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Feb 5 · 57
Reading 2
Mohd Arshad Feb 5
Reading is a long walk in the garden of kashmir when it is full of blossoms!
Feb 5 · 76
Mohd Arshad Feb 5
Reading is polishing a rusted mind.

Reading is an adventurous journey.

Reading is a memorable confab because all words speak to me.

Going into a mind is like entering a holy place and reading scriptures there.
Feb 2023 · 220
Choclate Day
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
What are thy lips

Feb 2023 · 269
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
He can change

A stone

Into a gem
Feb 2023 · 222
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023

I'm so blank!
Still, do you love me?
Feb 2023 · 176
Rose Day
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
The sun is sharp in the sky
Leaves are talking as slowly
As if they are shy of
Making their love in the open
And butterflies are trying
To listen to their feelings
I'm waiting for her
I think i can't better place than this
To put the rose on her palm
And lock her lips with mine
Feb 2023 · 214
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
Make a wall but keep a hole in it
If I cry my brother can hear me
Feb 2023 · 207
Poet's Heart
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
The land
Of the poet's heart


Feb 2023 · 351
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023

Give me permision to read you
Feb 2023 · 209
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
Your eyes
                  Are deep valleys


I am drowned in them
Feb 2023 · 138
Butterfly Haiku
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
Butterfly is a
Colourful canvas where poem
Finds its perfect sketch
Feb 2023 · 153
You and Me
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
You and me
Two rails of a railway track

So close
Still apart forever
Feb 2023 · 133
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
I have a fresh rose
                   in my hands
                                Still I smell only you
Feb 2023 · 145
You and Me
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
You            so
                and            close
                 me             ever
                are              still
                two             always
               parts           separate
Feb 2023 · 126
Spring Time
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
Who is there?
Oh, it's Winter on the pyre!
Who are groaning?
Oh, Frost, Fog and Snow
Are on the galloping gallows!
He would bounce back I know,
But I don't care about Phoenix.
Everyone is glad for the golden days.
Let us go out to sip this beauty!
Don't you see the day is delicious!
See! See! See!
Earth is wearing gleaming-grass;
Daffodils are unfolding
Their golden-yellow cheeks;
Bluebells and daisies are dancing in joys.
Hear! Hear! Hear!
Swallows are fluting their rhymes;
And cuckoos are playing their sweet tunes.
Now I pine for taking
Purple hyacinths from those
Whose hearts are pricked
By my thorny words.
Let us dole out
Snowdrops, lilies and poppies to everyone;
And to you I will give tulips.

Let us cheer
Like the cheering cherry blossoms!
Feb 2023 · 101
Mohd Arshad Feb 2023
I have a fresh rose in my pockets,
But I still smell you, my darling!
Jan 2022 · 672
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
The key to heaven,
And escape from snake desires;
On lips goodbye falls!
Jan 2022 · 225
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022

Yet my hope,

What a saint!
Jan 2022 · 173
Don't feel depressed
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
Don't feel depressed
Though you have been defeated
It was just the flip of a coin
That didn't turn your way

Don't feel depressed
Though you have been put to shame
It was just a dark cloud
That loomed over your head

Don't feel depressed
For you are the waves
That can upsize such defeats
In a single moment

Don't feel depressed
For you are behind the fog today
But will shine tomorrow
Even in the desert of darkness
Jan 2022 · 178
Haiku.. Agony
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
In every leaf that
Falls, agony lies hidden;
We dont hear, we watch.
Jan 2022 · 119
Haiku.. N
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
On the road the son
Weeps on his father's silence;
Jan 2022 · 582
Haiku.. New one
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
The beggar left bones;
Puppies circled him to grab;
The sweeper swept them.
Jan 2022 · 208
Dream.. Hiaku
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
On the cheeks of fog
Our shattered dreams visualise;
The sun restores them.
Jan 2022 · 130
Haiku..... Diabetes
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
The mouse gnaws at bones
At the pace of day and night;
After that it squeals.
Jan 2022 · 175
Diabetes... Haiku
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
The mouse gnaws at bones
At the pace of day and night;
After that it squeals.
Jan 2022 · 139
Poetry //////
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
Is the axis

On which society moves
Jan 2022 · 108
Haiku Series-B
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
On her golden hair
A snow butterfly slides down;
My fingers stops it.
Jan 2022 · 122
Haiku Series A
Mohd Arshad Jan 2022
In arms of the clouds
The moon sleeps with eyes open;
Some glowworms twinkle.
Dec 2021 · 145
स. Poetry
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
Without poetry,

Society is an autumn tree
Dec 2021 · 143
स. Ss
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
Without sorrows

Who would care of our tears?
Dec 2021 · 91
स. new year
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
The year
               In which
                               We lived together

              our joys
                             and sorrows

Passed silently
                           Leaving us
                                               With its a new
                     Which we call
                                               THE NEW YEAR
Dec 2021 · 602
स. Snowflakes
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021

       At my window

I kiss
Dec 2021 · 101
Haiku. Statue
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
Oh, statue watches;
Time only runs on the road;
A single rose falls
Dec 2021 · 204
Imagist poem.. Ego
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
My eagle



Came down the ground

At sunset
Dec 2021 · 261
Chill.. Imagist poem
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
Invisible pins fly
                           Among balloons

None deflates
                           but screeches
Dec 2021 · 115
Mohd Arshad Dec 2021
I hear tears
Like and old leaf
              On the ground

They are snow
          And they live and die in silence
Dec 2021 · 54
Nov 2021 · 157
A.. I Stand Alone
Mohd Arshad Nov 2021
I stand alone
When the gloom of dilemma suffocates me

I'm not heading in the wrong direction
As it has been my passion
And I'm going to my cherished destination

But I stand alone
When I need a hand to cover the distance

What tomorrow unfolds will be in my palms
Still I stand alone
Still I stand alone
Aug 2021 · 116
Latest... Imagist poem
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Behind the almirah,
I saw Anxiety,
Trembling and gleaming
Like the eyes of the rat
That cowers and pants.

I dared to speak to it,

And it like a traumatised patient
Only stared at me

And I, a little child,
Got scared.
Aug 2021 · 174
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Is not an incidence

It's a long process of being disciplined......and sacrificing desires.
Aug 2021 · 172
Latest... Ff
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Failure is the door
Through which success enters
Aug 2021 · 166
Latest.. Da
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
It was horrible!

All persons were rejoicing in dance
While the Geeta was sobbing in the room
Aug 2021 · 406
Lstest... Kkk
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
The dullness of life
Lies in not enhancing knowledge......
Aug 2021 · 221
Latest... Imagist poem
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Like dews resting
                   On petals

Like snow
                  Holding fingers of leaves

Thy memories were shining
Aug 2021 · 181
Latest.. Truth
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Your true capacity is to discover the truth
Aug 2021 · 169
Latest.. Failure
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Failure is not death

It's Renaissance for a new wonder
Aug 2021 · 136
Latest.. Flo
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Is a flower that blooms

When you water it
Aug 2021 · 152
Latest... Com
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
We complain
Because we know we are incapable
Aug 2021 · 106
Latest.. F
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021

Bursts out

When you realise your weakness
Aug 2021 · 119
Latest. Wise
Mohd Arshad Aug 2021
Suffer silently
                         Grow wise
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