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Jul 2013
Lucifer calls my name and no matter how hard I try I cannot resist
He tells me about tonight's mission. That duct tape, gloves, and a butcher's knife will assist.
Tonight is going to be so much fun.

On the darkest night, on the most sinister mission
An intense lust for blood, complete human annihilation I envision
The Devil's Advocate, Yes, I am the one.

An open all night diner I found
On the east side of town
Two couples I spot enjoying their meal.

Excited I am
So! So! excited I am
I have discovered those, that tonight, I will ****.
Closing my eyes, I imagine the ****** and madness that will take place soon.

They finish their meals and leave in one car
Of course I followed them and they did not go far.
To an isolated cabin in the woods
Which for them, is not at all good.

I turn off my car, cut off my lights
Satan and I will bring death and destruction on this midsummer night
2 men, 2 women, who will put up the most fight?

While they are making love, into their room I sneak
Music they were playing. Brilliant! The other two will not hear their screams.
I let go and Lucifer takes control

The guy was on top, I pulled back his head
Then slit his throat, soon after he was dead.
The girl tried to scream, she fought for her life
Unfortunately she failed, her chest I stabbed twice.
2 down and 2 to go.

Deep in their sleep, they will never awake
Much more than their lives, their souls will I take.
My thirst for blood is almost satisfied, pure evil, Yes, I know

The newspaper read
Four college students dead
Their cabin burned to the ground.

Police have no leads, motive, witnesses, or suspects
How tragic, what a shame
Another unsolved Mystery
Written by
Maven  Houston
     TD and Naomi Sa'Rai
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