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Maven Sep 2018
Can two broken hearts heal one another?       Can two that are lost, help each other be found? Can those torn down build one another?         Can the next teammate do more than rebounds? You lose your faith, you lose your sight. You try to find the strength to fight.                           You’re down by 1, just run the play. Be your hero, save your day.                                             Find your teammate, pass the rock.                     Let it go, shoot your shot.
By Darke Maven
Maven Sep 2016
"The Dash"
Crawl before you walk                    
Listen before you speak                      
Think before you act                      
Practice what you preach.                      
From the day you are born            
To the day you know why                
Every man needs a code                  
Certain things to live by.                
When your body returns, to the earth it came                                    
As your soul smiles from heavens sky                                    
I pray you lived a full life                  
Not one which living, meant waiting to die.                                    
Will your name be forgotten?
Will your legacy last?              
How did you spend your time,
Between the dash?
Maven Sep 2016
One day, we will run out of time
Our story will end, a love sublime
What will they remember?

Until God calls us higher
We walked thru the fire
We danced in the rain
From January to December

Every heartbeat, every breath
Every new-life, every death
You helped me rise, stopped my fall
My heart was the dial, you answered the call
I will always remember

When words can no longer express
Actions no longer impress
Our history becomes my toughest opponent

I cherish the present
Thank God for the past
Creating more memories and moments
Maven Jan 2016
From now, until the end of time. Our stars will shine, we'll age like wine, and I promise to all the heavens; there will never be another love quite like mine.                                                    Love is a battlefield; mistrust and deception, pain, misdirection. We search for protection. We consistently, efficiently, misuse our greatest weapons.                                                                Let God be our shield, his love be our blade, and we will weave together to form the armor.                                                              Let faith light the path, thru the darkness ahead. We trust in each other, we won't be mislead.                                              From now, until the end of time
Maven Aug 2015
All facts, no hype. Just us, all night.            Well, at least until you're fast asleep. (Rhythmic pause)                               Even when you sleep, I will haunt your dreams.                                     Mind, body, and  subconscious all belong to me.                              (Rhythmic pause)                                Two souls fused together, two lives changed forever.                                       I need you, the way the tide needs the moon.                                         (Rhythmic pause)                          Speaking of the moon; I will always strive to be the Sun in your solar system & no matter what earth lines up for us, our love will never be eclipsed;  your name should sing from angels lips.                                            But, until we get to heaven, mines will have to do.                                      Always knew we'd find each other, magnets can't be kept apart.                                              The world had to evolve first, preparing for our love to start.          Now it's arrived, let us inspire                   The calmest waters, the hottest fire.               Whether it be; stormy nights or sunshiny days.                                       To you my heart will gravitate
Maven Jul 2013
Lucifer calls my name and no matter how hard I try I cannot resist
He tells me about tonight's mission. That duct tape, gloves, and a butcher's knife will assist.
Tonight is going to be so much fun.

On the darkest night, on the most sinister mission
An intense lust for blood, complete human annihilation I envision
The Devil's Advocate, Yes, I am the one.

An open all night diner I found
On the east side of town
Two couples I spot enjoying their meal.

Excited I am
So! So! excited I am
I have discovered those, that tonight, I will ****.
Closing my eyes, I imagine the ****** and madness that will take place soon.

They finish their meals and leave in one car
Of course I followed them and they did not go far.
To an isolated cabin in the woods
Which for them, is not at all good.

I turn off my car, cut off my lights
Satan and I will bring death and destruction on this midsummer night
2 men, 2 women, who will put up the most fight?

While they are making love, into their room I sneak
Music they were playing. Brilliant! The other two will not hear their screams.
I let go and Lucifer takes control

The guy was on top, I pulled back his head
Then slit his throat, soon after he was dead.
The girl tried to scream, she fought for her life
Unfortunately she failed, her chest I stabbed twice.
2 down and 2 to go.

Deep in their sleep, they will never awake
Much more than their lives, their souls will I take.
My thirst for blood is almost satisfied, pure evil, Yes, I know

The newspaper read
Four college students dead
Their cabin burned to the ground.

Police have no leads, motive, witnesses, or suspects
How tragic, what a shame
Another unsolved Mystery
Maven Jul 2013
ouble D's and no weave is what attracted me to you
Her eyeshadow and her Altima, both light shades of blue
It was love at first sight.

Eight seasons we dated, time flies so fast
Up until tonight, I believed our love would last
My end is near, Thank God, I want no memories of this night.

You told me you would never leave
This, I was so foolish to believe
I feel the heat of Satan's flames.

Our time on earth has come to an end
Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
With her last breath, she screams my name

Brown skin, red blood, not even in death did her beauty change.
Blue steel, broken hearts, two sounds, Bang Bang
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