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Mira Rose May 2016
Sits Quiet On A Shelf.
So Fragile And Breakable.
Wishing To Stand and move.
Takes a Risk.
Standing and moving.
No More Red Lips And Rosy Cheeks.
No More More Fear.
No More Silent China Doll.
Mira Rose Feb 2016
Fighting. Now Before And After.
I Was told not to fight by the same hypocrites who fight each other.
They yell, shout and scream.
Mother, trying to keep peace.
Father, from a different culture.
Brother, who has always been separate.
Sister, alone barring most of the pain.
And me, running away in my own world.
A world of happiness, I made for myself.
But one day this world will break.
And so will I.
Mira Rose Jan 2016
♥Love Poem♥
♥Love Poe♥
♥Love Po♥
♥Love P♥

— The End —