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Jan 2022 · 324
2021 and Life Lessons
Melissa S Jan 2022
Grief has to many phases and passages to name
In life we can take one path or many pathways
There are people who lie and then there are liars
People who are kind or people who show kindness
People can be great or they are grateful
People who feel safe then others who need a savior
We only have ourselves to blame and be held
accountable for our mistakes
     With knowledge and struggles comes strength
We are never truly alone...

Nov 2020 · 579
The Stranger
Melissa S Nov 2020
There is a stranger in my home
looks familiar but is not known
I wake up and he is all I see
Why is he in the bed with me
I guess he wants to take me down
to see my smiles turn into frowns
turn my light into dark
have me not use my giving heart
In the shadows he waits to pounce
Progressing uncertainty ounce per ounce
He is a liar this I know
Tell me the truth before I go
Who is this stranger that I see
Why is he still in my home with me
Jul 2020 · 294
My Tree By the Sea
Melissa S Jul 2020
Don't litter
my pretty tree
with ugly
truths for leaves
thorns that cut
like swords
with no
protective sheaths

Seeds of a deceiver
try to take
to *******
sweet and sticky
to grow into
choking vines
It's only purpose
is to bind
then confine

but my tree
is too strong
It has to be
I blow with the wind
that carries me
Down by the sea
Peaceful quiet
and fancy free
Jun 2020 · 186
View of the World
Melissa S Jun 2020
This thing called life is a series of experience
that colors our lenses on how we view the world

The unique shades we look through shapes our
perspective and makes our beliefs unfurled

Though we cannot look with other eyes
we can still try and see and appreciate their view

Tolerance and understanding will go a long way in
making the changes for this to come true

We have no way of knowing what others have experienced
in their past and with their own journey's of life

But we can make a promise to do better with how we
view these lenses in this time of strife
Dec 2019 · 308
Gift of LO❤️E
Melissa S Dec 2019
Be nice
Help a Friend
Its not everyone’s most
Wonderful time of the year
Dec 2019 · 362
Into Battle We Go
Melissa S Dec 2019
The enemy swarmed our gates again
around Mother's day last year.
We were unarmed and unprepared
we thought we fought them off the last time.
We thought our gates were impenetrable.
We are at full blown war now our weapons
are up and full armor is on.
We just take one day at a time
and just keep trying to figure out it's weakness.
We are trying to find out what pulls it down
just like it pulled us down.
We do not give up hope in finding this weakness
and we shut our eyes and ears to all the negativity.
The enemy we are fighting is cancer
and the gate it swarmed is our family, our sister.
We will never give up on fighting this!!!
Aug 2019 · 1.5k
Floating Away
Melissa S Aug 2019
One would think that I got
This thing called life figured out...
But that would be wrong
I’ve been in this world for 43 years
And the only thing I’ve figured out
Is I haven’t figured anything out

Sometimes I think I would just float away
If my son wasn’t holding the strings
He grounds me in a good way
With all the light that he brings

Most days I can hold it together
Other days I want to float out to sea
Would anyone miss me?
Yeah some days I am just getting by
Other days...who knows? I can just lie
May 2019 · 487
Woman is her Name
Melissa S May 2019
Strong like a foundation
Rock solid in every way
Her skin is soft as velvet
God built her this very way
She hides most of her fears
Wears all her hats like a boss
She flows against the stream
and is the calm in the chaos
A beautiful mystery to unravel
One layer at at time
Only people close to her
Know the thoughts of her mind
Her eyes show compassion
and fierceness just the same
From the ashes she will rise again
and Woman is her name
This is a re-post but wanted to share again since Mother's Day is coming up.
I miss my mother everyday but I know she is still with me in some ways.
Love and Blessings to you all
Melissa S Apr 2019
The ghosts of our past haunt us
They dwell deep within
They are called regret, guilt, failure, and secrets
Our childhood was traumatic
We were preyed upon
when we really could have used some prayers
We were both victims and monsters
We were latchkey kids with major attitude
My eldest sister was left in charge but
she was just a kid herself
Kids with nothing else to do but find trouble
or is it that trouble will always
find kids with nothing else to do
Things happened that should
have never happened but they did
and my sister blames herself for this
She actually thinks she is being punished
with cancer for all of her mistakes.
I keep telling her she is wrong that bad things
happen to good people all the time.
That the past is just that it is in the past
We were just kids who made some mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes but we have to learn
To forgive ourselves
Mar 2019 · 417
Don’t Ask Granny :)
Melissa S Mar 2019
If you don’t want to really know
Then do not ask Granny
She will tell every little ailment
Every little story about what is
going on in her life. I used to be
embarrassed or irritated by it
But hey I was young and dumb.
Now I appreciate her honesty
She earned that right of telling
These stories and telling of what
ails her. She was an awesome mother
and grandmother who always gave
of herself to everyone.
I mean seriously...we are asking
How you doing? So why can’t she
really answer. I wish more people
were like this to tell you the truth.
Do not ask if you really
do not want to know.
I wish I could still ask her
How you doing Granny?
I would sit and listen for
hours if I needed to
I miss you Granny <3
Spend time with the ones you love
Because you cannot get that time back!!!
Mar 2019 · 290
Spring Cleaning
Melissa S Mar 2019
It feels so good to get rid of the unused things
and the clothes that are never worn
Cleaning out the cobwebs and the unused
junk has been therapeutic to say the least
So therapeutic I just cannot seem to stop myself
I have been clearing out people in my life too
The ones who are doing me no good to keep around
The users and abusers got to go
As well with the ones who bring me nothing but negativity
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Back Up From the Bottom Down
Melissa S Feb 2019
The light inside left me for a bit
I found it one night when I truly needed it
Lately I have been in the in between
I've felt like diving head first in the deep end
Where no one can see me to hurt me
drown out the surface
drown out my worthless
Then come back up from the bottom down
Feb 2019 · 359
I Need
Melissa S Feb 2019
Eyes that undress me and devour
that look upon me as a delectable flower

Lips that softly kiss and taste
greedily savoring my sweetness leaving not a trace

Hands that need no prompting or words
they just read my body and thoughts not heard

Arms wrapped tightly around me, skin on skin
making me feel loved on the outside as well as within
I wrote this poem six years ago today and it is still true.  We all need this!! I do not need any gifts for Valentine's Day just love
Happy Valentine's Day HP
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
Holiday Anxiety
Melissa S Dec 2018
Anxiety is hurting my sister right now she worries about everything even worries about worrying :) She is still undergoing treatment for her cancer and is just very emotional right now. I will let you in on a little secret.... I have bad anxiety too!!!  I have somehow been able to keep it in check though. We took a weekend trip just recently to see some family and it was very draining and very good all at the same time.  Keeping my sister's anxiety in check left me needing to see a chiropractor when we got back.  I am not complaining though because I think that is what helps me.

Focusing on my sister and other people hurting helps take the focus off of me.  This time of year is very ******* a lot of people. We worry about not having enough money.  We worry about all the activities and hustle and bustle.  Also we are so deeply saddened by the loss of loved ones and why there is an empty seat at the holiday table.  We are preoccupied this time of year and I just want to say STOP for just a moment and remember to breathe.  Try and take the focus off yourself by saying a little prayer for another person hurting. Even try to do something for another person if you can. It has helped me with my anxiety and perhaps it can help you too!! Everyone wants to be remembered and loved especially this time of year! ❤️ Merry Christmas to all my friends here at HP!!
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
~Beautiful Morning ~
Melissa S Oct 2018
It’s a crisp October morning and it is perfect.
My son is nearby digging in the earth for bugs and searching for his new friend Bob the lizard.
I can hear my Boykin spaniel yelping and chasing squirrels in the woods. I am sweeping newly fallen leaves off my front porch and just enjoying all the sounds. The wind is slightly blowing and the sun is warming the dew on the grass. It is the kind of morning where everything seems wonderful even if for just this moment. I am going to fix me a cup of coffee and sit on the swing and enjoy it for just a moment more....❤️
Hello HP been missing you all
Sep 2018 · 3.1k
We are Connected :)
Melissa S Sep 2018
My son always surprises me...
and is way more brilliant
than I ever was... especially at that age.
Out of nowhere the other night he says
"You know we are all connected" and I say
"How do you mean?"
I can see the wheel just a turning in his pretty
little head and he says "we are related...all brothers
and sisters in this world." I agree with him and say "so
why do you think everyone fights so much?" and
without missing a beat he says "because they haven't
figured it out yet" <3
Happy Friday to you all!! :)
Aug 2018 · 9.5k
Dream of Me
Melissa S Aug 2018
Dream of me
I am real...
I am where smiles are made
and tears fade away
Where hope springs forth
Away from the darkness
of the earth

I am the glow of the moon
and all the stars in the sky
those who seek the light
shall have me as their guide

I am the red bird or butterfly you see
Just keep your eyes open... to find me
I am where tomorrow is coming
and hope always holds on
My darling
I am never truly gone....❤
I have been dreaming of my mother lately and do not want to wake up because it feels so real and I miss her so. I wrote this from her perspective writing to me
Jul 2018 · 1.3k
~Life Comes In Waves~
Melissa S Jul 2018
Life comes at us in waves
Instead of hiding away in a cave
I take to the water
I glide to the bottom and look up
Sunlight on the surface is breathtaking
It breaks into a million pieces
Glittering like diamonds in the sea
The light bounces and does a dance for me
It is soft and serene
and puts me at ease
When life gives us waves....jump in :)
Jul 2018 · 3.2k
The Songs Take Me Back
Melissa S Jul 2018
I don't need a time machine
to take me back to that moment
The songs take me back
back to when I was trying to
figure out myself
figure out life
I get lost in the songs
close my eyes
I am content to just pretend
that I'm wild and free
and yes that I am young again
The songs take me back :)
Happy Friday HP :) xoxo
Jun 2018 · 4.2k
Power of Prose
Melissa S Jun 2018
The battle between
darkness and depression
is onslaught for any troubled soul
for it takes place much deeper
than any dug out hole
This darkness seems to just find me
Takes over my world into my sanctuary
It settles around the iris of my eyes
Turning me into someone who just seems to cry
Rooted in negativity and lost in my pain
Through my eyes it enters my brain
Corrupting my each and every thought
Breeding unwelcome memories that like to haunt
Spreading now like poison through my veins
Trying to take over till nothing remains
Writing words is my only defense
When nothing else I do makes any sense
The power of prose keeps that place deep within me
Safe and free from this darkened toxicity…
Sometimes writing is the only way to get it out my crazy and I know that other people out there also suffer from darkness/depression so just trying to hopefully help others in the process
Jun 2018 · 1.5k
In the Cause For the Free
Melissa S Jun 2018
I watch as an older woman in a red flowery
dress holding yellow flowers looks out to the sea
Searching for the young man she fell
in love with at the ripe age of twenty three
He gave his life that day on the Normandy shore
on the sixth of June the year was forty-four
Every year this woman comes to the sea to remember
For when she said her marriage vows
she meant them to last to the end of her forever
She throws the yellow flowers out to the sea
Always grateful for the love they shared
and proud that he fell in the cause for the free
Remembering the 74th anniversary of D-Day
May 2018 · 1.7k
For Hope to Linger
Melissa S May 2018
I built you a home
on an island in the sun
Life goes on all around
Dark skies and stormy seas
But can't quite reach your
Island in the sun
Here hope is lush
Just like the trees and green
I see a glimmer
devoid of all things bitter
Here is where
we'll choose to linger
My sister isn't doing well....but I am still praying strong.....choosing to stay positive and linger in the hope
May 2018 · 1.9k
Broken Tripod
Melissa S May 2018
Someone came and
knocked one of my legs
out from underneath me
and I fell to the ground
not feeling at all stable
but shaken and confound
I'm usually quite good
at keeping it together
but now my composure
is worse not better
My tripod is all wobbly
and I feel discombobulated
One of my support legs
has a genetic anomaly
and until this leg
gets healthy again
She will need to lean on
the other two sides
We will get through this
together dear sister
With love as our guide
Please send prayers and good vibes to my sister
she has been diagnosed with breast cancer again
We beat it once we will do it again!!!
Apr 2018 · 2.5k
My Constant ~ The Sea
Melissa S Apr 2018
I come here as much as I can
Love the sounds and smells that surround me
It is just so peaceful and I love to people watch
I try and imagine how their lives are
Are they happy or in pain
Do they, like me, yell out their lies and frustrations
to be carried out swiftly in the wind                                                         ­ 
Are their disappointments and regrets
washed away by the waves as well...
Do they draw pictures in the sand of broken hearts
Do they become a beach scavenger
Searching for discarded treasures
I wonder if they come here as an escape
To renew oneself and just be
One with this constant ...our constant the sea
Heading on a girls beach trip soon to see my constant the sea :) I cannot wait!!!
Apr 2018 · 1.9k
Dark Day
Melissa S Apr 2018
Some days I do not
want to wake up
the day just seems darker somehow
There is no particular reason
I am feeling down
I just am...

I have been trying to come up
with some explanation and cannot
maybe I am just tired
maybe I am PMSing
maybe I just need to get some

Whatever the reason
It is not like I can just snap
my fingers and get it over it
Like some people close
to me have suggested

What I really need
is someone to pull me
into their computer out there
and hug me and don't let me go
I want to stay for a bit with you
until I am not feeling so blue
Apr 2018 · 4.4k
Lucky 13
Melissa S Apr 2018
Beware of the thirteenth
landing on a Friday??

Nah....that's just bullhockey

The thirteenth has always been
lucky for me...
My sweet boy was born that day
for the world to see :)
Mar 2018 · 1.1k
Roots of Love
Melissa S Mar 2018
When I think of trees
I think of strong, majestic, massive
but even trees
need help standing up...
Roots are amazing
they hold up the tree both physically
and by helping nourish it.
Asking for help from our roots
doesn't mean we are weak
We turn the rain into energy to sustain
Using the very tears from our cheeks
We should never be ashamed to ask for help.
Our loved ones or roots~ friends and family are there for support :) xo
Mar 2018 · 4.8k
I Listened
Melissa S Mar 2018
I listened to my inner voice....
When I was filled with fear, when I learned at a young age that real monsters do exist and they are not like the ones in any story book I ever read. The monsters stole away any normal childhood that I could of or should of had.  Pain muted my words from flowing and poisoned my thoughts into growing... this is why I trusted no one.  
At the time I had no other choice... when I was
really the only friend I could totally depend on and count on
I listened to my inner voice...

I listened to my heart...
When all I could hear was a pounding in my ears, when all around me was like a crazy chaotic whirlwind screeching like a barred owl that would then break apart into tiny pieces and sink into a cold abyss forgotten by the sea.  I couldn’t forget the grief as it was real and still inside me. There was a brokenness about me my
heart was fragile and it balanced on the tip of my own desperation
but still I listened to my heart...
I listened to the words...
Slowly but surely I was able to come out from that darkened sea and was finally able to try and heal me. Words became my saving grace. I learned to not have muted lips and could give myself a fighting chance. I was able to tear down some of those protective walls to try again to live only in this moment without the armor and the hesitation. Writing became my new love... together we became an inseparable piece of one existence...
I felt so much better after I listened to the words ....
Mar 2018 · 5.2k
Birthday Reflections
Melissa S Mar 2018
As another year comes back around
I'm older and wiser and ah yes more profound
I made the time for some self reflection
To remember everything that holds my affection..
Things that I will never forget
and things I will never neglect
Kisses so good and so deep
Hearing the sounds of little feet
Listening to the crickets and cicadas song
Watching as the bees buzz along
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face
To always be thankful and say grace
Writing from within the heart
That words are powerful they are art
Always go outside and enjoy nature
Never judge anyone don't be a hater
Time is precious ....enjoy the little things
Don't feel stuck remember we all have wings ~~

My son recently told me Mom you're old as dirt
and I told him well God made dirt
and dirt don't hurt :)
Not getting older just getting better
My Birthday is not today but it is on Sunday
Feb 2018 · 1.0k
Put Me On Top ~ Valentine
Melissa S Feb 2018
If you knew me at all you would know that
chocolates or flowers are not required...
What I do require is just a moment
of your time
to feel appreciated and loved
Regardless of what you may think
I am actually very easy to please
Watching the sunset with you
with a drink in hand
Would make me feel
like queen of all the land
For just this moment I would be
At the top of your to do list :)
Repost out of the archives for Valentine's day :)
Jan 2018 · 531
Hello There Poets
Melissa S Jan 2018
The dedicated readers who read every line
and the lines that are in between as well
The dedicated writers who let their heart's
spill onto the page writing out their very heaven or hell
We are known as the elite squad of HP
Please read our stories...
Sorry been watching too much Law and Order SVU :)
Melissa S Jan 2018
Have you ever wondered if this world is the actual
hell we live in and if we are being tested
by how well we deal?
We are living in a place where pain, suffering,
and then ultimately death are of everyday existence
I understand that perception is everything here
and this world is an illusion generated by our perception
I am not trying to be a downer but the more I live
in this world the more I see it as a nightmare
that some days I just want to wake up from

This is not coming from my religious beliefs and I am
not saying that I am not grateful for everything I do have
Compared to a lot of other people in this world I do not
have it so bad and I know this.  This is coming from
a thought process I have been trying to come to terms with

Is there a bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel?
Of course we all have different journey's to take to get us
to that tunnel but while we are here our paths do cross from
time to time and we all have some of the same pains
sufferings and even death to overcome

My point is this...
We are all living in this hell together
Let's get through this hell together
This thought has become a shining
Ray of light in this dark
Find some comfort in this
Perhaps there is hope for us all
If you got through this long read I thank you :)
Dec 2017 · 4.6k
Dear Mama
Melissa S Dec 2017
I may have forgotten some things about you
but there are some things I could never forget
They are ingrained in all I do...
I wear green as much as I can
It's my favorite color because it shows
off my green eyes that I inherited from you
You always said my eyes and smile are my best features
I can still see your long legs in the bathtub
Bent in like a happy frog just trying to relax
Yet you still had time for a conversation with me
I wish I would have inherited those long legs of yours :)
I wash my face with nozema
because when I smell it I think of you
When Christmas comes around I buy Andes
chocolate mints and make spice tea
because they both remind me of you
As long as I live and breathe
you will always be remembered
I love and miss you always ~ Dear Mama
Merry Christmas
Could never forget my Mama especially this time of year so wanted her to know I was thinking of her... always ❤️
Dec 2017 · 805
The New Becoming of I
Melissa S Dec 2017
My body my soul faded into
What everyone wanted me to be
Life got hard I became distracted
So I forgot about me...

I faded into the background
Left dusty and forgotten
Erased memories and time
Nothing remained
but this vessel who liked to rhyme

Slowly and surely
A metamorphosis begun
I laid out all my fears and
took them on one by one

I bereaved that lost part of me
Waves washed away the doubt to sea
Tore down the jaded gates
Knocked down the shackled walls

I emerged from my cocoon
This reinvigorated butterfly

No more walls need built
In this new becoming of I
Oct 2017 · 981
Once Lived Here
Melissa S Oct 2017
When the last person living
Takes their last breath
Stares down the darkness
and meets their hour of death
Birds will not cease singing
The trees will still grow
The tide will still pull
and the wind will still blow
The sun will still come out
As will the moon
The leaves will still sprout
and the flowers still bloom
It is only our arrogance
Which makes us think we
are at the axis of all
That we touch and see
Life will go on without us
Year after year
We will just become the people
That once lived here
Oct 2017 · 2.6k
The Real Monsters
Melissa S Oct 2017
Halloween night on this hallowed ground
I stand here among all these terrifying sounds
With the sky so dark the moon barely glows
The creatures of the night gather around close
Hiding in the shadows of the night
Trying to give me a big ole fright
But what these monsters do not know
I have come prepared with my own ammo
Wolf man steps up with his intent to maul
but I distract him by throwing a tennis ball
A witch flies in and thinks I didn't spot her
then flies away when I spray holy water
Dracula with no one around to judge
Was happy I brought him a bag of blood
Frankenstein was pretty easy to fend
All he wanted was to have a new friend
Moral of this story is pretty simple...
Yes monsters are out there
but lets clear up all the confusion
The real monsters out there are human

Happy Halloween HP :)
~No Halloween would be complete.. without a little love spell turning you into my trick and my tasty treat. Most people call me a poetess most would welcome me by sight ..I always write with dire passion and always leave my mark with a bite ~
Oct 2017 · 2.0k
Don't Lose Focus
Melissa S Oct 2017
A victim becomes violated
Does not matter how
It feels like every room in their
house has been broken into
We pay too much attention to
Who did this or even why
Passing blame on this or that
We lose focus...
We forget about that person
Living inside the house
Don't lose focus of the victims!!! Sorry just something I feel very strongly about!!
Melissa S Sep 2017
Hey there Mr. Music Man
Wanna make some music
together if we can?
Don’t just play me
songs of promises
Leaving them
drifting in the wind
Sing them to my ears
so that I may hear
them deep within

Let the sweet melodies
dance across my senses
Like musical scores
with resonating crescendos
Touch me with those eyes
Hold me with the words
Fill my head with elsewhere
Steal away any memories
before us
Be the blissful force
which holds me still
Until the time of never
Is constant in the ears
of my everything

Come closer...
breathe me in like the air
Whisper in my ear
all the soft and pretty
Words I need to hear
Blanket me with you
Pull me down make me sigh
Dynamic release in harmonies
until we are spent

Hey there Little Miss,
I can promise not much,
but I do what I can
so just hear these words,
and then take my hand
We'll sing them so quietly,
but they will be sure,
and speak them so softly
that they can't be heard

We can trip over
the words so spoken,
and dance in
the sentences light
while we lose
in the worn
truths we write
Like warm blankets
and cold evenings,
I can cover you in ways
we do not speak,
to whisper into your core
the being of mine
and shatter your resolve
to hold onto anything

You can rush into my lungs,
a warm inviting scent,
while I rush into you,
a smooth and crashing river,
to inhale your sighs
and speak the words we
If you haven't read Eric W then please go now ~
Sep 2017 · 1.9k
~ Here in this Place ~
Melissa S Sep 2017
Here in this place
There are
Eyes that read us
Words that hold us
Sadness that tugs at our heartstrings
Hearts pining for love
or just the loss of it...
Lovely and sometimes tragic visions
Displayed to heal our souls
Cleanse our thoughts
Take back control
Seductive musings that leave us tingling
Creative thoughts spilled out in delicious form
Memories (good or bad) that float around
and descend like the wind
This is where we offer ourselves to the world
Hoping for compassion and understanding
and in kind to return the favor
This is where we learn
That we are no longer alone
We leave small pieces of ourselves behind
To go back to one day
For others who are seeking to find
Here in this place
“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.”
― Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon
Sep 2017 · 927
My Biggest Turn On
Melissa S Sep 2017
I know you can stimulate me with your hands
that's easy....:)
Now I want to see what you can do to my mind
Let's have a stimulating conversation
****** me with your words
Tease me with some ****** poetry
Sing to me a song from your heart
Tell me what you want to do to me....
Be VERY descriptive
Take your time with me ~let it last a little longer
The bond between us will only grow stronger
The lesser known erogenous zone for women is the mind... :)
Aug 2017 · 1.9k
For All to See
Melissa S Aug 2017
If someone pulled me from the inside out
Would they still like what they see?
Such things I hide behind
Are not always with intent to deceive
Do I have an intriguing mind?
Or better yet...
Do I have a beautiful heart?
Shouldn't these be the most important parts
I wear masks to disguise the pain
Underneath a river of lies fall down like rain
Should this river of lies drown me?
Or does it just make me grow
a thicker shell for all to see
Inspired by a poem by patty m
Also inspired by comments from the Traveling man himself
Aug 2017 · 1.8k
Solar Eclipse of the Heart
Melissa S Aug 2017
The Sun spreads her words across a symphony
of color at the days end
Hoping her loving expression reaches the moon
and that it transcends

The moon slowly rises from the sea
Looking everywhere for his love is he
Calling across all time and space
Searching for his light and her beautiful face

The Sun lights up the big beautiful sky
He has witnessed this with his very own eyes
Her beautiful words are etched deep inside of me
Penetrating my core to the very existence she sees

Excited today is the day we will get our chance
We do not have to chase each other for that dance
We will dance all the way from the top of Mt Hood
To the bottom and beyond the Alabama Hardwood

We take each other to the depths of the unknown
Embracing what was meant to be together not alone
One brief moment he will trace my outline with his lips
Shadowing my body to make our very own Solar Eclipse
I wrote part of this poem back in 2012 then retouched a bit to mark the Eclipse happening today!!
I know in different languages the moon is female and the sun is male but this is my poem and I am doing it this way!! Thanks for reading :)
Aug 2017 · 418
Vicious Cycle of Pain
Melissa S Aug 2017
Please sleep come to me tonight
Make my thoughts still
So maybe then I won't feel
Did I ask for too much? I think not
but nothing was exactly what I got
For he has taken my very heart
Stomped it and shred apart
This thing we call love
Feels more like a vicious cycle of pain
We love....We Hurt....We Forgive
Then it begins again
Aug 2017 · 3.5k
Rebels With a Cause
Melissa S Aug 2017
We are members of a poetic society
A unique learning class
We may or not be good at other things
But mentally we kick ***

We value all our words
Cherish our thoughts not heard
We are on the road to self discovery
Choose only words that we feel tell our story

We see the world differently than most
The world makes us.... then breaks us
So we write for survival and to give hope

Some say our heads are in the clouds
It is safer there in our own creative playground
We are miles up and never want to come down

No use for conformity
We escape the constraints of uniformity
We break out from the box ~ find new ground
*And Seize the day ~ Unbound
Aug 2017 · 1.7k
Elizabeth Anne
Melissa S Aug 2017
You were born on Wednesday
Almost a year to the day
Since Mamma had passed away.....
Elizabeth Anne
Head full of dark brown curls
Just like your mother
My sister
It was my first time seeing a baby born
It was beautiful and a little disgusting
All at the same time
I may or may not have had to hold up
the wall for a brief moment or two :)
Just goes to show you something beautiful
did come out of this evil darkened world
A world so cruel as to take a mom
from three daughters who still needed her so
I was just eighteen and beginning my freedom
and you were just born and beginning your life
For my niece Bethanne ❤️
Aug 2017 · 707
My Own Happiness
Melissa S Aug 2017
I am stronger than I ever knew
I have found thanks to you
Change keeps coming at me
and I just let it blow right on through
I've made bad mistakes
but I don't have to admit defeat
To fight fear we must first take that leap
I might not have won the fight just yet
but I will never just lie down with regret
Change can be scary...
but do you know what's scarier?
Allowing fear to hold you back
No more expectations....
**I am responsible
for my own happiness :)
Aug 2017 · 1.8k
Conquered by a Kiss
Melissa S Aug 2017
With want me eyes he wraps my hair around his fist
He gives it a little tug bringing me closer to his wrist
My lips are warm and inviting
and already so long overdue
He starts off slow and soft
As I feel his breath on my lips
His tongue traces my bottom lip teasing
giving me a little nip
His sweet kisses cause a warm wave to take over me
As he heats me up from the inside
Slick with a need and burning
That only he can subside
He tweaks my ******* with his
fingers through my shirt
A sly smile forms as he starts *******
me thinking of his dessert
His mouth and tongue start kissing its way down
Tempting...Teasing...and Feasting
While I am just laying there
Trembling...Needing...and Pleading
Oh My ~ is all I could muster when his lips move
like a breeze over my thighs
Passion explodes as my will erodes
I revel in the sensation of being Conquered
And at the same time....*Conquering
Reworked older poem :)
Jul 2017 · 1.1k
Walk Away
Melissa S Jul 2017
I followed his footprints in the snow
Thinking his path was the way to go
He didn’t even seem to notice I was there
I spoke to him as we walked but he didn't care
I stopped at several places along the way
He just kept moving forward with nothing to say
After a while I felt so alone and so tired
And I began to drift further and further behind
Though I could still see him way up ahead
He turned onto another path to walk instead..
Eventually I realized I could no longer see
As he moved relentlessly on without me
His footprints start to fade and then they disappear
He never even knew I was near
I stood at the path he turned to walk on...
Unable to move forward
And I turn to walk...

*Maybe one day our paths will cross again
Jul 2017 · 504
The Reaping
Melissa S Jul 2017
If he loves me...
...or matter
I will stay rooted in his memory
I planted seeds of my touch, my scent
and my kiss....
My voice will stay in the breeze
Whispering his name through the trees

They remain to germinate within him
When at those dormant offhand moments
He needs a bit of my smile for sunshine :)
Jul 2017 · 353
Poetry ~ (10w)
Melissa S Jul 2017
Breathe you all in
Can't help myself
Get ****** in :)
I cannot get enough it seems :) Love to you all <3
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