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morallygray Nov 2020
A tiny Midwestern boy
The hay in his pocket at the corn maze
Grown by the ways of pine trees and baseball practice
With his only motivation that things will get worse
morallygray May 2020
The wolf it runs it hides
Jumping with teeth snarling
Run run you cannot escape
The wolf inside
I can't escape it either
Please run
Before i feed
On your body
morallygray Apr 2020
Even if you spend the rest of your life with the person you love
It will never feel like enough time
morallygray Apr 2020
We call
I tell you i want to die
You talk about your fish
Even in silence
You talk about it
Like it will make me go away
I probably know more about that fish than you now.
morallygray Apr 2020
As quickly as the first is whisked away
The second was too far to begin with
There has now been far too many to count
I stopped after the first
They seem the same after a while
Like a stack of rocks on a log
I stack them
morallygray Dec 2019
She danced like she lived on the moon
And spoke in a tongue i couldnt hear
She was a swan in this oil pond
And many creatures pursued her
How she moved, and breathed
I watched all day and night
For her beauty superseded all
She was the swan
My swan song
morallygray Dec 2019
In these dreams I've seen myself die
The bullet pierce my skull and my head explode
I watch myself lay there
As a ghost
It makes me wonder as to if I am even present
In the many letters of life
They will never spell my name
I do not know how I'm still alive
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