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Aug 2015
All facts, no hype. Just us, all night.            Well, at least until you're fast asleep. (Rhythmic pause)                               Even when you sleep, I will haunt your dreams.                                     Mind, body, and  subconscious all belong to me.                              (Rhythmic pause)                                Two souls fused together, two lives changed forever.                                       I need you, the way the tide needs the moon.                                         (Rhythmic pause)                          Speaking of the moon; I will always strive to be the Sun in your solar system & no matter what earth lines up for us, our love will never be eclipsed;  your name should sing from angels lips.                                            But, until we get to heaven, mines will have to do.                                      Always knew we'd find each other, magnets can't be kept apart.                                              The world had to evolve first, preparing for our love to start.          Now it's arrived, let us inspire                   The calmest waters, the hottest fire.               Whether it be; stormy nights or sunshiny days.                                       To you my heart will gravitate
Written by
Maven  Houston
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