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max May 2022
“be gentle with yourself
as this moment passes through”

you are uniquely you
thank you
max May 2022
you made me hate me
cause you hated yourself
my mommy issues are acting up and it shows
how tf did i get so suicidal again jesus ******* christ
max May 2022
im sorry
i didn’t mean to be a ****
i’ll get over it

every time i let someone in
they let me down,
so forgive me
if it takes a minute

i know you love me
i know you care
i didn’t mean for those words
to come out like that

i know you won’t hurt me
it’s just hard
letting you in
what if i hurt you?
you’re delicate

i know you won’t hurt me
i’ve put up walls to prevent that
but what if i’m doing that,
i hurt you?

i don’t mean to
it just takes time
getting used to you
max May 2022
im struggling,
honestly, it’s alright
cause i got me
and me is all i need,
i’ll get through it,

i always do,
i always have,
i know the universe
has my back,
but that doesn’t mean
im not struggling
cause i am,
just silently

but i don’t need help,
as long as i can see
that i got me,
i’ll be alright,
i just gotta believe

keep believing
even while my heart is weak,
and i can’t feel my chest beat,
and there’s a lump in my throat,
and my eyes get heavy,

i’ll make it through
even if im struggling
as long as i keep silent
and don’t forget me
max May 2022
leave the ******* kid alone
dudes been through enough
max May 2022
did you walk off to cry
cause no one cheered for you?
or cause you saw me flipping you off in the stands
you walked up and everyone was silent *****
im so glad im never gonna see you again pffft
max May 2022
i used to think you were a twin flame
silly isn’t it
you’re a karmic
i can’t do that again
the cycle can’t repeat
it’s gotta change
i can’t come back
you’re not my twin flame
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