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Jan 20 · 54
Mohd Arshad Jan 20
Our desires are everything

Without them

We are just a hollow pipe
Jan 20 · 60
Mohd Arshad Jan 20

Is but a beautiful balloon;

The more you inflate it

The quicker it bursts out
Jan 9 · 69
Mohd Arshad Jan 9
The thinking that I am the only one
Who could create a new path to walk on
Is the only thinking that causes joys in life
Jan 8 · 75
Mohd Arshad Jan 8
Loving someone despite being disliked is a great virtue
Jan 8 · 81
Mohd Arshad Jan 8
Virus virus everywhere
Not a single patient to be found
Jan 1 · 59
Mohd Arshad Jan 1
Is just a bad moment

In a special moment


It cannot stab your Dream

For it's just a bad moment

In a special moment
Dec 2020 · 46
A۔999 imagist poem
Mohd Arshad Dec 2020
While jogging on the flyover
The orange dressed Sun
Looked at me،
Played hide and seek

And the trees kept like parents
To their child
holding it
On their shoulders

I said hi
Through my smile
Dec 2020 · 49
A8781..imagist poem
Mohd Arshad Dec 2020
The 🍊 orange moon
                   Hung from the green rope

The leaves
                   Wore yellow dresses
Dec 2020 · 45
Mohd Arshad Dec 2020
To breathe

No tragedy can choke us

It's enough to claim our existence
Nov 2020 · 62
A۔۔650۔۔covid 19
Mohd Arshad Nov 2020
But suddenly known،

You roar in each street
Nov 2020 · 54
A۔560.. image
Mohd Arshad Nov 2020
He stealthily gets into the house

He breaks into it

He is a thief or dacoit؟

O rat،
You tell me yourself
Nov 2020 · 62
Mohd Arshad Nov 2020
There is a man within me
He dislikes thorns
But likes flowers
Nov 2020 · 63
650A۔۔aftr war
Mohd Arshad Nov 2020
Nobody comes here
The wind sometimes brings me out
The leaves struggle to console me
But they cannot
I too
Only smoke flies inside the room
This is how life
Runs after war
I'm not happy for his patritism
Who is there to love me
Like him
Nobody comes
The smoke doesn't help
Oct 2020 · 63
Mohd Arshad Oct 2020
When you cut a tree 🎄

You create hungry persons
Oct 2020 · 61
Mohd Arshad Oct 2020
Single flower

               Is enough to tell you

How to live a brief life

Sep 2020 · 65
A. 222.. kind
Mohd Arshad Sep 2020
Devalue a kind heart
Breathing in tatters
Sep 2020 · 210
A.. 230.. trees
Mohd Arshad Sep 2020
Cutting trees is dictatorship.........
Sep 2020 · 71
A.. 222.truthlie
Mohd Arshad Sep 2020
If you dont support the truth you are week
If you support the lie you are coward
Sep 2020 · 69
A.. 222.... 🌹
Mohd Arshad Sep 2020
A broken branch
she held in her trembling hand

And said to it,

''Do you too tremble
After separation from your loved one;

If not, kindly guide me to be strong. ''
Sep 2020 · 67
A.. 220... praise
Mohd Arshad Sep 2020

I sang a song

In thy praise

O beloved

The stars gathered to listen to

And I went on till the Sun

Dispersed them......
Sep 2020 · 63
A.. 223
Mohd Arshad Sep 2020
When the poetry of earth rings
Beats my heart
Aug 2020 · 73
A.maar.. 100
Mohd Arshad Aug 2020
Is out for the hunt...........
Jul 2020 · 77
Mohd Arshad Jul 2020
A heart
Is harder than getting a medal;
Actually heart isn't won
It is filled with feelings
That he feels belongs to him
Apr 2020 · 103
A. 90.. Lockdown.. Haiku
Mohd Arshad Apr 2020
The waterless sea
Gurgles furtively, lowly,
And the birds see
Mar 2020 · 123
80.. a... go
Mohd Arshad Mar 2020
I get relief in the house of God
Or in your arms!
Feb 2020 · 115
A... 77.. nbnbnbnbnbnb
Mohd Arshad Feb 2020
It is a fascinating sight
When a man helps
A blind man
Cross the road
After halting his car
Feb 2020 · 117
A.. 77.. ppppppp
Mohd Arshad Feb 2020
Even in tough times
A strong mind wins
Because he knows
To flow against the cuurent
Feb 2020 · 116
A.. 77... qpkmahjs
Mohd Arshad Feb 2020
Without courage
Man is a bird without wings
Feb 2020 · 118
A.. 77.. kkkkkkkkkkk
Mohd Arshad Feb 2020
You're either success or failure;

Choice is yours!
Feb 2020 · 93
A.. 77... aaaaaaaaa
Mohd Arshad Feb 2020
The man who controls his anger
Shows his inner strength
And capability
To turn his anger
Into a in-his-favour-situation
Jan 2020 · 127
A.. 77... lllllllll
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
**** what hinders your goodness

You're brave to save yourself from evil
Jan 2020 · 67
A.. 77.. nbvcc
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
Being brave is our dignity
Jan 2020 · 76
A.. 77.. lpp
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
Being rich is a gift from the heaven,
But being more courageous is our gift to our life to live it
Regardless of in what situation you are!
Jan 2020 · 60
A.. 77... cvcv
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
See the fog;
It darkens everything;

See the evil;
It darkens every good deed!
Jan 2020 · 61
A.. 77.... sfd
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
No harm ever in thinking good of others,
Still we are losers for we don't do so!
Jan 2020 · 58
A.. 77.. lmlm
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
Living with quality thoughts makes living cosy
Jan 2020 · 98
A...77... fffffff
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
Be better in
What you think
Because your strength will increase
In proportion to your positive thinking
Jan 2020 · 50
A. 77.pp
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
Forgetting what loss someone has incurred on you,
Think of love, though a droplet,
And get yourself assured
The day will be yourself
And you will live it to the full
Jan 2020 · 135
A. 77... new
Mohd Arshad Jan 2020
Don't try to change the things as per your needs;
Change your needs to make the most of them and to live better life
For the source of such things is far away from our reach!
Dec 2019 · 112
A.. 60.. hbn
Mohd Arshad Dec 2019
If you are skilled in forgiving,
You will earn a lot of mercy from it
Dec 2019 · 132
A.. 55.. qqqqqqqq
Mohd Arshad Dec 2019
Create a brief moment
                full of smiles for the poor
And be the most charitable person
Dec 2019 · 81
A.. 55.. hobestyyy
Mohd Arshad Dec 2019
Whatever I earned is through honesty!
I have been lucky to get the blessings!
Dec 2019 · 260
A... gggggggggyyy
Mohd Arshad Dec 2019
You cannot bring back the moment you lost uselessly
But you can repair it to avoid losing a new moment again
Dec 2019 · 80
A.. 55..... kolikil
Mohd Arshad Dec 2019
The shortest route to gooodness: keep smiling at each mistake someone did against you!
Dec 2019 · 520
A.. 55... gentle
Mohd Arshad Dec 2019
Being kind
       Is being gentle
Nov 2019 · 183
A. 55.. mm
Mohd Arshad Nov 2019
You can give only smiles too
Instead of any gift to anyone

Smiles make them richer in terms of happiness
Nov 2019 · 96
A.. 55....sow
Mohd Arshad Nov 2019
Luck is the fruit of your hard work; sow the seeds to taste it...........
Nov 2019 · 93
A.. 55..kolp
Mohd Arshad Nov 2019
The story of Kindness you write yourself is a story that changes the relations in society
Nov 2019 · 190
A.. 55...oook
Mohd Arshad Nov 2019
Be the forward player in tough times to score a fine joy, and for sure it will be enough for the team......
Nov 2019 · 66
A.. 55..asss
Mohd Arshad Nov 2019
Having been in dilemma isn't a curse or illness, it's a test of your capability of how you choose the best thing in your favour...
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