers
Instead of tomorrow
Meadows with flowers refusing to bloom
For ungrateful senses
If we can't see the pain
Failing to hide behind eyes
Then clouds will combine
Sun will forget the smell of earth
And sons won't look to fathers
Because belts aren't better
Than disappointing expectations
We all fear
Fear loves us
But I am someone
Even amongst everyone
Feb 2015 · 862
The Good Ol' Days
Muggle Ginger Feb 2015
My friend is gone
We’ve gone our ways
So here’s a toast
For better days

I see your face
From time to time
Your heart beats loud
Along with mine

But I walk alone
Because life moves fast
Each day is gold
It won’t last

Enjoy the place
And people too
In the end
They’ll get you through

In this life
Or in the next
God, I know
Will give us rest

When I’m gone, please
Speak well of me
"I wish there were a way to know you're in the good ol' days before you've actually left them." - Andy Bernard, The Office
Feb 2015 · 495
Muggle Ginger Feb 2015
Please look at me
Like you never
Want to blink again
Because I need to know
I’m worth paying
Attention to
Feb 2015 · 473
My Suicide Note (not real)
Muggle Ginger Feb 2015
It has been a rough ride. Life turns so quickly, I still feel sea legs and motion sickness.
There's a saying, "A year ago I never would have imagined I'd be where I am today."
I think that's true.
I also think humans are ****** life planners.

I hope my presence wasn't too overbearing. Often, people made me feel like my physical presence, audible words, and oxygen consumption were inherently pretentious of me.
I never thought people thought much of me.
Those of you who voiced your love, it made all the difference.

Perfection was never within my reach.
My failures are too numerous to count; some too humiliating to admit.
But I tried.
Please understand my imperfection, and if forgiveness is requisite, I hope you can.
Forgiveness is a noble strength; be stronger than I was.

I know that God is real, and loves us.
I guess I need Him to tell me personally. Right now love feels like ash, and humanity is the flame.
This isn't the end of me. I want to belong somewhere.

Don't ask, "Why did he go?"
Rather, "Why didn't he feel like he could stay?"

This was a challenging prompt. Someone asked me, "If you were to write a suicide note right now, what would it say?" This is a response to a prompt; this is not real.

Anyone with suicidal thoughts, there is help. Our emotions are real and powerful; writing mine helped me understand that. You are stronger.
Jan 2015 · 857
The Witch Trials
Muggle Ginger Jan 2015
I crave silence when you speak to me
Words are typically weapons
And I’m not used to compliments
Your company is desperately unfulfilling

Hiding is so much easier than
Feeling warm embraces
I’m anxious your arms are chains
Your heart is a fire

I’m a witch on trial
For unproven crimes
That only I’ve seen
Only I know what lurks
Behind my restless eyes

Doubts and fears that repel
Those like yourself
Strength can be seen
In someone unwilling
To give up on someone
Who already gave up

Speak strong and hug hard
Because the silence and chains
Are all I’ve known
Please prove me wrong
Or end me quickly
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Her Voice
Muggle Ginger Dec 2014
She said, "I can't swim"
With a voice so confident
The ocean believes
They're still best friends.
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
The Secret Annex
Muggle Ginger Dec 2014
I arrived at your house this morning, and snuck through the front door.
You father didn't hear and your mother didn't see.
The steep stairs creaked as we followed our quick-moving feet.
In secret nooks that look like your mind, we whispered secrets that could have changed the world;
Your mind is brighter than the dim fluorescent lights.
It makes me feel more human to hear what your heart and mind have agreed upon.
Mostly the world needs more compassion, to allow people to be more than what they're labeled.
You may be a Jew, but you're also a human.
I may be a man, but I'm also a human.
Every human has this in common.
When I saw your room, I lost the fight with my tears.
Your ambition and hope suffered for years.
And so, Anne Frank, I will remember you.
Humans are more than strangers, and freedom is more than living.
I won't take either for granted.
The Anne Frank House was one of the most solemn and moving experiences of my life.
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
An Elephant for the Holidays
Muggle Ginger Dec 2014
The dinner table is crowded.
There are bowls of gravy, potatoes and greens -
Plates of meat and stuffing...
Don’t worry it gets better.
Juice and cider instead of wine.
Clean crystal cups and thick napkins,
All trimmed in blue.
Surrounded by loud elephants
Dancing on the words we don’t say.
The elephants slip on peas,
And sip my drink.
My relatives give glances
Instead of embrace.
The conversation gets heavy
As our stomachs get full.
The dinner table is a stage
Instead of a refuge.
We all wear our masks and pretend we’re OK.
The actors are well paid in self-loathing,
And pain;
Relationships that don’t fit into pockets
Because our phones are too important.
We are broken and shattered,
Unwilling to be fixed.
The elephants dance in gravy,
And pretend it’s a bath.
"At some point it doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong. At some point, being angry is just another bad habit, like smoking, and you keep poisoning yourself without thinking about it.” - Jonathan Tropper
Nov 2014 · 701
You: The Human Masterpiece
Muggle Ginger Nov 2014
Every word was a chisel strike
This will be my end

Because I saw
I saw the cracks emerge
Wiry and askew like Death's hands
I saw my pieces fall
Dust was heavy on my back
I saw the hammer strike
Earthquakes of organs that skin can't contain

Then I heard
I heard adoration of a work of art
Created with a master's touch
I heard compliments and praise
The most beautiful things never ask to be seen
I heard words unsaid
Tears and silence are languages we're fluent in, but scared to speak
Oct 2014 · 762
Muggle Ginger Oct 2014
I'm a lump of coal
Looking for a diamond
Who remembers what it's like
To not believe in yourself;
Who's willing to wait for me
To finally show what I'm worth
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
Muggle Ginger Oct 2014
She's the kind of beautiful that pictures aren't honest about
Because some images are worth endless words
Sep 2014 · 11.6k
Celestial Reflections
Muggle Ginger Sep 2014
If you are uncomfortable when you look in the mirror,
keep in mind:
We spent thousands of years
trying to convince the earth
she was flat.

We wrote her maps as evidence of the things we saw;
and she believed them.
She cried tsunamis, and had earthquake breakdowns.

Keep in mind: the Sun never gave up hope.
The earth will keep spinning and breathing
the star-dusty space void of encouragement.

Next time you look in the mirror
and second-guess your potential divinity,
remember you will keep shining and living.

Because the Sun is out there
believing in you,
compensating for lack of the human capacity
to treat each other empathically.

You don’t need proof or approval
to be exactly what you are;
Eventually everyone will see
your infinite beauty.
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Muggle Ginger Sep 2014
"I love you,"
You are the first person to ever say that to me
The grass felt soft and the air warm
We couldn't stop laughing

"I love you,"
I'm a bit more skeptical because words aren't actions
And you're actions are yelling another story; it sounds more like a tragedy than a comedy.

Someone told me they loved me before, but hadn't thought about what it means. I trust you are most selective with my feelings. (A candle-lit dinner means more than artificial light.)

"I _ _ _ _ you,"
We say "love" as often as "hate;" they can be equally destructive.

I'm alone. I can love myself.

"I love you,"
This time I said it first. That was a mistake. You are only skin deep. You couldn't understand anything more than perfume and mascara. It makes all the difference if you break or are broken.

We are collapsing buildings, screaming it one last time before we accept we never had a chance. If we had been trees we could have swayed in the breeze.

I am alone.

"I love,"
My love is for someone else, not for myself.

I'm very cautious when someone says, "I love you." I've heard it before. I have only seen it through squinting eyes.
When it's honest, I hope I know how to care for it properly.
Sep 2014 · 1.7k
Originality Misunderstood
Muggle Ginger Sep 2014
If you are going to shine in this world,
it is essential to know:

You will cast shadows.

People will hate you for
the darkness,
instead of praising you
for clarity.
Shine anyway.
Aug 2014 · 796
"I'm Sorry..."
Muggle Ginger Aug 2014
I can shout it because I’m pitiful,
But I’ll whisper it because I'm weak.
It’s the only thing light enough to say.
And I’m sorry saying sorry
Won’t change a **** thing!

Death doesn’t care how much we cry.
Even if we swear to change,
To cork the *****,
Come home on time,
Death will carry on as usual.
Without skipping a beating heart
Too late is an awful time to arrive.
Aug 2014 · 845
Muggle Ginger Aug 2014
I mistook her eyes
For birthday candles
And when she whispered
My wish came true
Aug 2014 · 795
Sleepy Head
Muggle Ginger Aug 2014
If my life is just
The dream of some god
I hope he remembers
When he wakes up
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
A Letter to the Setting Sun
Muggle Ginger Aug 2014
This was a handwritten letter that wasn’t patient enough to wait in the mail. I am a supporter of writing letters.

Our world is drifting from the simplicity of pen and paper. We love to complicate things in life.

I hope this letter can be a simple reminder that there is happiness and hope, even in darkness that reminds you of ink.

The first time I saw you my mind raced to memories of summer days at the beach; campfires; the sound of the ocean.

I thought, “She has no idea how beautiful she is. It doesn't cross her mind that girls envy her and men desire her. She is too concerned with the sound of laughter, and how it makes the darkness step back.”

I make a lot of assumptions, mostly unjustified, about people I cross paths with. But I am sure you are justified in feeling like royalty. You look like happiness.

A fort in the living room that looks like a castle, and cookie dough that tastes like heaven. If the opportunity crosses my path, I would give anything to meet you.

If you walked in front of me, I would think you were a shooting star and make a wish.

Don’t change. Shine unapologetically. You illuminate the humans around you.

Admittedly, the desire to write this letter is still unknown. The desire is there and so here are the words.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Muggle Ginger Jul 2014
Between a baby's first word
And a deathbed confession
There are plenty of times
For God to say,
“I told you so.”
Jul 2014 · 2.0k
World Sailors
Muggle Ginger Jul 2014
There are too many people
With smiles outshining
Their hearts
When did it become acceptable
To say foul things
As long as we brushed our teeth
Instead of being good people
Even in ***** clothes
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
When a Smile Struggles
Muggle Ginger Jul 2014
Laughter is the only sound
That is strong enough
To cover to pain
That never gives in
When the music stops
And the blinds pulled down
Pain stretches his legs
All over my heart
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Reality - A Piece
Muggle Ginger Jun 2014
The light is too shy to dance with their breath.
Shivering German roads love the massage of Jewish feet.
If only the Angles weren’t too busy with me;
Tommy called me dumb and I needed God’s help.

Not even a pocket full of posies can scent moldy dreams.
24 is too young to give up, but old enough to be tired of fighting.
Our future has seen too many yesterdays to wait for tomorrow.
The world holds life together by thin threads we’re too eager to cut.
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
She (Haiku)
Muggle Ginger Jun 2014
She pulls the curtain
Self-consciously her head bows
Standing ovation
"She is the kind of human -- in Greek mythology -- that made the gods stop caring about being gods."
Jun 2014 · 7.4k
Don't Settle for Stars
Muggle Ginger Jun 2014
Love like the sun
Loves the earth
Ever since they met
They dance every day

The sun makes the earth
Look on the brighter side
The earth gives the sun
A reason to wake up

Love like the earth
Loves the sun
Because the earth isn’t distracted
By the stars and the moon
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Crayola Creations
Muggle Ginger Jun 2014
Sometimes the crayon breaks in the middle of your drawing
That doesn't mean you stop; blend your sun-rays into skylines
You'll look like Van Gogh seeing
Setbacks as opportunities to find
Beauty you never would have thought to look for
Jun 2014 · 615
Remember Her
Muggle Ginger Jun 2014
I look to the stars
As if I will make their
I look to you
As if you weren’t
Bright enough

As the sun comes up
And I say goodbye
To my dreams
Reality reminds me
You’re always with me
Jun 2014 · 768
Missed Opportunities
Muggle Ginger Jun 2014
I cannot see their eyes, but their faces haunt me at night.

I have never felt the touch of their lips, but I can never forget their hands.

Love is a fickle thing and if you aren't brave enough, it won't hang around.
I learned through loss that courage has nothing to do with what you have.

8-year-olds who don't check under the bed have courage.
17-year-olds who know how to say "No" have courage.
Mothers without husbands have courage.

Love wants us to be courageous.
She asks a lot because she will never give up;

Broken hearts come from people giving up on her.
May 2014 · 702
When You Wish
Muggle Ginger May 2014
Tonights stars look like bubbles
In a glass of champaign,
Like the world got drunk
On all the dreams we didn't chase
May 2014 · 1.1k
Before You Conquer the World
Muggle Ginger May 2014
Stormy weather is God's way of saying we could have done better
Or tried harder
The sound of breathing is just the rhythm
Undoing all the potential I used to have
I hide under my covers hoping that my fears
Are as afraid of the dark as I am
My smile is just the curve of the lies I tell myself
“Everything is going to be okay, one day.”
I might be sleeping two hours a day
And that’s a long time
To be with someone you don’t like and doesn’t like you back
Or maybe it’s because I’m scared of what my self-concise might tell me
In my dreams
The alarm clock that illuminates my room reminds me
I’m not on time for being myself.
I missed being who I wanted to be
A few years ago
And I haven’t caught up
It reminds me of how far I have to go and how little time I have left
Sometimes I have to let a tear fall, to remind myself
I’m alive
Every day I memorize my name
So it wouldn’t sound weird as I talk to myself in the mirror
I want my name to sound like something I can be proud of
We are our own heroes and until we realize our strength
We’ll bend at the knee to heed the directions of people
who know us less than we know ourselves
It seems impossible because when I cry I have to no idea why
When I laugh I don’t understand that
I’m the joke
Like a clown without makeup
Like the girl sitting in the back of class: self-conscious about her bad hair day
I love the mess because it’s how I really feel and at least
She’s brave enough to embrace it and face it.
I simply hide behind my shower curtain of indulgence and cowardice
Unfortunately, I’m not very fast and my problems are catching up
I’m throwing up my hands in shackles
Limiting my ability to wipe my tears
After 23 years I understand we’re all kids in adult clothing
Trying to fill our baggy pants with our own pride and big egos
We have neck ties of lies we tell others to fell a little bigger
Stripped down to loose shorts we con show the tattoos of humility
We weren’t ready to show
And unable to let go
Make it through the night and look outside
The sunrise is simply God’s interpretation of what our dreams may have looked like
He does it because we can’t remember the details
Muggle Ginger May 2014
I am living on my own
I am better suited in a community
I haven’t had reason to use my voice
Since she stopped talking to me

On sunny days I go out
Hoping someone will talk to me
Even if it’s just,
“What the hell are you looking at?”
Staring is awkward

But I could say,
“I see you,”
Like when we play peek-a-boo
With infants
Before we forgot what laughter
Was supposed to sound like
Now laughter sounds like my voice

I just want to answer a question
Which wasn’t posed by myself
Remember the line about
"We were all meant to shine
Like children do,
Because the glory of God is in each of us?"
Well sometimes I think
The glory of God
Looks too much like Seattle in springtime
Overcast and drizzly

His glory is in us
But we don’t let it out
Because of how scared we are
Of seeing ourselves in the light
Mistakes are masked
In the dust and darkness

Our broken-heart pieces are stored
On shelves high out of reach
Childish hopes and dreams
Have long since given up
Trying to believe
They will ever learn to walk
May 2014 · 973
Let Our Own Light Shine
Muggle Ginger May 2014
We are perfected through struggle.
Like sunrises after hollow nights.

You have to get up; try again.

Because even the sun has thought,
"I am too weak to stand,"

And rose anyway.

You shine brighter than the sun, even on a perfect summer day.
By letting your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Today We Said Goodbye
Muggle Ginger Apr 2014
I would have said so many things to you
But the words were too heavy
And my voice isn't strong enough
I managed, "I'll see you again"

We are not heavy.
Nothing in this life needs to be heavy
God was not a Mason, moving heavy brick
God was an artist, painting weightless strokes
Every second we had together was a stroke of God
On perfect canvas

The story of our lives cannot be contained on the pages between two covers
Sometimes the stories need space and more ink
She would fill an entire book

I would give up shooting stars
And making wishes
Because I had everything
And traded it for anything, which wasn't her
We all make mistakes; we all have our sins
But what would you give
To start it again

So I use my shooting stars to bless her life
I use my magic moments to ask for our life
To not be separated too long
Because that was the hardest goodbye

In our tears, I could hear
Her whispering profanities
Waves of my gratitude
For who she taught me to be
"You're such an *******," she said
And I know how she feels
How can goodbye be something that's real?
Our book is not done
There's more to be said
So instead of "The End"
"I'll see you again."
Mar 2014 · 677
I Love You
Muggle Ginger Mar 2014
I want to memorize
The movement of her lips
As if they were a three-word
Mar 2014 · 711
My Black-hole Heart
Muggle Ginger Mar 2014
You're the only one
who could defeat you
And you do it everyday
Like you've been training
To be the boxer
And you are your only
Punching bag
Mar 2014 · 804
International Manifesto
Muggle Ginger Mar 2014
Her name sounds a lot like my prayers.
I know she can’t hear them,
But God pays attention to the things that make us happy.

When she looks into the sky to marvel at stars,
She has no idea that every star is staring back at her.
They shine brightly because she brings out the best in us.

Her smile has never solved any problems.
It makes every problem an opportunity.
Like how love can finally set you free.

If we were together, time would stop.
Father Time would fumble his watch faster than he dropped his jaw.
If we were together, the world would break.
Mother Nature would be explosively jealous of her beauty.

My heart was accustomed to living in pieces.
I don’t bother with doctors because they can’t cure soul-mate separation.
When she came along she didn’t try to change me.
Piece by piece, she put me back together.

She told me she feels empty when we aren’t talking.
As if my words are raindrops that make a difference in the ocean of her soul.
I commit all of her words to memory.
As if I could nail myself to every T, and be closer to making a memorable sacrifice.

If I spent my entire life try to deserve her,
I might save enough to glance at her smile.

In case I die tonight, I want you to be my last thought.
My last word deserves to be your name, whispered on
My last breath, only audible for God to hear.
Death might be waiting patiently for me.
There is nothing else I can imagine dying for
Mar 2014 · 554
Advice I Give Myself
Muggle Ginger Mar 2014
Do not be afraid of your bad days.
They can be shadows if you let them
Or just an umbrella that you can throw away to see the sun
The bad days will always come
Sometimes, one right after another.
Time will pass regardless of your attitude.
Every day will end.
So let them pass, seeing you with a smile on your face.
Let the people around you bring out your best self.
You might be tempted to hate.
Do not hate.
Be creative and explore.
If you can't explore the earth, explore yourself
And develop yourself.
Do not be afraid to be different and be unique.
There is no mold you must fit in to
If you find you do, you probably need to change something.
God made you differently from any other human.
Embrace bad days
Make the most of them
Mar 2014 · 1.3k
Literacy (10W)
Muggle Ginger Mar 2014
If your mind were a book,
I'd memorize every page.
Mar 2014 · 993
Gentle Memory
Muggle Ginger Mar 2014
I sit on a swing
Unstable and free
I slide through the air
No one notices me

I sit on a swing
With a noose on my neck
The seat falls out
My life was a wreck

They put up a swing
To remember me by
The swing never swings
Their act was a lie

The tree crushed the swing
They cut that ***** down
My memory is gone
But my ghost is around
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