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 Aug 2014 Mohd Arshad
Mohd Arshad
Hey children! I am Mr. School;
my temperature is both warm and cool.

Mrs. and Miss's staff swings like a dagger
and Mrs's levid eyes do the fire.

the cups of joys lie in the wide open
and the smiles jingle as the has been won..

Hey children! I am Mr. School
where you drink from my wisdom's pool.

stairs to the zenith stand inside me
and you need to step up to be the moon in the sky.
 Aug 2014 Mohd Arshad
Mohd Arshad
my little kids!
keep this in your minds!
rain is nothing but water
on the barren field
where rituals turn mummy!

my little kids!
keep this in your minds!
angels is the rain,
the blessings-carrier
through their drizzles!

my little kids!
keep this in your minds!
rain is the message
of the king of kings
to praise his creation!

my liitle kids!
keep this in your minds!
life is the rain
for the objects when they dwindle
in presence of dryness!
 Jul 2014 Mohd Arshad
Mohd Arshad
Kiss is a coffee
In a cold winter
And a blazer
When chill is on.
It is tepid water,
Sliding the body,
Controlling all senses.
 Jul 2014 Mohd Arshad
Mohd Arshad
God made me honest,
and I maintain it.
it is my soul.

they give me grimaces
and lots of smiles.
I do *** for tat.

once a boy cried,
thinkng he has grown drab.
I couldn't assuage him.
I am full of pangs.

I stand; I breathe in the air.
I never sleep.
I am for truth.
your negligence is my death.

— The End —