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18h · 125
it feels like
the only way forward
is a U-turn
back towards yesterday-
heading for the past.
For it is there
where my heart
doesn't want to leave.
1d · 32
The Last Stitch
I'm a sorry little soul
and you’re the only thing
that keeps me going.
I’m a fraying mass-
I'm falling apart at the seams
and you're the last stitch
keeping me together.
I've been left out in the rain,
the cold and the darkness,
and I'm waiting on your light
to bask in my direction.
3d · 106
When I eclipse,
just know that we will meet again
and you will be at my side.
I will shine on you again
and we will give the world
something they won't forget-
a dazzling twilight for all to see.
I am your sun,
you are my moon.
Don't leave me in darkness
anytime soon.
4d · 152
Our Future Cat
I think about our future cat
that is, if you wanted more.
Would we have too many to pat
or would they be ours to adore?
We'd argue over countless names
in between our countless grins-
these perfect moments hung in frames,
soaked in pure love and the finest gins.
I guess this love was never reciprocated.
Now, our words just linger and fade
like bedroom cigarette smoke.
Maybe my heart will also fade
out of my chest on my walk home.
That’d be nice.
6d · 124
Agony and Artistry
You've learnt an art
from within your heart
so when you break mine apart
the pieces fall into
an aesthetic craft.
6d · 83
my dream has been a
curse in one too many ways-
I found and I lost you.
Mar 15 · 82
Mitch Prax Mar 15
Monday's here again
and off to work I go to
to do it all again
and countdown
to that next fix.
Mitch Prax Mar 13
You and I,
Hand in hand-
we are one.
There is no distance,
no time, no fear,
that keeps us apart.  
We love without consequence
and we are free-
oh, how free we are.
Mar 11 · 229
She is the Night
Mar 7 · 246
Mitch Prax Mar 7
I wish I could fall
as quickly as I
fall apart
Mar 6 · 227
In Your Eyes
Mitch Prax Mar 6
I don’t fear getting lost
in your eyes,
I fear getting lost in your voice.
I see myself in those eyes
and  I see my home.
Your voice, though-
it can swallow me whole
with all your little words
and I would
never return.
Mar 4 · 134
Sea & Solitude
Mitch Prax Mar 4
Can love travel across seas?
Can it float over the ocean
or drift upon the waves?
Would love reach me
upon shores of loneliness?
I'm drowning in solitude
and you are too far
to extend your hand.
Mar 3 · 174
Nature's Law
Mitch Prax Mar 3
Nothing blooms in nature
all year long,
so why should you
expect yourself
to do so?
Mar 2 · 90
Go ahead and fly, kid
Mitch Prax Mar 2
It stormed yesterday.
Today the sky is clear
and now they're yours
to conquer.
So remember, whenever struggle
and pain are present,
it will always pass-
the oceans are yours to surpass.
So fill your heart,
Purge your mind,
Spread your wings,
Go ahead and fly, kid,
The world is yours.
Mar 2 · 101
I Care Because You Do
Mitch Prax Mar 2
We all wander,
sometimes too much,
about those who truly care
for us.
We believe that no one
would care if we weren’t here-
but think about all the ones that
you have ever cared about and
how they have no idea about it.
I had a college teacher I
haven’t seen in too long
yet I still tell people how much
of an impact he had even though
he doesn't have a clue.
I have old coworkers,
people I met through travels,
and friends turned acquaintances
and haven’t seen in years
who I would be devastated about
if something happened to them.
We secretly care about so many people
but act like it’s impossible that
anyone cares about us.
Impossible - people do.
more than you think,
even if you can’t see it.
Mar 2 · 134
She's a Supernova
Mitch Prax Mar 2
She is alone
day after day-
night after night.
Alone between pages and
in between each pen ******
are the secrets she
keeps to herself.
She'll tell them one day and
they will explode out of her
like the supernova
that she is.
Mar 1 · 422
Mitch Prax Mar 1
I'm sorry I
didn't tell you
that I was back in town.
I was scared, I was anxious
of this time and space between us-
an aching silence echoed across the seas.
You know that all you have to do
is call out my name
and I'll be back
in a heartbeat.
Mar 1 · 83
Red Flags
Mitch Prax Mar 1
It always hurts that extra bit
when you don't see it coming.
You begin to punish yourself
and say how you should have
seen this coming.
How many red flags
did you overlook this time?
Mar 1 · 90
Mitch Prax Mar 1
So foolish to
think that we are enough for
each other’s demons
Mar 1 · 119
Feb 26 · 260
Mitch Prax Feb 26
Our two souls were
brought together
from different worlds-
perhaps to be entwined.
Our stories were weaved
into one-
through the seas and storms
that couldn't keep us apart.
Feb 24 · 123
Mitch Prax Feb 24
Viking cats live
in such magnificent ways,
and he was no different-
Valhalla awaits him.
Feb 22 · 103
Mitch Prax Feb 22
I am longing for the night-
wishing for nothing but sleep
but when the night comes,
I lay in bed,
awaiting a serenity that
isn’t so imminent.
A restlessness stirs within me,
not realizing its still hours
until dawn.
Mitch Prax Feb 21
The left find themselves
caught in between socialism
and a rebellion.
On one hand,
they wish to grant their government
more power,
when on the other,
they claim they cannot be trusted.
Which one is it?
Time is ticking.
Feb 21 · 110
2:34 AM
Mitch Prax Feb 21
Does anyone catch themselves
in between two realities?
Do you wake up in a cold sweat
from a dream your mind still believes
is real?
Obsessing over every little detail
until your mind collapses from exhaustion.
This isn't a poem,
this is a question-
or is it?
I can't decide.
Feb 21 · 382
Your Smile
Mitch Prax Feb 21
I want your smile to be
the last thing that I see
before I fall asleep

and the first thing I see
waking up with glee-
a smile I can keep.
Feb 19 · 369
Mitch Prax Feb 18
I wasn't prepared to be right-
but I knew you would find
someone else
and I knew you would be happier
with them-
even happier than you were with me.
I knew you wouldn't miss me anymore
and I knew you would move on.
Feb 17 · 99
The Right Choice
Mitch Prax Feb 17
Think about all the people
you wouldn’t have met if
you had never broken up-
Think of all the things you’ve
learned since then.
Think of all the travelling you
wouldn’t have gone on and the
photos you wouldn't have taken
and the laughs you wouldn't have had.  
Step outside yourself
and look at who you have become-
remind yourself that you made
the right choice.
Mitch Prax Feb 15
You don't need
a 'better-half'.
what you need
is to make yourself
whole again.
Feb 13 · 144
Mitch Prax Feb 13
she was a teacher
with a heart the size
of a mountain.
I set my sights for its peak-
as many others have
only to find myself
gasping for air.
Feb 12 · 536
The Grey is Okay.
Mitch Prax Feb 12
I may not believe in soulmates
but I do believe that there's someone
out there waiting for you-
whose face you will wake up to
for the rest of your life.
Sure, you may not believe me now-
you can't get over them today-
you probably won't tomorrow-
but just remember that
the silence is okay.
These grey periods in life
are finite and do not need
words to colour them in.
Feb 12 · 84
Mitch Prax Feb 12
Memories never leave us,
no matter how much time has passed.
How selfish of the human mind-
to dig up memories
one thought they had buried
long ago.
Feb 12 · 93
The Little Monsters
Mitch Prax Feb 12
We check under our beds
for monsters but
don’t check for the ones
living in our heads.
Feb 11 · 87
Star Chaser
Mitch Prax Feb 11
I seem to know how
to chase the stars-
but never how to
catch them.
Feb 11 · 175
Feb 10 · 317
Rock Bottom
Mitch Prax Feb 10
Just when I thought
I hit rock bottom
I always find a way
to drill down
and find
a new
Mitch Prax Feb 10
I'd rather be certain
of the saddest reality
than uncertain about
a hopeful fantasy.
Feb 9 · 116
It's a Long Way Down
Mitch Prax Feb 9
trapped between Heaven and ****,
the world has failed her
one too many times.
Fall after fall,
she's cracked
but not yet shattered.
There's no ending in sight-
she looks in the mirror
and sees someone else.
Feb 8 · 207
Feb 8 · 211
First Light
Mitch Prax Feb 8
It isn't always the light
at the end of the tunnel
or a brand new
you see at first.
No, the first light
usually comes
in the form
of a person
during dark times.
Feb 8 · 179
Just Another Day
Mitch Prax Feb 8
I'm feeling weary,
My mind is grey.
I'm already tipsy
and it's only Tuesday.
Mitch Prax Feb 8
If you're not up there
in heaven
when I get off this wild ride,
then dying isn't really an option-
is it?
Feb 8 · 226
Your Heart
Mitch Prax Feb 8
Just know that I am in love
with your heart
even though you think
it may not be enough.
I listen to your heartbeat every night-
it's my favorite lullaby
and it beats for me as mine
beats for you.
Feb 8 · 130
Feb 6 · 151
2:34 AM
Mitch Prax Feb 6
Why am I so preoccupied
with distracting myself
from me?
Feb 5 · 284
Luna Love
Mitch Prax Feb 5
Love me on the Moon
without Earth's borders
drawn between us
or it's gravity weighing
us down.
We'll dance among the stars
and forget our Earthly scars.
Feb 4 · 272
The Art of Sorrow
Mitch Prax Feb 4
Why do we
glamorize our pain?
Is it because we're so desperate
to hide our wounds and insecurities?
We fall in love with heartache
and glamorize depression.
We turn our tears to watercolours
to practice the art of sorrow.
Feb 4 · 272
The Only Star
Mitch Prax Feb 4
My mistake was
believing you were
the only star in this
vast but lonely universe.
You were all I had,
all I wanted,
and I forgot that
there's a billion other stars
that could have shined for me.
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