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53m · 8
Last Thread
In the end,
I had no choice but
to cut the last thread
that sewed us
2d · 42
The page is a mirror
and each word reflects who we are.
These sentences are reflections
of our souls and
it can be euphoric
as it can be painful.
2d · 46
You're a sunflower
and I long to get lost in
your beautiful scent

6:33 PM
2d · 30
Dream You
I thought I
was tired but
it turns out I just
wanted to dream
about you
3d · 58
Ordinary Beings
We are merely
ordinary beings
curated for the world to see.
Such glimpses into
another's life weaves fantasies
that simply aren't reality.
7d · 80
Just Life
We spent four years
wounding each other?
Is that love?
Some people would call us mad,
but I say that is
just life.
Jul 30 · 139
Mitch Prax Jul 30
I think forgetting
will always be easier
than remembering

9:50 AM
Jul 30 · 76
Oh Chai
Mitch Prax Jul 30
Oh Chai,
you cleanse this soul.
Your warmth rushes through this body
on the way to this frozen heart.
So sweet you are,
I need you every night.
Oh Chai,
it's you that makes me feel alright.
Jul 30 · 61
Mitch Prax Jul 30
It's late at night,
I don't know what to write.
There's a hint of chai in the air
to chase away the despair.
With Chai as warm as can be,
how could I not feel glee?
I pick up the pen and close my eyes-
it's just me, my Chai
and the night skies.
Jul 27 · 61
Mitch Prax Jul 27
We fall
for the ones
who ignore us and
we ignore
the ones
who fall for us.
Such is the irony of life.
Jul 26 · 107
Mitch Prax Jul 26
I couldn't see it,
love had blurred my vision
but the warning signs were
as clear as day.
Then you let me go,
and suddenly,
I could see again but
it was too late.
Jul 26 · 80
Mitch Prax Jul 26
The discards of a
book wrote together but
never chose to read

4:03 PM
Jul 23 · 64
Diary Excerpts #66
Mitch Prax Jul 23
Dear diary;
Once again,
I am shutting myself away
to give myself a chance to heal.
I find nothing but pain and sorrow
outside these walls that
have served me well
too many times
Jul 23 · 47
Mitch Prax Jul 23
Is 'hollow' an emotion?
It is thought of as feeling nothing,
but isn't that enough to warrant an emotion?
Maybe we need a better word for
what this feeling of hollowness really is-
is it not something we can feel
deep within our gut?
Is there such thing as an
emotionless state of being or
is the only way to achieve that
in death?
Jul 23 · 55
Mitch Prax Jul 23
Stop offering your
apologies to the knife
wedged deep in your back

10:43 AM
Jul 21 · 79
Mitch Prax Jul 21
How do I get back
all of this love that I gave
to the wrong people?

7:18 AM
Jul 21 · 185
Mitch Prax Jul 21
Maybe one day
I will shed the doubt
that you sowed in me
that day you turned away.
Jul 21 · 72
Black Roses
Mitch Prax Jul 21
Once again,
anxiety blooms
in this mind like
black roses.
Jul 21 · 72
Mitch Prax Jul 21
The more you
understand someone,
the harder it is
to hate them.
Jul 21 · 70
Mitch Prax Jul 21
My own mind must be
the biggest thief that I have
ever known
Jul 20 · 63
Your Name
Mitch Prax Jul 20
Let spell your name
in the fields and let it
blossom into sunflowers.
Let each stem, each petal
and each root feed on
these warm rays of love.
Jul 20 · 69
Two Islands
Mitch Prax Jul 20
What was once a mighty continent.
Like the land we shared,
this heart was torn in half.
Now we are but two islands
drifting further away
upon the solitary sea.
Jul 20 · 80
Mitch Prax Jul 20
by words
I cannot speak.
by thoughts
that leave me weak.
Jul 20 · 203
Mitch Prax Jul 20
All this thinking,
and for what?
Jul 20 · 56
Mitch Prax Jul 20
Is it really so
hard to believe that I do
deserve happiness?

11:20 PM
Jul 20 · 71
Mitch Prax Jul 20
Two souls sprouting
like two sunflowers
beneath the sentimental sun.
There are no shadows,
just light and love
and you and I.
Jul 19 · 85
Glass Heart
Mitch Prax Jul 19
I lost count
of how many times
you said "forever".
How many promises
of forever have I heard?
I think I have lost count.
Promises break faster than a
glass heart and I'm tired of
picking up the pieces.
Jul 19 · 71
Greater the Chance
Mitch Prax Jul 19
From the beginning,
I knew our time was limited
but that did not stop me from choosing you.
Perhaps I thought and hoped that
the more times we said 'I love you',
the greater the chance that
we would make it.
Jul 19 · 88
Mitch Prax Jul 19
Though I now may be damaged,
I could never hurt anyone
the way you hurt me.
Jul 19 · 83
Mitch Prax Jul 19
I don't want to
be your next station,
I want to be your
Jul 18 · 62
Mitch Prax Jul 18
If you make a heart
your home then surely you too
will end up homeless

8:10 PM
Jul 17 · 342
Mitch Prax Jul 17
I truly believe
we would have been happy if
you gave us a chance

3:53 PM
Jul 17 · 96
Mitch Prax Jul 17
Things don't really end-
they just transform or morph for
better or for worse

11:16 AM
Jul 3 · 96
Mitch Prax Jul 3
Such irony it is
when I feel lonelier
in your presence
than I do
Jul 2 · 251
Mitch Prax Jul 2
You don't have to do
much to make my life smile-
I'll never forget

11:20 AM
Jul 2 · 117
Mitch Prax Jul 2
Just because I still
dream about you, that does not
mean I want you here

11:13 AM
Jul 1 · 98
Mitch Prax Jul 1
I am hollow
but full of demons
and nothing more.
I hear their shrieks echo
through this soul and sometimes
it is more than I can take.
Some days are better than others-
some days they do not take the air
out of my lungs and leave me
choking for my sanity.
There is nothing else in me,
not anymore,
just demons and more demons
that swallow me whole.
Jul 1 · 98
Mitch Prax Jul 1
I want to be in many places
and many times
all at once.
But I am here,
inside me,
inside this reality,
inside this fragment of history
that we cannot escape.
Jul 1 · 78
Diary Excerpts #65
Mitch Prax Jul 1
Dear diary;
I think I am starting
to believe in love again.
Each crush feels like the first time
and each kiss melts this heart-
the same stone heart I thought
would never crack again.
Indeed, I think I am ready
for love to destroy me
Jun 30 · 287
Mitch Prax Jun 30
I wish I had the
ability to touch you
just how you touched me

4:02 PM
Jun 28 · 66
Mitch Prax Jun 28
I either feel too
much or I don't feel at all-
there is no between

11:58 PM
Jun 28 · 79
Diary Excerpts #64
Mitch Prax Jun 28
Dear diary;
I hate to admit that
I am still dependent on
feelings I promised myself I
would no longer feel and
now I punish myself
for it.
Jun 27 · 107
Mitch Prax Jun 27
Doing what others
do for acceptance is a
form of suicide

4:10 PM
Jun 26 · 470
Mitch Prax Jun 26
Patience is one of
the softest forms of love that
someone can practice

10:22 AM
Jun 25 · 74
Mitch Prax Jun 25
Be careful with me,
I tend to believe anything and everything
from those who seem to care.
And at the same time,
I doubt almost every word.
Is this a paradox? Yes.
Is this self-defense or have
my demons convinced me otherwise?
It's both.
Jun 25 · 62
Your Light
Mitch Prax Jun 25
Your soul
is a sunflower-
that's why you light up
any room that you enter.
Your light beats to the rhythm of the sun,
a radiance that sparks joy to those
whose eyes are lucky enough
to reflect your light.
Jun 25 · 83
Mitch Prax Jun 25
You have proved me right-
nothing lasts forever and
you broke that promise

3:55 PM
Jun 24 · 83
Mitch Prax Jun 24
I have never been
anyone's favorite person-
wouldn't that be nice?

12:00 AM
Jun 24 · 93
Mitch Prax Jun 24
I do not need death
to enter heaven,
to be by your side is
enough to make me feel
like I'm with an angel.
Jun 23 · 264
Mitch Prax Jun 23
It is as easy
to feel love and warmth as it
is to feel heartbreak

5:59 PM
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