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You placed your heart
upon my world and
a thousand sunflowers bloomed.
Every dawn,
I plant a sunflower in your name,
so that when dusk comes,
and a million sunflowers fill the fields,
our love will blossom
for years to come.
Nov 19 · 30
Moments of Joy
Mitch Prax Nov 19
When I laugh, I cry,
a gentle reminder of how
I cannot bring moments of joy
to your attention.
To share with you the joy,
the love, the world,
would trump these things combined.
You are not here anymore,
to share what I share,
to love what I love,
to learn what I learn.
I wonder 'what if',
what could have been,
and where we would be now-
perhaps we would be sharing the joys
we experience in this parallel existence.
But you live your own moments of joy now,
and that alone is enough,
to bring me joy.
Nov 13 · 30
Mitch Prax Nov 13
It does not
matter to me if this love
lasts one day or a lifetime,
you will last in my heart
Nov 11 · 173
Mitch Prax Nov 11
The love in your heart
will always be stronger than
the hurt in your heart

11:50 PM
Nov 11 · 43
They Will Never Know
Mitch Prax Nov 11
Most people will never know
the burdens you carry,
all the demons,
all the sleepless nights,
and all the love and loss along the way.
They will never know
the hidden strength it took you
to get out of bed each morning,
to put on a happy face,
and to do it all again.
Nov 10 · 145
Diary Excerpts #55
Mitch Prax Nov 10
Dear diary;
There are some days-
days like today-
where I have no place for this world.
Other days,
I feel like perhaps this world
has no place
for me.
Nov 10 · 39
Mitch Prax Nov 10
Your love is
like a sunflower
the way it blooms upon me
like a field throughout spring.
Nov 8 · 132
Mitch Prax Nov 8
This sunflower can't
stand this garden it had no
choice but to grow from

8:17 PM
Nov 8 · 74
Summer Sky
Mitch Prax Nov 8
Lose yourself in the
sunshine of the summer sky.  
Let the sunflowers cradle you like
the sun cradles its children below.
Nov 5 · 49
Mitch Prax Nov 5
I guess I wasn't
built for this whole love thing but
that's okay with me

3:48 PM
Oct 29 · 185
Mitch Prax Oct 29
There is nothing
quite as magical knowing
that we look up at the same stars
that our ancestors looked up at
thousands of years ago.
Oct 29 · 51
Mitch Prax Oct 29
The demons in me
are waiting for another
body to possess

4:17 PM
Oct 27 · 77
Stardust Touch
Mitch Prax Oct 27
Stardust flows through
your veins and every touch
creates galaxies upon my skin.
Oct 26 · 63
In Darkness
Mitch Prax Oct 26
I miss you.
I wait for your
sunflowers to bloom so that
I may feel your warmth once again.
Do not blossom away from me
ever again,
I have dwelled in this darkness
for far too long and
it is your light that I
held onto after all
this time.
Oct 26 · 116
A Recipe for Destruction
Mitch Prax Oct 26
Sometimes memories
are all we have left,
and yet they are merely a recipe
for chaos
just waiting to happen.
Oct 24 · 115
Mitch Prax Oct 24
I will wait for you
where the sunflowers
meet the sun.
Oct 24 · 60
Your Twilight
Mitch Prax Oct 24
Some nights are
more unforgiving than others.
It is the thought of you that eases me
on those cold and lonely nights.
I take shelter in your twilight
until daylight returns
and do it all again
the next night.
Oct 23 · 281
The Goddess
Mitch Prax Oct 23
Her body
was the sort that
inspired ancient civilizations
to sculpt goddesses into their marble.
Chiseled down to perfection,
they couldn't come close
to the goddess
that is you.
Oct 21 · 61
Mitch Prax Oct 21
You were a sunflower
inside of my heart-
such a warm radiance
I could always use
in times of darkness.
Oct 19 · 61
Mitch Prax Oct 19
in between
this Heaven and Hell.
I'm in purgatory,
I fell and I fell-
so very far from glory.
Oct 18 · 165
Sun & Soul
Mitch Prax Oct 18
I myself in
the blissful radiance of
the sunflower field
contained within your soul.
It warms me like the eternal bond
between the sun
and the flower.
Oct 16 · 698
Mitch Prax Oct 16
If time is
a currency,
then spending it with you
was the best investment
I ever made.
Oct 16 · 83
Mitch Prax Oct 16
I close my eyes and
my mind gives itself to you
like the a sunflower to the sun.
You planted your seeds
inside this heart,
only for a garden to grow
over this wasteland of a soul.
Oct 15 · 70
Every Petal
Mitch Prax Oct 15
You grew like a
sunflower in summer
and filled my soul with warmth.
You plucked the thorns from my heart
and planted gardens instead with
love blossoming from
every petal.
Oct 15 · 94
Mitch Prax Oct 15
I will always speak
of you kindly, but I won't
recall you that way.

12:06 AM
Oct 15 · 66
With Me
Mitch Prax Oct 15
I carry you with me
wherever I go
between heart and soul,
in the extraordinary and
the ordinary moments in life.
I keep you in these eyes
that dream of a future
of you and I,
in my lips
that tell the tale of this hardship,
in my hands
that write of our wonderland,
in the mind
that never left you behind.
Oct 15 · 53
Part of Me
Mitch Prax Oct 15
There you are,
never far,
never have been.
You are a part of me
and always will be
since the day you were born
until the day that I die.
Oct 14 · 96
Mitch Prax Oct 14
Lust leaves
a bitter aftertaste-
yet the thirst for it
never wanes.
Mitch Prax Oct 14
Reflections under a pale moon
her hair shimmers like neptune.
We look up at the stars with awed eyes
and watch the cosmos as time flies.
Her blue hair as blue as her heart,
yet she is still my favorite work of art.
Yes, it's true, her heart is torn,
but like the stars above, we are reborn.
So let us look to the cosmos-
to the heavens we are so close.
Magnificent are the angels up there
as is the girl with blue hair.
Oct 13 · 52
Pretty Pathways
Mitch Prax Oct 13
As you walk alone,
make sure to grow
lovely little things along the way.
Grow your pretty pathway,
your graceful garden,
and maybe one day
you will get to share it
with someone just as lovely.
Oct 9 · 56
My Sun
Mitch Prax Oct 9
I am yours,
never forget that.
We are blood, we are one,
and my heart will keep that promise.
And this distance is but a mirage,
a temporary illusion that
dissolves in our memories together.  
This heart still beats for you,
and always,
my sun,
never forget that.
Oct 8 · 73
Diary Excerpts #54
Mitch Prax Oct 8
Dear diary;
I'm so tired.
I am so tired of wasting energy
on those who so not reciprocate.
I am so tired of proving a point
to those who do not listen.
I am so tired of forgiving the same person
over and over again.
I am so tired of putting on a happy face
when that is not the case.
I am so tired of staying silent
for my mental health.
I am so tired.
Oct 7 · 44
Mitch Prax Oct 7
Why do we try so
hard for those who simply just
do not care at all?

11:55 PM
Oct 7 · 582
Sunflower Dreams
Mitch Prax Oct 7
Touch me with the
sunflower you carry in your heart
and fill me with its warmth.
Let's plant a thousand more
as we watch our dreams
grow from
that garden.
Oct 5 · 107
Mitch Prax Oct 5
The nebulae
paint the universe
from lightyears away.
Strokes of colour and light
so majestic that I cannot help but
see a part of my soul in
those waves of gas that stretch
across our galaxy.
Oct 5 · 201
Mitch Prax Oct 5
In our silence,
a love blossoms once again
in these two hearts.
True love's roots burrow deeper
than any absence that has
come between us.
Oct 3 · 94
An Open Letter to S
Mitch Prax Oct 3
Dear S,
I thought I
could keep this up.
Maybe I could for a while,
but not anymore-
it hurts too much.
I didn't know it would
be so difficult and I didn't
know you would turn away.
You were supposed to be here.
You were family.
I'm lost.
Oct 3 · 57
Mitch Prax Oct 3
Love does not simply
vanish just because someone
decides to leave us

9:13 PM
Oct 3 · 62
Mitch Prax Oct 3
I was never good
at saying goodbye.
Sometimes, things are better left unsaid,
but overall, I think goodbyes are
preferable to the silence.
Goodbyes can hurt,
but they can also bring closure.
So, while goodbyes are not my strong suit,
they are often necessary
to avoid a lifetime of
Oct 3 · 55
Mitch Prax Oct 3
Don't look around,
you won't find me again.
I wonder what's the point of goodbye,
I was never particularly good at them anyway.
They tend to leave me in a mess,
and it tells on my face.
So skip the platitudes and be on your way-
goodbye is just a phrase and phase-
sometimes long,
sometimes short.
Oct 3 · 89
Mitch Prax Oct 3
The gates
to heaven
are now closed.
Tourists really do
Oct 2 · 56
The Magic Sunflowers
Mitch Prax Oct 2
You wove magic
with tenderness and love
that you braided in my skin
and made the sunflowers sing
with your laughter alone.
I painted your beauty
into those very sunflowers
that I maintain to this day.
I plucked the brightest one I could find
and keep it on my bedside table.
That way it reminds me of you
from the moment I wake to
the moment I sleep.
I think I'm going to plant some more sunflowers
in hopes that their presence will embrace
my home the way your warmth
embraced my home
so very long ago.
Oct 2 · 85
Mitch Prax Oct 2
Not all goodbyes
are considered a loss.
Rather than see it as a separation,
See it as an opportunity
to start anew.
Sep 27 · 418
Mitch Prax Sep 27
The sun is gone
and now my heart
is falling like leaves.
The wind takes me away
and I'm left to face
the fall alone.
Sep 27 · 48
Agony & Irony
Mitch Prax Sep 27
You broke the heart
you swore to protect.
Such irony ends with a laugh
as hollow as this hole
in my chest.
Sep 26 · 94
Mitch Prax Sep 26
It was upon the
Romanian Mountains
where I watched you fall
out of love.
Who knew that
such sorrow could occur
up in the clouds?
Sep 25 · 203
Your Shadow
Mitch Prax Sep 25
the darkness was
more comfortable to me
so long as I was in
your shadow.
Sep 23 · 294
Mitch Prax Sep 23
Another Christmas
without you and it doesn't
become easier

6:45 PM
Sep 22 · 135
The Blues
Mitch Prax Sep 22
Her blue hair
played the blues
upon my heartstrings-
a song so beautiful
she entranced the moon above.
Together, we danced beneath the starry night
wondering when her song
could cure our blues.
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