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Jan 2018 · 63
11:16 pm, 1/10/18
me gs Jan 2018
Surveying the scene,
The juxtaposition of dark and light
It makes one think
Jan 2018 · 63
9:49am, 9/3/17
me gs Jan 2018


Why am I feeling like this?
Jan 2018 · 52
9:44 pm, 9/3/17
me gs Jan 2018
I miss you...
Sweetness itself,
Apple cheek smile,
So bright and warm.
My sun.

And now you feel cold,
Taking me for granted.

I'm running on faith,
But I don't know how much I have left...

How much longer will My Love be gone?
Jan 2018 · 54
9:41pm, 9/3/17
me gs Jan 2018
Why do I feel like I'm just not
Why do I feel like nothing I do is good enough for you?

Get out of your head!
Think about me for once!

I try so hard...
Do you even try at all?

It sure doesn't feel like it.
Jan 2018 · 44
8:18 pm, 8/23/17
me gs Jan 2018
Wondering as always,
What did I do wrong?

Old insecurities,
Never far from the surface

Why can't you talk to me?
Jan 2018 · 42
11:28 pm, 8/22/17
me gs Jan 2018
What am I doing

Why won't you talk to

It's so silent without and I,
I do not like it
Aug 2017 · 83
2:59 pm, 8/18/17
me gs Aug 2017
Consume my heart but don't offer your
Magpie of mine.
Aug 2017 · 67
8:37 pm, 8/4/17
me gs Aug 2017
Tiny barbs
So small, yet they carry so much weight

Am I that blind to myself?
Aug 2017 · 64
8:48 am, 4/24/17
me gs Aug 2017
Soft powder,

The air
So cold

And me,
So subdued.

Why can't this happen more often?
Aug 2017 · 57
7:36 pm, 4/23/17
me gs Aug 2017
How can you long for something
That wasn't,
That isn't,
That won't be?

I create so much in my head that I trick myself into thinking it's real
Aug 2017 · 69
9:23 am, 4/17/17
me gs Aug 2017
Sick with longing,
I waste away into nothing

The earth takes me back
And I am flowers again
Aug 2017 · 65
9:54 pm, 1/6/17
me gs Aug 2017
How can I get away from you
When you are stickied on every memory
And thought
That I have?

I wish so dearly to forget
But you are seared into my
And are not easily scrubbed away
Aug 2017 · 62
8:12 am, 1/5/17
me gs Aug 2017
And on these long, cold nights I wonder...
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Do you think of me like I think of you?

It's hard to get lost in life
When someone who made me feel so much
Is no longer in mine

There is but a dull, cold ache
And I'm afraid it's slowly spreading.
When will Spring come?
It's been a long winter
Nov 2016 · 183
10:09 am, 11/13/16
me gs Nov 2016
Such fleeting moments
Can cast such powerful emotions

Will we ever meet again?

I sure hope so.
Nov 2016 · 153
2:05 pm, 10/21/16
me gs Nov 2016
Underneath the stand of cedars,
Leaf litter clothes the ground

When a foot touches down,
It is nestled in leaves and needles.

The silence of the ground
Magnifies the volume of the wind.
Nov 2016 · 149
1:55 pm, 10/21/16
me gs Nov 2016
Winds pushing in to shore,
Bringing sand and silt with them
What else could it bring?
New hope?
New blood?

Both, I hope.
Nov 2016 · 125
10:43 pm, 10/13/16
me gs Nov 2016
Little bits of my heart
Still belong to you
And I've never felt more betrayed
Than when my heart yearned for you today
Nov 2016 · 147
8:46 pm, 9/28/16
me gs Nov 2016
Bitterroot in my mouth,
Thinking of you.
I remember when thoughts of you filled my mouth with sweet sugar,
But there is none of that here now.

How could you?
Nov 2016 · 140
4:30 pm, 9/27/16
me gs Nov 2016
My heart rent in two,
Cloudy days, nothing but blue
In my head.

You left,
And you informed me much too late.
Nov 2016 · 199
6:07 pm, 9/22/16
me gs Nov 2016
Soon even
The memories will be
Nov 2016 · 186
10:16 am, 9/19/16
me gs Nov 2016
All I can do
Is lay in bed and think of you.
Nov 2016 · 90
8:12 pm, 9/5/16
me gs Nov 2016
These weeks have been a blur and an eternity all at once...
I'm so busy,
But any day where I don't talk to you
Is the cruelest kind of punishment:
Sad and slow.
Nov 2016 · 119
7:51 pm, 9/5/16
me gs Nov 2016
There is sadness locked away in me
That only you can release

Give me that healing touch.

My soul's been dimming lately,
My love.

Can you brighten my day a little?
Nov 2016 · 121
7:49 pm, 9/15/16
me gs Nov 2016
All I can dream of is you
All I can think about...

All I wish
Is to see you again

Even One Last Time.
Nov 2016 · 130
7:47 pm, 9/15/16
me gs Nov 2016
I can only imagine
Your lips on mine,
Magic sparking on our tongues,
Heat flying from my body,
Getting closer than close

Two souls,
Coming together again.

One can only dream.
Nov 2016 · 123
8:16 pm, 9/2/16
me gs Nov 2016
Your plump, pink lips,
Conveying your honeyed words to me

They tease me...
Something I desperately want,
Yet can't have.
Nov 2016 · 136
11:14 am, 9/1/16
me gs Nov 2016
I don't want this to be over.
Please tell me this isn't over.
Nov 2016 · 109
10:41 am, 8/31/16
me gs Nov 2016
I find remnants of you everywhere I go,
Flashes of your eyes in the sky blue water,
Flashes of your hair in the sweet yellow grass...

There is no peace for me,
Here or anywhere.
Nov 2016 · 77
12:24 am, 8/11/16
me gs Nov 2016
Here my heart goes again,
Filling up with

I carry so much,
I'm surprised I can still breathe.
Aug 2016 · 253
10:00 pm, 8/8/16
me gs Aug 2016
Were that I could hold you in my arms right now,
I think the field of stars overhead would align.
All would right again, and
The moon itself would shine brighter,
For Us.

You are so many miles from me,
And though you are in my heart,
I do not know if I am in yours.
Aug 2016 · 540
12:44 am, 8/4/16
me gs Aug 2016
Fleeting shadows
My mind grabs at them as they flit past,
But it comes up

I can't be gone of you, can I?
When will you give me peace?
What more must I do?
What have I not given to you,

You rip my heart and poison my dreams...
So seldom remembered,
And I must remember the ones with you?
Aug 2016 · 161
12:35 am, 8/2/16
me gs Aug 2016
The great dark of the night
Swallows up the forests and lakes,
Buildings and roads,
Swathes of black covering all.

These lights do not banish it well enough.
Aug 2016 · 185
12:00 am, 8/2/16
me gs Aug 2016
My melancholy heart.
Running away from me again,
As it has.
Aug 2016 · 179
1:22 am, 7/30/16
me gs Aug 2016
Bitter, bleeding rocks fill my mouth.
I have so much that I want to say,
But nothing comes out.

The harsh truth,
Known by us both,
Will never be spoken.

How cowardly of us.
Aug 2016 · 133
2:12 am, 7/29/16
me gs Aug 2016
I can't believe I was so ******.

You made a fool of me,
Which I thought nigh impossible.

You selfish girl.
You knew what you were doing.

You coward.
You knew what you were doing.
Aug 2016 · 157
2:09 am, 7/29/16
me gs Aug 2016
You were

You are selfish.
Keeping my heart when yours was already gone from my
Without me even knowing.

Letting my try to keep you,
Not even knowing it was
Too late.

Because you were already
Aug 2016 · 147
12:07 am, 7/29/16
me gs Aug 2016
So many promises we made...
Never to be filled

Empty words,
Empty promises,
Made with full minds and mouths.

It's so unfair.
I didn't even get a
Aug 2016 · 90
11:53 am, 7/25/16
me gs Aug 2016
I think what hurts the most is
You didn't say
You loved me back
Aug 2016 · 135
11:08 am, 7/24/16
me gs Aug 2016
Ink-stained hands,
Ripped up heart
And all I want to know is:

Where do I go from here?
How can I recover?
Aug 2016 · 182
7:47 am, 7/24/16
me gs Aug 2016
I guess
I can take solace in the fact that
Nobody else can *******
Like I can
Aug 2016 · 131
1:31 am, 7/24/16
me gs Aug 2016
I never wanted this
I don't want this

All I wanted
All I want
Is you

But I can't have you

So I guess I'll have to make do.
Aug 2016 · 179
1:29 am, 7/24/16
me gs Aug 2016
It feels like my heart is being crushed in a vise
Or drowned

I just want to be able to breathe without thinking of you
And how you broke my ******* heart
Aug 2016 · 119
12:27 am, 7/24/16
me gs Aug 2016
I just stood out in the rain,
As if that can wash away my heartbreak,
As if that can fix the pain in my chest.
Aug 2016 · 109
5:17 pm, 7/23/16
me gs Aug 2016
Rain hits the ground,
Bringing new life to the flowers.
Aug 2016 · 131
3:42 pm, 7/21/16
me gs Aug 2016
As I sit on my bed and
Look out the windows, I
Am drawn to the clouds,
Thundering ominously.

And as I sit on my bed,
Wonder what you're thinking.

Do you
Think of me as much as I think
Of you?

Do I want to know?

Perhaps that's why they
It's a warning.
Aug 2016 · 109
12:48 am, 7/19/16
me gs Aug 2016
You look like a Renaissance painting come alive,
Holy beauty and heavenly heart you are.

Were that I could capture your visage,
You'd be another Mona Lisa.
Aug 2016 · 98
12:04 am, 7/15/16
me gs Aug 2016
What I want to say is-
...I mean-
Well what I wanted to tell you is...

I love you.
Aug 2016 · 150
11:59 pm, 7/14/16
me gs Aug 2016
First and last poems are a pain,
By that I mean I
Attach so much expectation to them that
I can hardly write the
**** things.
i make myself laugh sometime
Aug 2016 · 125
12:07 am, 7/14/16
me gs Aug 2016
There's something about a gym at midnight,
The proud stillness of everything,
As if even the wood in the floor knew the achievements won here.

The scrapes and scratches tell so many stories...
A jump, a dash, a full stop.

This gym holds valor.
Aug 2016 · 164
1:00 pm, 7/12/16
me gs Aug 2016
I think it's me that breaks my heart,
Not other people

So instead of doing something about it,
Going to sit here and
Smoke cigarettes
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