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 Nov 2013 Miss Jade Murder
Quite pillow talk
Reveals your true thoughts of me
Late night discussions over cigarettes
"You're odd"
"But so are you, my love, and maybe that's why we work."
An awkward equation of random and weird
Two people meant to be
Spinning in a circle of curiosity
 Nov 2013 Miss Jade Murder
Give me your mind
Give me your body
Give me your soul
I promise to keep you
Safe and whole

You're everything
I want and need
But I don't want half of you
I want all, indeed
Your thoughts
Your love
Your care
Your ***
These things I yearn for
These things I'll respect

When I think of you
Nothing comes to mind
Other than
Beauty & grace
Strength & intelligence
Nothing negative
Combine these elements
They're what make me
Fall deep in love with you
Can't help but feel in my heart
That this is true

You're some kind of special
A type I've never experienced
I hope it never ends
Cuz about you, I'm serious
Thoughts of you take over me
They will never let me be
Your love lights my life
Maybe one day you'll be my wife
Not that great and a little corny but I don't really care, wrote it as I fell asleep.

© Peyton 2013
Forty seven nights
Spent sleepless
Or wasted, shitfaceded
Stumbling I'm aimless

And fear
Stabs at my mind
Porcupine hides
And bee stings
Wasted passionate ambition
An ad for lost tenacity

Cruel fate
Just world
Full court
Swine and pearls

Six months
Of restless days
Assurance didn't ever run
It sat and washed away

And my hopes burn
like turpentine
In a fire-breather's lungs
Singed ****** hair
And scorch marks
On the surface of my tongue

Forty seven nights
And just as many days
Youth never tried to run
Just sat and washed away

Youthful love,
stupid love
Happy gluttony
Waste of time,
In my mind
Says hateful heartless me

A linguistic signature to your word, as binding as cursive
I'm never sure if your tongue knows which curves to merge
Swerving across defining lines
Dyslectic joy rides, is it still considered homicide if you hit and run when the ink dries before you have the ties to derive a sentence.


Time served.
Grammatically speaking,
Your word
Is the act of dramatically seeking the exact adjectives and verbs to
Purge every truth from the definition of true.
Tell me why, in your book of synonyms is
Promise handcuffed to Lie...
When spoken
Words fly free, gravity is defied
When broken
Words are deceived, credibility dies

Words have weight and time is heavy.
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