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13.8k · Nov 2014
Mohd Arshad Nov 2014
I remember
                    I remember
adolescence did tango before me
and like a lover
it filled me with passion
to touch her as she passed by

I remember
                    I remember
I was awash with fire
That kept burning within
How swiftly snow melted away
How soon I watched  
Landscape full of blossoms
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12.3k · Apr 2014
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
In its grave
Brotherhood sleeps
And around him
Runs the crowd
Nearby an old man
Sits and chants the beads
Waiting for his newbirth
7.7k · Mar 2014
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
Is a dolphin
It jumps high
It falls soon
It is always
Chained in water
7.6k · Nov 2014
Mohd Arshad Nov 2014
Brotherhood is not a lesson;
We learn it through house teaching.
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7.3k · Oct 2014
Mohd Arshad Oct 2014
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles sing our songs
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles shake their legs
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles play in the rain
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles everywher
Bubbles bubbles
                         white bubbles
Bubbles bubbles
                         black bubbles
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles in solidarity
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles in friendship
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles in romance
Bubbles bubbles
                         big bubbles
Bubbles bubbles
                         small bubbles
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles rejoice
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles sigh
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles live
Bubbles bubbles
                          bubbles die
Bubbles bubbles
                         bubbles everywhere
Bubbles bubbles
                          bubbles on surface of water
Bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles

Notes (optional)
6.0k · Apr 2014
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
I caught her hand to cross the road;
Now I caught her eyes to walk together.
5.1k · Apr 2014
Poem's Personality
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
With words
They are
The poem's personality
5.1k · Nov 2015
Mohd Arshad Nov 2015
Leadership is an art
Dishonesty kills it
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4.5k · Dec 2014
Mohd Arshad Dec 2014
Being good is always better,
And being better is really excellent,
Excellence be your dreamful  destination!
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4.3k · Mar 2014
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
What are balloons?
Have you ever thought?
Where do they leave for?

You inflate them.
Yes. Their goals they know.
Soon they soar in the sky.

They are metaphors
For our dreams. Yes.
And for our life too.

Would you emulate them?
4.1k · Feb 2014
How Gloomy
Mohd Arshad Feb 2014
On the tossing water i float
Like a straw shredded from the field,
Unknown of its own destination.
                                              How gloomy I am!
Like a lost dear strayed from its herd,
Tracing no track nor any shelter.
        How gloomy I am!
Like a young bird with pinions broken,
Fluttering in vain, achieving no dream.
                            How gloomy I am!
Like a bud with no petals,
Lying in the bed,
Following  the wind.
        How gloomy I am!
Like a yellow fallen leaf,
Rustling its pain in deaf ears.
                                 How gloomy----------------?
4.0k · May 2016
Exam: Children Rhymes
Mohd Arshad May 2016
O Exam! Have you ever seen my face
When you fall on my head like a case?

Look into my eyes, fear is wandering
And you, with no compassion, are mocking

Day and night you tie me to the chair
And put a knife on the table for horror

Don't you know to drink juice I fumble
And at each attempt for outing I stumble?

On the wall your silhouette does flicker
That keeps me awake to use my eraser

O Exam!  Why you come once and again
Compel me to exhaust my much heavy brain

Open your wings and skim over those hills
Where no school stands and flow only rills

Please go on long holidays out of the sea
Reside and visit only once a year like a buddy

Let me learn and fill up my mind with knowledge
When  I walk don't shake my study's bridge
3.9k · Feb 2014
Mohd Arshad Feb 2014
Yes. I am ******, not a beast.
Why do you scoff at me?
Was it my wish to be so?
Had you wished to be a man?
And you too to be a woman?

The sun never fades away to see me.
The stars never stop shimmering.
The moon never goes into hiding.
The breeze never stops blowing.
The clouds never draw back.

All these angels fully know.
The Almighty made me different.
And all are same under the sky.

Are you so sensible so wise?
Would you stop me from rising?
You are melting day by day.
Let me breathe easily
Or He is ready to drop His wrath.
Notes (optional)
3.8k · Jul 2014
Mohd Arshad Jul 2014
how you rise and stand
to imprint your vanity!
how you rise and stand
to keep your heads high!
how you rise and stand
to fail to face the pendulum!
how you rise and stand
to fall and decay in column.
3.8k · Oct 2014
Rise, Rise, Rise
Mohd Arshad Oct 2014
Rise, rise,rise
O my hope, rise!
rise like the balloon very high
when there is no air in the sky,
rise like the splendour of the day
through fog spread all the way,
rise like the full-blown moon
when the night camps out soon.

rise, rise, rise,
O my hope, rise!
moments are beset with helplessness
and the clock circles failures and restlessness,
rise and stand on the hill,
there life is full of thrill,
rise never to die and never
and never fall like gushing cascade in the river.
Notes (optional)
Mohd Arshad Feb 2014
"O Pen."  Addressed the paper.
"You keep writing on me like a painter.
You fully know i never grumble like a tree.
Why do you pin and make holes in me?"

"It is not me." Replied the jolted pen.
"Only is my holder that causes you much pain.
Be it child , young or old.
They also fold you and unfold.
My life, too, is similar.
I am used and is thrown away by the user.
O my eternal friend! No use of such a groaning.
We are destined to suffer without healing."
3.7k · May 2015
Cyclone: An Imagist Poem
Mohd Arshad May 2015
The white horses,
Like dragons,
Emerge out and run
On the brimming sea,
And gallop huge rocks
And heaps of bones!
Notes (optional)
3.6k · Sep 2014
Wishing Goodmorning
Mohd Arshad Sep 2014
I have heard them say
wishing goodmorning is a holy recitation
and its melody-filled rhythm flies
to the splendour-lit sky,
and the Almighty blows it back
that stokes our  hair and kiss our cheeks.

I have heard them say
wishing goodmorning is hospitality
to the outdoor guest and he relishes
ssumptuous feast, drinking our cheerfulness,
and to his home his ***** carries us.

I have heard them say
wishing goodmorning  is a feelings-sharing brief
that brings all in tandem to do away diffrences.
Notes (optional)
3.6k · Apr 2014
On Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
There is autumn in fiction
And another leaf has fallen.

In his own spring,
To a perpetual tree of fantasy
And magic realism, birth he had given, forgetting,
His voice will be dumb.

Hence, ages and ages,
The tree will emit fragrance,
And mankind will smell it.

It will be sweet melodies
For the souls in the modern world.

But there is autumn in fiction
And another leaf has fallen.
3.5k · Sep 2014
Mohd Arshad Sep 2014
My mother said,
I'd planted it in the house
when I realised its importance in life.

you will taste its fruits
if you water it as your real one
and prune it whenever it is much needed.

plant more everywhere,
take it seriously, make it your rite,
and then clouds will hang over for much rain.
Notes (optional)
3.4k · Mar 2014
Fly Away Melancholy
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
Fly away melancholy
  Fly away to some far-flung lands
   Where you don't need any soul
With your fatters to bind and clasp

              Fly away melancholy
     The joys are standing at my door
         They want to get in for me
When there is not even your shadow
3.2k · Mar 2014
My Neighbour
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
My neighbour
Is very courteous
We oft connverse
On local topics
Sometimes coffee or tea
Creates laughter
At his marvel home
And sweet words
Flow on his lips
Once in june's rough weather
Marriage of Miss. P
The daughter of Mr. A
Was at a banquet hall
For us no card
My son entered the hall
In no time he was kicked out
For there was a tattoo
Pasted naturally on his face
He returned humiliated
And innocence lost
3.1k · Jul 2014
Mohd Arshad Jul 2014
our granny spoke,
manners are the gate
that opens to the kingdom
where, on the chairs, sit
respect and honour.

our granny spoke,
manners are the rainbow
that materialises after
the heavenly grace and bliss
shower on our heads.

so we spoke,
manners are our breath,
our each step on the mat,
on the marble, our bridge
where long-lived fame stands.
3.1k · May 2016
Distributing poetry
Mohd Arshad May 2016
After searching for long
I finally got the beggars:
WhatsApp and Facebook.
Every night I gave them
Poems of different taste.
I write many so I have
And they are nowhere.
I don't know whether
They eat them up or not.
Honestly I am giving alms.
Common people have lost interest in poetry
3.1k · Dec 2014
Mohd Arshad Dec 2014
Good behaviour is our dress,
And this makes us gentlemen!
Notes (optional)
3.0k · Feb 2014
Mohd Arshad Feb 2014
Someone has cut off my tail.
                    I wish for my last breath.
3.0k · Mar 2014
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
Hopping grasshoppers!
I welcome you to the newly-born summer.
Hopping grasshoppers!
I invite you to the feast at my house.

The farmers are lying on their willow cots,
And his illustrious cattles trod no more.
The birds are cosy on their straws-studded beds.

Over the swinging grass in the meadows
How beautifully you play, you fly, you leap.
The breeze is balmy and sweet with your rhymes.

Don't go away from my eyes!
My ideal! So brave, so young in the sunny showers!
2.9k · Apr 2014
Little Lizard
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
Bravo! My little lizard
In the stillness of night
When the cacophony is dead
And men keep to their comfort
And all creatures make a comeback
Thou creep to my wall
And hunt for your preys

Thou alone in our world
Walk dauntless of shadows and ghosts

In my bed I lie
Watching thy journey
And that pushes me out of my bed early
To earn my livelihood under the burning sun
2.8k · Sep 2014
My Granny
Mohd Arshad Sep 2014
Granny is a beautiful doll
that dances to my cheerful song!

Granny is a cotton handkerchief
that wipes my tears before they fall!

Granny is a colorful mickey mouse
that tickles me for cups of merriment!

Granny is a great children's writer
who tells enthralling yarns!

Granny is a splendid moon
that showers her bliss as I lie in her lap!

Granny is a glittering diamond
that brightens jewellery of my family!
Notes (optional)
Mohd Arshad Jun 2014
The balloons go up high
The birds skim around

Freedom is not pure gold
Nor jewellery of any metal

It is the air of the balloons
It is the wings of the birds
2.8k · Mar 2014
Paper Boat
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
I float paper boats in the rain
Water ferries them from lane to lane
On them I write morning, evening and noon
Just to see how they vanish how soon
2.7k · Sep 2014
Mohd Arshad Sep 2014
Flow of thy footfalls, in the sweltry sands,
headlong haste, the current of a swift,
on thy gargatuan back thou tarry
magnitude of goods and massive stones.
how humps writh, with food in,
and steps, steady, without fodder,
head on for many months and
the throat, smooth and sleek, calls for
no water for upmteenth days.
thy slastic neck slides to the ground
and like the hood of the snake stands,
how holds man's heads, taken apart,
the soldier, the warrior, the king of the desert,
what a masterpiece of God's art!
Notes (optional)
2.6k · Mar 2014
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
The child plucked a dancing flower.
No pain he felt, I am fully sure.

The sparrow killed the youth with a stone
To relish for his summer sport and won.

The puppy an old man pushed out in cold.
With a staff, he considred himself to be bold.

Someone an abusive word on him threw.
He failed to cool his temper, only it grew.

over society selfishness reigns; rises self pity.
Compassion is gone; no one mourns, not you nor me.
2.5k · Mar 2015
She Doesn't Want a rose
Mohd Arshad Mar 2015
She doesn't want a rose
Full of perfumes
Pink or red
Give her a paper primrose
Filled with faithfulness
And this will bloom
Forever, forever
In her *****
Nor she desires
For a white saree
Laced with twinkling stars
Be the reason
Of a beautiful smile
In her face
Each moment she passes with you
And this will spring
From pool of joys
Brimming within her
And the world wil say
How beautiful fairy!
Notes (optional)
2.5k · Apr 2014
True love At First Sight
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
Have you ever seen a paper flower
That smells sweet, very sweet?

Do you think nature didn't give it birth
And it has not fallen from above?

It is still a flower that smells sweet
And always smiles in my pocket,

For a little girl had given it to me
Who had fallen in love with me forever.
2.4k · Mar 2014
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
Character is honesty
Character is virtue
Character is kindness
Character is holiness
Character is truth
Character is obedience
Character is discipline
Character is innocence
Character is devotion

Character is the rising sun
Character is the shining moon
Character is the meteor on the hill
2.3k · May 2014
Mohd Arshad May 2014
Don't hate owl.
It doesn't prophesies omen.
It reminds us our sins of past.
2.3k · Apr 2014
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
God be thanked
And even the prophet
would do for the countless blessings
God be thanked
For each breath we take
Perhaps you have forgotten
Gratitude is the cost
That we spend on buying the things
It is alms when poeckets are empty
It is bread when belly needs something
It is lamp when we have darkness
It is guidance when doubts loom on us
It is the right path when wrong turn we take
It is water when lips are parched
It is blazer when chill strike us
It is shade when we stand under the scorching sun
Gratitude is part of prayer
And prayer recieves His mercy
2.3k · Sep 2016
Dengue... Imagism
Mohd Arshad Sep 2016
O little vampire
Don't **** our blood
Go back to heaven
We are stuck in flood

Blood is not flood
Don't make flood blood
2.2k · Sep 2015
Silver Apples: imagist poems
Mohd Arshad Sep 2015
Earrings clipped to the earlobes;
Sparkling on the brown saree!
Notes (optional)
2.1k · Sep 2014
Don't Walk Together
Mohd Arshad Sep 2014
Don't walk together
walking alone be your habit
we share our joys
but never cry in open
being happy is social
and sadness is solitude
this a divine law
for soul alone flies
to heaven at His behest
Notes (optional)
2.1k · Mar 2014
Mohd Arshad Mar 2014
Be the symbol of your own might
Nothing can ****** your any right

Be the strongest voice against the wrong
Justice itself will come to you for long

But don't miss tenderness, your jewel
Hatred will dry though so deep a well

Crown will be on your head till death
You will be yourself, your true wealth
2.1k · Apr 2015
An Imagist Poem
Mohd Arshad Apr 2015
O sea!
Don't shoot thy arrows
Over the shore;
Keep your cool!

Life is a bundle of straws hither!

Leap and fall to sieve
Like the showering moonlight,
And wander the streets
Like a smiling child!
Notes (optional)
2.0k · Apr 2014
Little Children
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
Little children
Have you ever thought
Why the sun is always bright
And why its rays heal mankind

Little children
Going to school is not a drab duty
It's a purpose, a goal, a dream
And that is to reach the peak for humanity

Little chidren
Essence of punctuality knows the sun
And why it has to shine in the heaven
Thus in time its noble journey it sets in
And then for the whole world gleams
1.9k · Jun 2015
Mohd Arshad Jun 2015
Notes (optional)
1.9k · Oct 2016
If you live green
Mohd Arshad Oct 2016
If you live green
You will be green and as green as
Green is green and you know
That green is pious green!

If you live green
No predator will hack the tree
And its promising children
Who bear and carry our joys

If you live green
No Partridge will kick the bucket
At his bow for his daily sport
And its offsprings will play

If you live green
No colonization at lawns and crops
And the harvest will prosper full
Satisfying our sheer needs

If you live green
Life will be evergreen as it was
And  It will be as same as God
Wants us to sustain it for its lustre
1.8k · Apr 2014
Mohd Arshad Apr 2014
Is a thing to be cared
To be nurtured and to be loved
And to be seeded around

It is a blissful umbrella
That covers you from rough sunshine

It makes a man
A true human
And himself a moral story

Honesty is a virtue
virtue is morality
In his ***** it blooms
And samar ripens for generations
1.7k · Dec 2014
Mohd Arshad Dec 2014
A word for gratitude is a humble invitation
For a new friendship of thanksgiving
A friendship between a tree and a shepherd
Who stretches himself under its thickness
And between the moon and a passersby
Who finds his way easily in its gleam
A friendship between children and mothers
Who give them birth through hardship
And between you and a clerk
Who sings your papers without charges
A friendship between disciples and a teacher
Who suffers himself to lights their dark mind
A friendship that will live long so long
If soft petals spring from within
Notes (optional)
Mohd Arshad Jul 2015
May be
Your thoughts sketched Picasso

Dusty hands Hold the brush
Mind steers it towards different directions
A little bit bumps marginalise Still it reaches its destination

A purple sparrow
Flies over the rainbow!
Notes (optional)
1.7k · Mar 2015
Mohd Arshad Mar 2015
A tattered coat!

Two shoes, one sock!

Five coins in one palm!

He fell in the lane, inebriated!

Children wait at the door!

They watch shadow of bread,

Submerged in sleep!

He makes a comeback!

Empty belly is filled!

All lie half awake full light,

Hopefully for the new glimmer
Notes (optional)
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